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The Cosmetic Surgery Directory and The LASIK Directory Offer Patient Financing!

2006-04-13 | New alliance allows The Cosmetic Surgery Directory and The LASIK Directory to offer patient financing.

AC Lens Continues Rapid Growth, Looks to Extend Its Reach in Growing Retail Contact Lens Market

2005-10-19 | After posting 48% growth through Q3 2005, AC Lens is exploring private placement options in order to leverage its proprietary technology and industry expertise to capture an even larger share of the booming online contact lens market.

AC Lens Showing Signs of Growth in 2005

2005-08-22 | AC Lens, the Central Ohio based online contact lens retailer, has recently moved into a custom-designed warehouse and call center on the west side of Columbus, Ohio, that includes over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space, as well as corporate offices, and a 25-seat call center.

Americans Head to Western Europe to Save Big on Medical Costs

2005-08-02 | European Medical Tourist arranges affordable, quality elective and non-elective medical procedures in western Europe for cost-conscious Americans.

AC Lens Teams with ACUVUE to Sponsor MTV Contest

2005-07-07 | AC Lens, a leading online contact lens retailer, and ACUVUE have announced an exclusive contest that will send one winner and a guest to the taping of an MTV show. The survey that is required for entry takes only a few minutes to complete and is located at,

Breakthrough Treatment for AMD Related Blindness

2005-03-30 | Michael Bennett, M.D., Honolulu retinal surgeon, is able to offer the first real hope to his patients who face blindness from age-related macular degeneration.