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Are You God's Gift To Women This Christmas?

2008-11-08 | Could you be "God's Gift to Womankind" at this year's office Christmas party? Free, entertaining and scientific online check-up - The God's Gift Test - has the definitive answer!

Boots Introduces a New Level of Intimacy to its Customers

2008-10-31 | Boots has introduced two new ranges from Philips and Durex to its healthcare offering, aimed at creating a new level of intimacy for customers

Fresh Frozen - The Chilling New Medical Thriller Release by Darden North, M.D.

2008-10-31 | This new novel by Mississippi doctor, Darden North, chills you to the bone

Doug Kershaw, The 'Ragin' Cajun' Releases New Album

2008-10-30 | Legendary country recording artist Doug Kershaw whose illustrious career has spanned six decades releases "Classical Cajun Gumbo"

Is it a Wrongful Death?

2008-10-30 | What constitutes a wrongful death? There are specific times when a person dies that the law considers a "wrongful death" situation.

How Stress Leads To Violence

2008-10-29 | Would you like to save your loved ones from danger? Would you like to prevent violence in your schools, your neighborhood, your community? Would you like another tool to help predict and prevent violence? Now you can.

Lavalife Offers Tips for Dating in the Military

2008-10-29 | Lavalife offers 5 tips for women dating men in the Military

Time is Ticking For Eternity Rings

2008-10-27 | Diamond eternity rings involve craftmanship and dedication to make them perfect which means the whole process takes time. If you are thinking of buying an eternity ring as an Xmas gift, The Diamond advised to plan early to make sure there´s no tears on Christmas Day.

Leading Online People Search Provider Opens Up Names Database

2008-10-26 | Tracesmart aims to optimise customer tracing activity by offering additional information

Cady Finlayson Band Brings Spirited Irish Music to Texas

2008-10-23 | Direct from New York City, the Cady Finlayson Band brings Spirited Irish Music to Texas with two shows: Austin, TX: Saturday Nov. 15th at 7 p.m. Open Ears Concerts, 14311 Wells Port Drive San Marcos, TX: Sunday Nov. 16th at the World United Music Festival, time tba.

MyMate iPhone App Helps You Become a Better Mate

2008-10-23 | MyMate is a new iPhone App designed for men to keep track of their woman's information.

K.I.T.T.'s Latest Feature - Turbo Boost Your Tax Deduction!

2008-10-22 | Buckle up as Navtones directs you to a signed Knight Rider GPS in an online charity auction that will give you the chance to bid on a piece of Hollywood and technology history.

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry of Bridal Occasion Launched at Topearl Jewelry Store

2008-10-22 | introduces the newest pearl jewelry products at affordable wholesale prices, including bridal line, birthday jewelry, anniversary jewelry, jewelry for mothers, informal party etc. International models show stylish pearl jewelry collections.

Texas Teacher Admits She Drew on Personal Experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse to Pen Courageous Novel. "It's High Time I Stop Hiding," Author Says.

2008-10-20 | Beth Fehlbaum, a long-time English teacher, drew on her experiences as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to craft her debut novel, Courage in Patience, which released September 1, 2008, from Kunati, Inc.

Who is the Most Believable Candidate in the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime?

2008-10-17 | rates the believability of the candidates' statements using Voice Analysis Technology

Grand Opening of San Jose's Newest Luxury Rental Community: Village of Marineo

2008-10-16 | Palm Valley Apartments opens its fourth luxury apartment community during Grand Opening Ceremony.

Erin E. Murphy, MFT, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-16 | Ms. Murphy specializes in family and marriage counseling and is responsible for supervising interns and staff that serve at-risk youth and seeing private clients in the evening.

Your Prescription to "Life After Debt" -- Have you seen your Debtologist for a DebtMakeover?

2008-10-15 | has created an incredible program to assist consumers in today's financial crisis for reducing and eliminating all debt.

Charleen Stroup, LMHC, LPN, CAP, CFM, BCPC, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-12 | Mrs. Stroup specializes in mental health counseling with a focus on grief and bereavement.

Wild Models, Inc. , McDonald's, Nike, and MTV/VH1 Among the Updated Booking and Audition Roster of Wild Models, Inc.

2008-10-12 | Wild Models, Inc. released its most recent client roster, which includes many of the world's most recognizable brands in the product, food service and entertainment industries.