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Palonek Helps Tampa Families Find Cash This Christmas

2008-12-19 | When Edward Palonek appeared on the Oprah Winfrey and Maury Povich shows, he found more than $100,000 for callers and guests on these shows; And the best part of it all was that the money found belonged to the viewers who have forgotten about these small fortunes in some way.

Top Christmas Gifts at

2008-12-19 | names top Christmas gifts that help support mom entrepreneurs and their families during tough economic times.

LV= Reports FREDs are Frantic About the Credit Crunch and Fears of Recession

2008-12-18 | LV=, the investment, pensions and insurance group, has revealed that the credit crunch, stock market volatility, and fears of a recession are growing concerns for the nation's pre-retirement population

OscarAir, Inc. Introduces Their New Line Of Custom-Built Basement Dehumidifiers

2008-12-18 | Announcing a new line of custom-designed basement dehumidifiers manufactured in Italy. These dehumidifiers were developed especially for humid basement environments.

Alternative Consulting Source Offers Complimentary "2009 Business Outlook"

2008-12-17 | You've heard from all the 'legitimate' experts regarding what the 2009 economy may hold in store. Now hear from a distinguished business consultant and author who takes a peak at the possiblities for 2009 as seen through the lens of astrology. Thinking outside the box has never been so bountiful.

Eco-Friendly Clothing Company Pioneer Leads Movement to Create US Worker-Owned Cooperatives

2008-12-16 | Bena Burda, the founder Maggie's Organics - the leader in manufacturing Fair Trade clothing and accessories made with Certified Organic Fibers is championing a crusade to create worker-owned cooperatives to energize local economies and empower workers.

The Makena Group Sustainability Consultants: Preserve Wild Hawaii From Developers

2008-12-14 | The Makena area on Maui is home to one of the most pristine beaches in the world. It is threatened by a ultra luxury home development. The Makena Group proposes Maui County, State of Hawaii, foundations and private organizations work together to preserve the last of wild Hawaii.

Europcar Named Worlds Leading Green Transport Solution Company

2008-12-13 | Europcar is the first company to be awarded the accolade of Worlds Leading Green Transport Solution Company at the World Travel Awards

Online Store Reports Booming Sales Despite Economic Downturn

2008-12-13 | Attention to personal service and quality, position an online boutique store as a winner despite the state of the economy.

TELUS Sourcing Solutions, Monster Canada and HRsmart Canada Form Alliance to Deliver Recruitment Management Solutions

2008-12-12 | HRsmart, Monster and TELUS Sourcing Solutions (TSSI) today announced the formation of a three-way alliance to provide state of the art recruitment management tools to Canadian organizations.

Small Businesses Not Yet Feeling Benefit of Falling Inflation

2008-12-12 | Business Inflation Guide reveals rising labour costs are squeezing margins - Manufacturing sector suffers the most

The Third Annual Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, December 21 2008

2008-12-12 | The theory is that if enough people can climax at the same time while projecting a conscious intention for peace and harmony on the planet, a surge of physical and spiritual positivity will infuse the Earth's energy field.

Kramer Industries' Corn Cob Grit Preserves Pride in Log Homes.

2008-12-12 | Preserving the natural beauty of a log home is a labor of love for most of the half million American homeowners who live in log homes.

24-7 Press Release Provides Effective Press Release Distribution Options for Companies Challenged by Economic Downturn.

2008-12-12 | Mass Media Distribution through 24-7 Press Release provides customers a robust and price-sensitive way to disseminate news to major distribution channels

Todd Jackson Named President of NARI San Diego for Second Consecutive Year

2008-12-11 | Jackson Design & Remodeling (JDR), winner of the 2007 BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics, today announced that CEO Todd Jackson has been elected President of the San Diego Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for a second consecutive year.

Roofing-Directory Sheds New Light on Arizona Roofs

2008-12-11 | Roofing-Directory announces its recent expansion into the Southwest region of the United States. Arizona residents benefit from having access to information on roofing repair, replacement and installation. A summery of Roofing-Directory's findings on Arizona roof damage is included.

A World in Need of Globally Responsible Leadership - Call for Action

2008-12-10 | A pioneering group of 60 business schools/learning institutions and companies representing five continents, over 300,000 students & 1,000,000 employees are engaged in developing a next generation of globally responsible leaders.

In This Volatile Market - Can We Believe Corporate Execs?

2008-12-10 | RealScoop provides a new tool to assess the comments of CEOs: Voice Analysis Technology. "Wall Street on RealScoop" is dedicated to analysis of video clips from CEOs and other executives discussing matters critical to the current financial crisis.

npower Urges Companies to be Energy Efficient as the Economy Bites

2008-12-10 | npower calls on small businesses in the UK to be more energy efficient and save up to 20 per cent on energy bills

The Maine Diner to Serve 5 Millionth Customer

2008-12-10 | Despite economic recession, local landmark commemorates successful business milestone and will award prizes to a lucky customer next week