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EMI Published Composer Bryan Le Bon Discovers Healing Through Music

2008-10-06 | Bryan Le Bon has discovered how music can alter the brain's thought processes to promote healing. Le Bon's music uses the "law of vibration" through musical tones and tempos to change the vibrations of one's thoughts. By changing a thought's vibration, physical and mental healing is promoted.

Coco de Mer Announce Increase in Sales of Erotic Gift Kits

2008-10-04 | Coco de Mer has revealed sales of its erotic gift kits have increased on the run up to the festive period, with new kits available this Christmas

CCDN Helps Consumers Fight Against Debt Collection

2008-10-03 | CCDN believes that the average consumer, who find themselves drowning in debt, deserves a second chance. CCDN believes that given a second chance, these consumers will not fall into the same credit card debt trap again.

The Ultimate Dating Community Just Got Better!

2008-10-01 | World Wide Mates, the popular online adult personals web site, now provides exciting, free features to improve your search for your perfect partner.

Surprising Lessons From a Day in the Life of Sarah Palin

2008-09-27 | Sarah Palin's method of addressing her qualifications gap provides a lesson for everyone seeking a higher position.

Diane Sagesser, MBA, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-26 | Ms. Sagesser brings 19 years of professional experience to Briarcliffe College, she is responsible for teaching English, business and computer classes at the bachelor's and associate levels.

Carole A. Patterson, MS, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-26 | She has extensive experience in public speaking, having served previously as a solicitor in organizations such as the Texas City Manager Organization.

Can People Really be Addicted to Food?

2008-09-25 | Spiraling obesity rates bring new consideration to the idea of food addiction. Emerging scientific information and increasing numbers of graphic personal disclosures, provide mounting evidence for this reality.


2008-09-24 | 8-Hour CD Offers New Safe, Natural Alternative Therapy for Insomnia.

Maria Killius Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-21 | Her goal is to mentor people, empowering them to make positive changes in their lives, both personally and professionally.

Susan Del Gatto Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-21 | She mails out monthly news letters titled 'About Balance and Control.'

Twice Divorced Conscious Dating Author Gets Married

2008-09-20 | Twice-divorced founder of Relationship Coaching Institute and author of the ground-breaking book for singles Conscious Dating used his own methods and is to marry soul mate at the end of this month.

Hope Blecher-Sass, Ed.D. Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-19 | Dr. Blecher-Sass has been featured on New Jersey Public Television & Radio as part of the award-winning television show "Classroom Close-Up."

Human Services Business Receives Patent Pending for Online Parenting Program

2008-09-18 | Family Unity Network owner, Gregg Prescott, M.S. recently received a patent pending for a program to help parents in need of parenting classes, families who are at risk for dissolution, children on probation and families going through the reunification process.


2008-09-18 | Americans are worried that the U.S. is truly in an economic recession. A recent Gallop poll reports that 79% of "purple state" consumers believe the economy is getting worse and 42% rate it as "poor."

HotelClub Travel Blog Releases Site Facelift with New Features

2008-09-15 | HotelClub Travel Blog, already known as a comprehensive location online for finding weird, wacky and wonderful travel news, has released a site facelift with a number of new features that will provide travel consumers with a wide range of benefits.

New Web Site,, Provides Interactive, Online Tools to Make Gratitude a Daily Practice

2008-09-12 | is a heartfelt, creative web site that provides tools for living an intentional life and a wealth of resources for personal growth, transformation and healing. It focuses on the art of practicing gratitude.

Have you been arrested or accused of a crime? Being charged with a crime is serious. You need an aggressive experienced attorney—Ann Gottesman is a former deputy public defender located in Riverside, California who also represents clients in Los Angeles, The Inland Empire and Orange County.

2008-09-11 | When you hire the Law Office of Ann Gottesman, you are hiring ME, Ann Gottesman, to PERSONALLY handle your case. I won't hand your case off to an inexperienced associate, like many large firms do. Call Ann Gottesman today!: 877.352.9669


2008-09-08 | Judy Sue Kushner transforms her boldly expressive modern art into a colorful and inspiring App that celebrates the feminine mystique and the power of positive thinking.

The Russian Bride Guide. How to Meet, Court and Marry a Woman from the Former Soviet Union. All Men Need to Know About Russian Women.

2008-09-04 | Just-released paperback "Russian Bride Guide" is a complete course for any marriage-minded man who wants to find, meet, court and marry the perfect Russian bride.