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Neuromuscular Dental Company Plays Significant Role in Historic Super Bowl Win

2010-02-11 | 35 New Orleans Saints players wear custom mouth guard based on the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry on their way to victory.

Doctors Invite Patients To Take Online Surveys Hoping To Avoid Public Web Reviews

2010-02-02 | Inviting patients to take satisfaction surveys may reduce the chance of having them post public comments on random websites.

New Grant Medical Center Offers Advanced Treatment of Musculoskeletal Diseases

2010-02-01 | Grant Medical Center and the OhioHealth Medical Specialty Foundation opened a practice dedicated to arthritis and other diseases of the joints, muscles and bones.

SIGVARIS Enters Into Partnership with the Indianapolis Colts, Supplying the NFL-Team with Athletic Recovery Socks!

2010-01-19 | SIGVARIS is very pleased to announce that it will be providing Athletic Compression Socks to the Indianapolis Colts for the 2010-11and 2011-12 football seasons.

Small Medical And Dental Practices Increasingly Measuring Patient Satisfaction

2010-01-19 | Ready-to-use survey tool enables health professionals to proactively listen to patients and measure satisfaction.

Springfield Chiropractor - Dr. Todd P. Sullivan Presents A Seminar On Injury Prevention At Washington Sports Club In Springfield, VA

2010-01-19 | Chiropractor in Springfield, VA - discusses how to prevent injuries from working out.

The "Athletic Recovery" Sports Compression Sock and SIGVARIS form Strategic Partnership with Southern Crescent Cycling Club in Atlanta, GA.

2010-01-16 | SIGVARIS is pleased to announce that it has become the exclusive provider of Athletic Compression Socks to the Southern Crescent Cycling (SCC) club out of Atlanta, GA.

Your Best 2010 New Year Fitness Resolution - Refund the Wii Fit

2010-01-01 | Gamercize is offering free virtual gym membership and mail-in rebates of up to $150/70GBP with its range of active gaming products in exchange for unwanted Wii Fit discs. Gamercize makes New Years fitness and weight loss resolutions more achievable.

Make This New Year's Health Resolution Stick With Price World Publishing's "Hardcore Circuit Training for Men"

2009-12-21 | In two weeks, millions of men and women across America will make the annual "get fit for the New Year" resolution. In three weeks, most of them will have failed. Why? They didn't have a plan.

Chiropractor Springfield VA, Dr. Todd P. Sullivan, Presents Seminar On Running Injuries and Injury Prevention

2009-12-13 | Springfield Chiropractor, holds running clinic on injuries and injury prevention at Washington Sports Club in Springfield VA

Snowboarding Accidents in Arizona

2009-12-03 | The types of snowboard injuries that can occur. Who can be responsible as well as the safety measures you can take so you or a loved one is not a victim of the sport.

Head Injuries in Children

2009-11-24 | Dangerous scenarios that can cause head injuries in children, warning signs to look for in your child when they suffer a head injury, what types of physical consequences can happen and the safety measures parents can take to prevent head injuries.

BrandDNAinc Moves to Hollywood's New Creative Epicenter

2009-11-17 | BrandDNAinc a full service branding and public relations agency announced its relocation to an ultramodern loft near the newly revitalized and iconic Hollywood strip.

Chiropractic Springfield, VA - Dr. Todd P. Sullivan, Now Offers Back Pain and Neck Pain Sufferers, New Technology Called the ATM2, Providing Patients with Immediate Pain-Relief That Lasts

2009-11-17 | Chiropractor in Springfield, VA, offers new technology called the ATM2 provides fast pain-relief for neck pain and lower back pain sufferers.

BrandDNAinc Launches Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Marketing Communications Division

2009-11-15 | Complements Agency's Existing Strong Position in Healthcare Branding and Public Relations

Gamercize announces Game4Life Campaign

2009-11-13 | Gamercize wants families to keep fit during the winter months and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, with the help of video games. Game4Life is a campaign to help be active, have fun, save time and money.

Santa Monica Spiritual Healer, Karen Inana Solo, Works with Aura to provide Healing with a Precise, Laser-Like Approach. She is the founder of Heart Flame Healing in Santa Monica.

2009-11-13 | Santa Monica and Los Angeles Spiritual Healer, Karen Inana Solo, is a passionate healer with amazing results in hands-on or long distance healing. Ms. Solo practices the Brennan Healing Science with a unique style of working within the Aura.

Anton Dynamics To Release First All-Mountain Active Suspension Ski

2009-11-12 | Anton Dynamics has scheduled a limited early release of their 2011 "all-mountain carvers", the UFOria and the UFOria XA.

Slope Control: New Helix Lateral Cardio Trainer Gives Skiers a Leg Up This Winter

2009-11-09 | The Helix is a breakthrough in cardio fitness equipment featuring lateral (or side-to-side) movement that targets inner/outer thighs, glutes and core. "A breath of fresh air," says celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.