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Facial Rejuvenation

2008-10-01 | Most of us want to put our best face forward in a world that grows more competitive every day. Youthfulness often seems to give us an advantage in our career, love life and just about anything else.

Wrinkle Cream Using Unique Ingredients From the Sea Introduced

2008-09-30 | A unique anti-wrinkle cream product has been developed that uses ingredients from the sea. Clinical results show that they are effective in promoting smooth skin.

Clinique Launch New Superdefense SPF25 Age Defense Moisturiser

2008-09-27 | Clinique, a leader in skin care innovation has launched Superdefense SPF25 Age Defense Moisturiser, the most complete protection against the four major culprits of premature aging: sun, pollution, time - and stress

Natural Ingredients Provide "Stimulus" to Personal Care and Beauty Sales

2008-09-27 | Driven by increasing environmental awareness and concern about synthetic ingredients, the Natural Products Association reports that sales of natural personal care products are growing at a rate five times faster than traditional offerings.

New York City//Winter2008//Christopher Flach, filmmaker and photographer, is featured in Oprah Winfrey's classic Magazine "Oprah Home."

2008-09-21 | Featured in Oprah's Winfrey's Magazine, Christopher's film, "Madeleine Castaing" explores this designers lasting legacy. Announces New Campaign of Beauty Competitions

2008-09-19 | launches a campaign of unique beauty competitions with priceless prizes

Harley Medical Group Reveals Latest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

2008-09-17 | Harley Medical Group has revealed interesting new trends amongst its patients of how they're using cosmetic surgery

Chakra Dog Launches New Soap for Frequent Canine Cleansing

2008-09-16 | Eco-Friendly Unscented Chakra Dog Soap Bar Keeps Canine Skin and Coat Clean and Moist. Sarasota, FL-based Chakra Dog is dedicated to creating 'Healthier Products for Healthier Dogs.' Chakra Dog Soap was created by a dog lover for dog enthusiasts that like to keep their pet partner extra clean.

Porcelain Veneers Or Whitening? Sarasota cosmetic dentist Dr. Charles Crane Determines Best Step For Patients

2008-09-11 | Sarasota cosmetic dentist Dr. Charles Crane has developed an individualized teeth whitening interview to pinpoint the best system for patient needs. Grand Opening ¡V Wholesale Costume Jewelry and Wholesale Handbags

2008-09-08 | Welcome to the grand opening of, a leading wholesaler of women¡¦s handbags and fashion accessories.

Great Shipping Rates and Huge Selection in Wholesale Clothing

2008-08-27 | It's getting harder and harder to find quality wholesale clothing. Sometimes quality is sacrificed for quantity and wholesale pricing. But is changing that.

Total Shake's Dr. Gatza Offers 21-Day Total Detox at 50% Off This Week Only!

2008-08-27 | Dr. Gatza's Total Shake Total Detox is STIMULANT & ALLERGEN FREE, and offers consumers a proven method to lose weight, feel better, look younger and renew the body & is so sure you will benefit from his amazing Total Shake Total Detox, that he is giving a 50% Discount! team up with Elemis

2008-08-23 | Spa Seekers have teamed up with Elemis, the leading spa and skincare brand, to sell their products on


2008-08-18 | urth SKIN SOLUTIONS FOR MEN launches Hydra Therapy - Antioxidant Hydrating Treatment; a nutritive formulation which fuses ancient Asian herbs with advance western skin care science to Hydrate, Replenish and Revive the skin.

Alberta Boot Camps Biggest Loser Challenge #2 -30 teams will compete for $5000 in Cash and prizes!

2008-08-02 | Alberta Boot Camps Biggest Loser Challenge #2 -30 teams will compete for $5000 in Cash and prizes! Calgary Man Takes Matters into his Own Hands - Boot Camp Style.


2008-08-01 | Rhinestone Productions is changing dreams to reality for young women & Make A Wish Foundation. Casey McClain, founder of Rhinestone Productions, created the opportunity for networking & education, at the new Pageant Beauty Competition & Expo to be held in San Diego this Sept.

Harley Medical Group reports politicians are first in line for nip and tuck boom

2008-07-31 | The Harley Medical Group reports high flying men including politicians and business leaders are increasingly investing in cosmetic surgery and Botox as a means of safeguarding their careers

Fat Injections through fat grafting provides permanent, natural looking results, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Law of Raleigh North Carolina discusses Structural fat grafting, microfatgrafting, lipostructure and fat transfer as essential to natural looking plastic surgery of the face.

2008-07-25 | Fat Injections through fat grafting provides permanent, natural looking results, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Law of Raleigh North Carolina describes the role of lipostructure (microfat grafting) in facial plastic surgery alone or in conjunction with a facelift.

New Harley Street TV Drama Launches as Harley Medical Group Booms

2008-07-19 | The Harley Medical Group reports business is booming as ITV launches a major new six-part medical drama - Harley Street