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Woolwich announces their cost of moving home survey 2006

2006-04-30 | Despite headlines that scream 'tens of thousands of pounds to move house' the reality is that for the average home mover the cost of moving has risen more slowly than house prices since the beginning of the millennium.

Moneynet Warns Against Lenders Who Balance Books With Expensive PPI Cover

2006-04-30 | Consumers enjoying lowest personal loan rates ever - but moneynet warns against lenders who balance books with expensive PPI cover

AudioVisual Virtual Tours Utilize Podcasting to Help Real Estate Agents Stand Out

2006-04-29 | Virtual Tour Era of spinning rooms is over. New High Tech Virtual Tour Solution is available.

Mias Calls For Annual Rise in the Stamp Duty Threshold

2006-04-28 | Last month's Budget concession will shrink over time if it fails to keep pace with inflation

New Book Shows People How To Not Just Invest In Real Estate But Actually Start Their Own Investment Business!

2006-04-27 | A brand new book, "The Real Estate Fast Track: How to Create a $5,000 to $50,000 Per Month Real Estate Cash Flow" shows how anyone can not just invest profitably in real estate but create a successful real state investing business.

Sima Safaee is offering a free copy of her book, How to Set Goals and Reach Success to all Living In Harmony Now Newsletter Subscribers.

2006-04-21 | At last, Women entrepreneur, business executives, sales and service professionals can discover how to live a happier and much more gratifying life, maintain a fulfilling and balanced personal life while focusing and achieving their professional goals.

New Home For $8000??????????

2006-04-21 | Yes is possible with the System CUSTOMSUPERHOMES.

Reichel Realty and Investments is pleased to announce the following sales transactions:

2006-04-13 | South Florida commercial real estate company Reichel Realty announces its recent sales.

International Mortgage Lenders Association is Formed

2006-04-06 | On March 24th, representatives of more than 70 organizations from both the United States and Mexico met in Tempe, AZ to initiate the formation of the International Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA).

Adverse mortgages may not benefit the consumer warns Mias

2006-03-22 | Mias warns that the boom in adverse credit mortgages may not always benefit the consumer

Knight Frank announces that demand for farmland rises by 15%

2006-03-19 | Knight Frank announces that demand for farmland rose in the final three months of 2005 by 15%.

Property For Sale In France

2006-03-17 | The advertising market for Property For Sale In France is a difficult one as it is saturated with web sites offering thousands of properties. However, publishing press releases to announce the sale of a major property is another way to reach buyers tired of property portals.

Cutting Edge Systems Corp. Introduces HomePort Suite, a Music and Lighting Control Package to Help Builders Differentiate their Properties

2006-03-14 | Cutting Edge Systems Corporation, a leading provider of home automation solutions in Massachusetts, today announced the introduction of HomePort Suite, an affordable, residential music and lighting control system developed to enhance the value of luxury homes.

CT Capital, Florida Hard Money Lender Releases New Hard Money Web Site

2006-03-09 | CT Capital, Fort Lauderdale based Hard Money Lender has officially released their new web site. CT Capital specializes in funding bridge loans for non-conforming, residential (non-owner occupied) and commercial real estate projects. Please visit their new site at

Ever had to find out the population of Topeka, Kansas?

2006-03-04 | New website gives business and academic researcher ability to quickly and easily search for census, local and demographic data on more than 20,000 Us communities

Trusted Investments and Brokerage Provides Real Financial Options for Those Who Need Cash

2006-03-03 | Discover how private individuals and businesses are converting their monthly payments into large cash payouts. Find out why cash now is more powerful than cash in the future. Passes Overstock and Sets Sights on Industry Leader

2006-02-23 | is wrestling for position with, for the first time since opening their doors, a little over a year ago.

Mias warns that home information packs are to slow the housing market

2006-02-16 | The Mortgage and Insurance Advisory Service (MIAS Ltd) has expressed concern that the Government's Home Information Packs (HIPs) could slow down the housing market.