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3991 total news stories found. Pumps Up P&A Performance for Film Distributors

2007-03-13 | Boosting box office just got easier with the premiere of motion picture TV advertising service  Brainchild of Cheap TV Spots, the first internet-based TV ad agency, offers geo-targeted local TV campaigns for film releases.  Their hook? Production is free.

Movie, Film, And Video Voiceover Actors Now Available at

2007-03-10 | The online voice over marketplace offers a complete database of professional voice actor for all types of movies, films, or videos.

Voice123 Releases List Of Recommended Audio Recording Software

2007-03-03 | The online voice over marketplace presented audio and sound recording software voiceover talents can use.

New Movie Alert: Movie Downloads versus Online Dvd Rentals

2007-01-25 | Is the future of movie downloading passing the world by? Movie Download Matrix is now supporting legal movie downloads and the trading of Dvds online. translates The Podcast Universe for a worldwide audience.

2007-01-22 | announces its entry into Podcasting with a new service for content creators to expand their audiences worldwide.

Assisted Suicide: The Topic of Films and Books

2007-01-15 | A person's right to die has been the focus of many movies and books over the years, including the award winning film Million Dollar Baby and the highly anticipated 2007 release of Whale Song, the 'assisted suicide novel' by Canadian author Cheryl Kaye Tardif.

"I Have Dreams Dammit!" Documentary Launches Production on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

2007-01-12 | Filmmaker Lisa Murray takes a look into the reality behind making a dream real - the same weekend that another kind of dream is celebrated.

Yahoo's Movie Mom releases top 10 films and top 10 family films of 2006

2006-12-30 | "The Queen" leads off movie critic Nell Minow's list of the top films of 2006, with "Akeelah and the Bee" the top family film. Minow also includes "dishonorable mention" films marketed to families that included poor scripts and inappropriate material.

Whale Song, the Controversial Assisted Suicide Novel by Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Launches in April 2007

2006-12-14 | Canadian mystery author Cheryl Kaye Tardif is getting ready to put on "the biggest and best book launch Edmonton has ever seen". On April 7, 2007, The Whale Song Book Launch ~ A KILLER Whale of a Launch Party will celebrate the release of her controversial and haunting novel Whale Song.

'Fargo Rocks' Documentary Now on DVD

2006-12-11 | The Fargo-Moorhead area's rich rock and roll history is explored with exclusive interviews and vintage music in a 90-minute film available for the first time on home video.

Software Tools Can Now Convert Movies to Cell Phone, Palm or iPod Format; 300% Faster than Older Versions with Improved Video Quality

2006-12-06 | New video converter software products can now convert PC based Video for play on your mobile player or cellular in the time it takes to enjoy the tea or coffee time. Based on user's feedback, programmers made some corrections for more powerful and efficient work with Video/ DVD movies.

Movie Studio Expresses Interest in Milton Stern's 'On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg'

2006-11-30 | Twenty years ago, it was a script. Now, it is a novel. Next year, it will become a script once again. "My dream in 1985 was to see this story portrayed on the big screen," says Milton Stern, author of ON TUESDAYS, THEY PLAYED MAH JONGG. "And, for more than twenty years, I held on to that dream."

University of Tampa students create viral "odd couple" with "Paris the heiress" parody.

2006-11-22 | Tampa,, an on-line community for the creative class, tapped local campus talent from UT to produce a viral campaign and help spread buzz for the start-up, said Karen Post, CEO.

Movie, film, and video producers find the best voice overs using Voice123 (

2006-11-15 | Voice123, the largest voice over marketplace, offers the best and most professional voice over actors for any type of movie, film, or video.

PinkLight is proud to present its first video in association with Ten Thousand Villages.

2006-11-07 | The artisans of MCCH from Quito, Ecuador show us their craft and cultural pride. This work; their art, has enabled their own economic independence as well as a better future for their countries.

PinkLight is proud to present Violeta Galagarza and KR3TS.

2006-11-07 | PinkLight announces the release of a Front & Center piece on Violeta Galagarza and her company KR3TS. PinkLight is happy to feature this Spanish Harlem native, her life, her story and her passion for dance. Million Dollar Talent Contest Easier To Enter

2006-10-31 | Social Network Simplifies User Interface Million Dollar Talent Contest Easier To Enter

MovieDownloadMatrix Brings You Horror Movies with a Repugnant Twist

2006-10-25 | Movie Downloads are sweeping the internet and some insane movie reviews keep life interesting. Movie Download Matrix does not hold back on delivering tear-jerking horror movie reviews, that will leave you in a state of bloody shock.

The Mystery of 100 Year Old Murder Comes to DVD for Halloween.

2006-10-22 | Documentary about Villisca axe murders is a true-crime story that remains a mystery to this day - more mystifying than Lizzie Borden and more intriguing than Jack-the-Ripper - released on DVD October 24.