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Valley Forge Medical Center Achieves Milestone as First Addiction-Free Pain Management Center of Excellence and Will Host Three Day Pain Management Professional Training Seminar

2009-06-09 | Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital has reached full Certification and is being officially recognized on June 9, 2009 as the first facility in the nation to obtain the Addiction-Free Pain Management Center of Excellence Designation

Medical Marketing Has Never Been More Important Than Today - Recent Studies Show That Not Only Do You Need To Get Patients In The Door, But You Must Provide Them With A Customer Friendly Environment

2009-05-21 | Medical practices face many challenges, including how to effectively market their practice to new patients, existing patients and other physicians. The Practice Pros introduce the first complete self-study marketing toolkit for medical practices.

Dieters Dealt A Body Blow From Recent Labeling Of Hydroxycut As Unsafe For Human Consumption

2009-05-05 | Food Intolerance Testing: Natural Alternative to Hydroxycut?

Patrece Banks, CEO of Invisible CareGiver Interviewed on "Coping with Caregiving" Radio Show January 10

2009-01-10 | Banks is the inventor of the award-winning Outta Bed tool, which benefits those at risk of falling by acting as a "helping hand" to assist with getting in and around a bed.

Eat Fit, LLC - Healthy and Delicious Meals Cooked at Home

2008-12-10 | Eat Fit provides Personal Fitness Chef services, creating Healthy and Delicious meals in your home in support of your health and fitness goals.

Award-Winning Invention Hunting / Outdoor Sports Eliminate Human Scent / Body Odor - Now Available at

2008-12-06 | Dean said this product is a must have whether you are out in the woods hunting, fishing, camping, or actively involved in sports. Tina said this is a miracle spray.

Children Tell Researchers: We'll Get Fit if it's Fun

2008-12-01 | Children will take the recommended amount of exercise they need each day if it is combined with video games, new academic research has revealed.

Does the Financial Bailout Have You Stressed and Aching?

2008-10-05 | Banks are Failing, Car Companies are taking $25 billion dollar loans; Mortgage Implosion and other tough times have us all stressed out. A recent study finds that al of that stress can take a damaging toll on your body.

Jennifer L. Getz, LMT, Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-20 | She recently volunteered as a sports massage therapist at Ford Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon.


2008-09-07 | Building client relationships is key for small business and not for profit groups such as hospitals. In today's difficult economy, email marketing helps them do so while protecting, and even growing, their bottom line. A free one-hour telephone seminar introduces the basics.

Foot Care Expert Says People 45+ May Forego Health Benefits of Swimming in Summer Because of Unattractive Feet

2008-07-17 | Xenna CEO Carol J. Buck says, "Summer is an excellent time for men and women of all ages to take advantage of the many health benefits of swimming. Unfortunately, many are embarrassed by the appearance of their dry heels or discolored toenails, causing them to avoid activities such as swimming."

Perry Baromedical Introduces the SIGMA 36 Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber to the Industry

2008-07-03 | Perry Baromedical manufactures the most complete line of Hyperbaric Chambers worldwide - Including the largest, and 2nd largest monoplace units available - The SIGMA 40 and the SIGMA 36

MICHIGAN CHEER COACH TO BE HONORED FOR SAVING CHEERLEADER'S LIFE The NCSF present the Ashley Marie Burns National Cheer Safety Award of Excellence

2008-06-16 | As a part of National Safety Month, the National Cheer Safety Foundation has selected South Lyon High School cheerleading coach Jen Combest to receive the First Annual Ashley Marie Burns National Cheer Safety Award of Excellence. Ms. Combest was selected by the NCSF Awards Committee.

Pure Power Mouthguards Increase Strength and Performance. Dr Ira Shapira and Dr Mark Amidei provide High-Tech Mouthguards to Chicago and North Suburbs in their Gurnee office. Exciting New Rutgers Study Released!

2008-06-02 | Mouthguards that harness the power of Neuromuscular Dentistry improve sports performance. Professional athletes seek the edge that neuromuscular orthotics give them. Weekend warriors are now seeking out the same advantage that the pros want.

National Cheer Safety Foundation Launch Cheer Injury Prevention Campaign

2008-05-09 | NCSF launch Cheer Injury Prevention Campaign after Advisory Committee reviews 81 unreported catastrophic injuires to high school and college cheerleaders from 1982 to 2007. The NCSF research team has submitted the data to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research.

Kids Vote for More Exercise

2008-01-30 | Over a hundred children have voted to do more exercise with a clear message to adults - we want to be active and it has to be fun.

TBI and Professional Athletes

2007-12-06 | While TBIs are often caused by accidents, they can also result from professional and contact sport injuries.

The SK500 BackSaver Commercial Auger Gets a New Back Saving Feature.