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Credit Card Debt Haunts Sound Sleepers

2006-04-07 | Don't let old Credit Card debt become the skeleton in your closet. You'll certainly be losing sleep over this one. Declaring bankruptcy was thought to have protected persons from original creditors. However, this is not the case or the coffin.

Mondial Provides Tips on Language Translations - Get Your Translation Right, the First Time

2006-03-28 | Mondial Translations and Interpreting (, a global foreign language translation services provider, offers suggestions on how companies should prepare their documents for language translation and how to choose the best translation services provider for your industry

Moneynet welcomes move to protect consumers from sky-high store card charges

2006-03-15 | The inflated APRs on store cards are likely to come under pressure, advises Moneynet Provides Single Resource on Balance Transfer Credit Cards

2006-03-08 | announces comprehensive free resource to help consumers identify and analyze the best balance transfer credit cards available.

Trusted Investments and Brokerage Provides Real Financial Options for Those Who Need Cash

2006-03-03 | Discover how private individuals and businesses are converting their monthly payments into large cash payouts. Find out why cash now is more powerful than cash in the future.

Martha Angus, Interior Designer brings her elegant style to play in Western Interiors and Design Magazine.

2006-02-16 | Martha Angus is featured in the spring 2006 Western Interiors and Design Magazine.

The Cost of Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

2006-01-30 | Financial institutions racing to implement multi-factor authentication before the FFIEC deadline face difficult choices regarding costs and implementation scheduling.

ProTrader Mobile from PFSoft transforms Pocket PC to the Trading Terminal for Forex market.

2006-01-23 | PFSoft Company is proudly presents the release of the new client terminal for ProTrader, the information and trading platform for Forex, which is fully compatible with Windows Mobile/Pocket PC.

New Online Courses Promise a Financial Education That People Have Never Seen Before

2006-01-18 | Without adequate financial education bankruptcy filings and mortgage refinances are as beneficial as liposuction for dogs. This company aims to reverse this country's vicious cycle of poor financial health.

Buying Gold for $252 per ounce! Impossible? No!

2005-12-16 | Buying gold at $252 per ounce, the recent low is still possible, if we do some careful analysis. In fact the ability to purchase gold at $252 is probably the most truthful statement you will read about the recent 24 year high in the gold market.

US online stockbroker beats UK counterpart

2005-12-07 | WatchMouse report favourable on availability US stockbroker sites

Quality and very desirable generic domain names offered for sale at

2005-12-07 | This week launched another new option by offering daily new listings at very big discounts. These are normally available for a day or two, so buyers need to check the new listings on a regular basis, and act fast when they found their dream domain name at a fraction of its normal price.

Rare and very desirable domain names offered for sale at including this small sample:

2005-11-23 | is a new site that is very popular with its comprehensive selection of quality and rare domain names in various categories offered for the first time. An increasingly rare commodity these days, but not at who specializes in generic domain names.

$25 Billion in Unclaimed Money owed to Americans

2005-11-22 | Millions of Americans are owed money. There is a simple way to locate unclaimed money and unclaimed property.

Affluent Market Will Spend 5 Times the Average U.S. Household for December Holiday Gifts

2005-11-16 | Wealthiest 10% of US Households Will Spend A Total of $57 Billion, Accounting for 25% of Total Holiday Gift Sales

Rekon Technologies Launches Online Version of Lien Release Software

2005-11-14 | Popular Mortgage Lien Release System Rekon now available online. Targets small to mid-size companies.

Martha Angus, one of California's Finest Designers, views holiday decorating as an art in California Home and Design's November 2005 issue.

2005-10-19 | Inspired by Modern art and antiques, Martha transforms her residence into a cheerful, modern winter retreat in November's 2005 California Home and Design issue.

Popular USA credit card website redesigned for American consumers

2005-10-15 | Finding the best credit card online for your family and business can be tricky. You need to compare credit card offers, review terms and conditions, then apply for instant approval online. has made comparison shopping for the best credit cards faster and easier.

Hiring Professionals and Job Seekers Win with Behavioral Profiling and Workplace Motivator Assessments

2005-10-13 | Companies can do a better job of hiring and retaining elite talent by using behavioral and workplace motivator assessments to select candidates that best fit benchmarked characteristics. Assessments help job seekers make better career choices, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

Credit Report Scores - Why it is more important to minorities to ensure higher scores

2005-09-23 | Aba Online Credit ( discusses credit report scores with such clarity that consumers can't help but feel feel empowered by the information from the site.