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"Pizza is Sexy" Claims Pizza Master

2006-12-05 | Legends of Pizza Volume 2, features Ed LaDou, Tony Gemignani, and Brain Spangler. Each reveal their passions and what makes them do what they do. The Masters of Pizza are here. launched an on-line retail store Thanksgiving Day with a unique line of hand tied artisan teas that bloom when they are steeped.

2006-11-27 | unveiled a retail website on November 23rd that specializes in artisan teas that bloom when they are steeped. The website highlights the beauty of these teas and will focus on gift giving, as well as a personal indulgence of tea lovers.

Buyer Beware - All Hoodia is not alike - H57 Fails the Test

2006-11-22 | Hoodia Gordonii is the hottest weight loss product on the market, but beware of products that claim authenticity and purity without documentation.

E-CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. presents for immediate delivery its new IntelliProbe Wireless Temperature Probe

2006-11-20 | E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of monitoring hardware and software products for the foodservice industry, presents its new IntelliProbe Wireless Temperature Probe now available for immediate delivery

Free Discount Vouchers plus Free Sample of Green Tea of your choice for joining club as member

2006-11-11 | is now offering to you "Discount After Discount" Free Vouchers plus free sample of green tea of your choice ! All you need to do is to join Club as a member to enjoy this offer, and of course, the membership is Free!

E-CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. presents for immediate delivery its new low cost IntelliCheck HACCP PDA and the IntelliProbe Wireless Temperature Probe

2006-11-03 | E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of monitoring hardware and software products for the foodservice industry, presents its new generation IntelliCheck PDA with full corrective action support and the IntelliProbe Wireless Temperature Probe now available for immediate delivery

The Patented Beverage Blast Cap that can make children and adults healthier, without chemicals and preservatives.

2006-10-27 | The Blast Cap is perfect for beverage categories such as Sport, Diet, Energy, Greens, Vitamin, Anti Oxidants as well as Children's Vitamin Drinks The Blast Cap has unlimited applications and categories of use,


2006-10-24 | Photo Etc. Online, a leading e-commerce store offering a wide selection of photo accessories, is offering a hot, new item just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

Sizzlin Sauces LLC is awarded the 2007 Golden Chile Award for 1st Place at the 2006 Zest Fest

2006-09-28 | Spittin Fire XXX has won 1st place in the Hot Sauce - XXX Hot No Extract category. The Fiery Food Challenge is the most recognized, most prestigious competition of zesty products where entrants vie for the coveted first place Golden Chile award. Picks Top Twenty Gays Bars in World

2006-09-28 |, the most comprehensive up-to-date listing on the internet of gay bars worldwide has released its first Annual Top Ten Gay Bar Awards

Beverage Blast Cap World Wide News Release. What ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, BBC, SKY NEWS and others have not told us yet about some of the Soda's and Beverage's we Drink ..WARNING...

2006-09-25 | The Blast Cap was invented to help eliminate unhealthy preservatives, sodium's, artificial colors, stabilizers and many other chemicals in Soda's and Beverages. Now an "AT TIME OF USE ACTIVATION" so you can enjoy the Freshest, most Potent, Preservative and Chemical Free Beverage in the World.

Tesco Wine festival launched with up to 50% off a wide range of wines

2006-09-22 | The launch of Tesco's Autumn Wine Festival sees a reduction in prices of up to 50% over a wide range of popular wines, both in store and online at

The ABV Network Brings Quality Wine & Spirits Sites Together

2006-09-14 | The ABV Network is a cooperative of online writers who focus on alcoholic beverages. The ABV offers a gateway to an active, educated and interested audience.

When It Comes To Specialty Beverage Ingredients, More Coffee and Tea Proprietors Are Saying, "Keep It Simple!"

2006-08-31 | Last summer, the green tea latte trend started gaining serious momentum when a major coffee company introduced their blended green tea latte. Since then, coffee and tea shop owners have been searching for a green tea latte mix that tastes great, looks appetizing and brings back repeat customers.


2006-08-16 | Teamwork Plays Big Part in Kiosk Company Dynamics with Focus on Structure, Staff, Marketing and Channels Making Pro-Tech Solutions' Team Unbeatable in Marketplace

PRO-TECH KIOSKS Takes On Fast Food Nation Offers User-Friendly Alternative to the Drive-Thru Industry

2006-08-11 | What do you get when you mix one-part indestructible hardware and one-part user-friendly service with the QSR industry? The first drive-thru kiosk from Pro-Tech.

13-year old with autism host of pro wrestling radio show for kids

2006-08-11 | Last month "Big Al" began broadasting the first talk show for kids hosted by a kid, Al's Wrestling Talk (AWT)

Are You Including A Press Release In Your Marketing Campaign Arsenal? Perhaps You Should Be…

2006-08-09 | Selected as Top Source For Press Release Distribution

CCL Container's Full-Body Shaped ALUMINEX LINE Matches Great Design with Aluminum Bottles!

2006-08-03 | CCL Container has recently introduced the first two designs in its new ALUMINEX line of "full-body shaped" aluminum bottles.