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Parrot AR Drone Helicopters Now Available For Preorder

2010-09-08 | News of the release of the Parrot AR Drone which is to come later this week. This product was a smash hit at the CES Expo in Las Vegas and is now finally hitting the shelves. Learn where to get your hands on what is considered a personal "UAV".

Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast CAO, Shari Bridges, Appointed to National Council STEM Advisory Team

2010-06-25 | Girl Scouts introduce girls of every age to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities relevant to everyday life.

UAV Market: Opportunities and Strong Growth in Training and MRO

2010-06-21 | There is a widening gap between growing UAV fleet and UAV infrastructure development. This gap creates a number of market opportunities for UAV vendors. These are conclusions of the UAV market study recently released by Market Research Media.

Optical Express Invests $12 Million to Enhance Patient Care

2010-06-09 | Optical Express has announced it has made an investment of $12 million to enhance patient care.

Phase II Medical Manufacturing Names Christine Beverly as New Quality Assurance Manager

2010-06-05 | Phase II Medical Manufacturing, leader in assembly and packaging of single use disposable medical devices is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Quality Assurance Manager.

Vox Technologies Announces VoxShield Industrial Electronics Warranty and Service Program

2010-05-21 | VoxShield is a completely customizable solution to protect industrial computing equipment investments, saving time, resources and money.

Vutronics Introduces a Smart Signal Conditioner Designed to Improve Accuracy and Stability of LVDT and RVDT by a Factor of 20:1

2010-04-30 | When higher accuracy is desired, LVDTs and RVDTs need to be compensated in a similar manner to how sound equalizers work for auditoriums. In other words, the smart electronics reduce systemic errors such as non-linearity and thermal stability. Announces New Partnership With

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esd electronics, Inc releases VME-Carrier Board for PMC Modules

2009-09-19 | esd electronics, Inc releases VME-PMC-CADDY module to allow upgrade of WME systems through PMC boards.

Marketing in Difficult Times: A Golden Opportunity with a Press Release Service

2009-05-07 | When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Marketing!

New Online Robotics Training from George Brown College

2009-02-17 | George Brown College launches the Robotics Technician Certificate, a computer-based home study program for applied robotics, with focus on robotics in manufacturing systems.

Incorporating a Press Release Into Your Marketing Plan Can Help Boost Your Visibility During Tough Times

2009-02-03 | Press Release Distribution Service Advises the Advantage of a Press Release

Students Follow The Light Towards Self-Sustainability

2008-06-04 | Students from Little Red School House & Elizabeth Irving High School Unveil New York City's First Off-Grid Solar Outlet in courtyard of Brooklyn Ecoeatery, Habana Outpost Wednesday, June 11th 4pm - 7pm

Compelling Novel Celebrates A New Golden Age of Science Fiction

2008-04-19 | Unholy Domain, a compelling new SciFi thriller by Dan Ronco, enters a wonderful age for science fiction. Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke would have given anything to experience the brave new world just coming into focus. Robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetics, and more .

New Thriller Predicts A Future Dominated by Women

2008-03-28 | Women are becoming too much like men. Where will it end? In Unholy Domain, Dan Ronco projects a future where the balance of power between the sexes has shifted radically.

Winbond Accepts SiGlaz Intelligent Defect Analysis Software

2008-03-28 | IDA Enterprise Edition includes additional modules for large scale database management and real-time process monitoring

Visionary Novel Foreshadows the Vatican's New Seven Deadly Sins

2008-03-15 | Unholy Domain, Dan Ronco's new thriller from Kunati Books , predicted the Vatican's biggest new concern --- genetic engineering. According to the Church, genetic engineering may produce consequences difficult to foresee and control. This is eerily similar to the theme of Ronco's new thriller.

Visionary New Thriller Predicts Religious Violence

2008-02-15 | Unholy Domain, a new thriller from Dan Ronco, tackles the age-old battle of scientific enlightenment and reason vs. religious fanaticism. In a future world ravaged by technology, scientists and religious fundamentalists fight over this question: What does it mean to be human?

myRoomBud Wants To Clothe The Roomba World With Its Spring RoomBud Collection

2006-04-10 | Lucky the Ladybug and FooFoo the Rabbit RoomBud Roomba costumes hit the streets to help rid the world of naked Roombas