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Summit Unleashes Beverly Hills Puppy Club

2008-11-07 | Summit Products high-style plush pups, The Beverly Hill Puppy Club, are available for adoption to young, fashion-forward girls nationwide this holiday season.

LV= Reports Dog Owners Swap Bones for Broccoli

2008-11-06 | New LV= report shows health concerns are leading to a surge in pet owners changing their pets' diets and swapping meat for vegetables and fruit

Something Fishy About Comparison Shopping

2008-10-23 | Unique website offers shopping service to aquarium enthusiasts

London Cat Vet Finds Purrrfect Home For Popular Feline

2008-09-25 | A cat who became a minor Internet celebrity when London cat veterinarian, Zeta Frasca posted her videos on a feline social networking site, has finally found her purrrfect home - thanks to a local Richmond newspaper who reported her tendency to lash out at their unsuspecting photographer.

Carreen M. Kiely Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-21 | She considers her love for animals to be the driving force behind her success.

Petland Inc.: Homeless pets finding families at Petland stores nationwide

2008-09-19 | Petland, Inc. Companywide, participating Petland stores have placed 59,945 homeless puppies and dogs and 212,534 homeless kittens and cats since its inception

Huntover Creates Annex Location

2008-09-18 | A new hunter/jumper training facility means more options for Huntover clients

Cynthia A. Lauby Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-17 | Ms. Lauby is responsible for assisting in surgery, overseeing the care of surgical patients, the sick animal ward, and organizing "Second Chance" shelter animal adoption programs which focuses on recovered sick cats.

Chakra Dog Launches New Soap for Frequent Canine Cleansing

2008-09-16 | Eco-Friendly Unscented Chakra Dog Soap Bar Keeps Canine Skin and Coat Clean and Moist. Sarasota, FL-based Chakra Dog is dedicated to creating 'Healthier Products for Healthier Dogs.' Chakra Dog Soap was created by a dog lover for dog enthusiasts that like to keep their pet partner extra clean.

Feline Conservation Federation finds itself in the Middle of Controversy

2008-09-08 | Could have the tiger accident in Warrenton MO. been prevented?

Foreclosure's Orphans: Homeowners Not the Only Ones Left Without Homes

2008-09-05 | When foreclosure forces a family to leave their home, sometimes they are faced with making a decision about caring for their pet as well. Some may not be able to cover the cost of caring for the pet and others may be moving into another living situation that does not allow pets.

Doggone Safe is World Rabies Day Partner

2008-08-29 | World Rabies Day is on September 28, 2008. Partners around the world are holding events and engaging in public education campaigns to help eliminate this completely preventable disease. Key campaign messages include: Vaccinate your companion animals and stay away from stray animals and wild animals.

G.W. Exotic Animal Park steps up to help Missouri Tigers in need

2008-08-16 | G.W. Exotic Animal Park steps up to help the Missouri Tigers in Warrenton MO. which now have no place to go. Park sends crew to start the move to their new home.

LOCAL PET DISTRIBUTOR HELPS POLICE DEPARTMENT Zeus and Company Supports Bayport Minnesota K-9 Unit

2008-08-11 | Owner of Zeus and Company, David Levy is asking that people remember his beloved Rottweiler, Zeus by making a donation to the Bayport Police Department. Zeus passed away on Sunday, August 3, 2008 after living with cancer for three years.

Risks To Wild Bird Populations Mitigated By Artificial Nest Boxes

2008-08-02 | Declining populations of birds in North America is an on-going trend. Now, a new website offers a few simple solutions that can be implemented by the average homeowner. The site combines alternative nesting solutions with sound biology, free identification photos, and much more.

London's Only Cat Veterinarian Uses Cat Social Network to Avoid Cat-astrophe

2008-07-05 | London's only cat vet posted videos of a homeless cat on a feline social networking website last week and has been overwhelmed by thousands of responses from around the world sparking an international manhunt, or "cat-hunt", to reunite Betsy (as she has been named) with her owners.

Million Dollar Pet Pix Calling All Budding Paw-Pawratzi to "Make Your Pet a Star"!

2008-06-30 | Million Dollar Pet Pix have extended their "Make Your Pet A Star" special membership drive through to July 31st! Each person who "makes their pet a star" in the 10-year pet time capsule by this date will help to assist Guide Dog and Therapy Dog charities and have a chance to win cash prizes!

In The Wake of Dog Attacks on Postal Workers, Doggone Safe Urges Dog Owners to Learn to Read Their Dogs

2008-06-14 | Dog owners can help reduce dog bite risk to postal workers by abandoning the assumption that their own dog would never bite, by learning to read the signs of a dog that might bite and by taking action to secure the safety those who might visit their property and encounter the dog.

Doggone Safe Offers Free Resources for Dog Bite Prevention Week

2008-04-30 | During the third week in May, the U.S. Postal Service, the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AMVA), Doggone Safe Inc. and other organizations will be calling attention to one of the nation's most commonly reported public health problems: dog bites. Doggone Safe offers free resources.

ATLANTA GA - Pet Dreams Memorial Memorial Center Partners with LifeGem to Provide Diamond Memorials

2008-03-06 | - LifeGem Memorials, the world's first purveyor of diamond memorials, today announced Pet Dreams Memorials has joined its growing list of funeral partners.