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Displaysense irobot Mannequin to Terminate Shop Lifting

2008-10-02 | Displaysense join forces with security company to help terminate shoplifting during tough economic period

Tips & Tools to Meet the November 1st RED FLAG Requirement Deadline - Complimentary Seminars being Offered to Credit Union IT Security Professionals throughout Fall 2008

2008-09-27 | Renowned security THOUGHT LEADER Caroline Hamilton will be discussing the elements and procedures required for completing a Red Flag Risk Assessment, and reviewing tools to assist in the successful completion of a risk assessment for Credit Unions who are facing the November 1st Red Flag Deadline.

Have you been arrested or accused of a crime? Being charged with a crime is serious. You need an aggressive experienced attorney—Ann Gottesman is a former deputy public defender located in Riverside, California who also represents clients in Los Angeles, The Inland Empire and Orange County.

2008-09-11 | When you hire the Law Office of Ann Gottesman, you are hiring ME, Ann Gottesman, to PERSONALLY handle your case. I won't hand your case off to an inexperienced associate, like many large firms do. Call Ann Gottesman today!: 877.352.9669

Trojan Horse-proof Password Dialog developed by Global IP Telecommunications, Ltd. and PMC Ciphers, Inc.

2008-09-10 | Password dialog that perfectly resists attacks by trojan horses and computer viruses developed. The software-only solution could make input of PIN codes and Transaction Numbers for online banking completely safe in the near future.

OpSec Security Study Advises Buyer Beware: Counterfeits Lurk Among Online Discounts

2008-08-31 | Research by OpSec Security, a global brand protection and anti-counterfeiting company, found that on average, online auction sites were discounting popular back-to-school items at approximately twice the rate of discounts offered by authorized online retailers.

APAX Global Payment & Technologies AG a PCI certified processor meets highest standards in the payment card industry

2008-08-22 | A small portion of European credit card processors meet the standards set by the card networks

XDepth High Dynamic Range Video Compression Technology on the Market

2008-08-20 | Trellis Management Co. Ltd. presents the world's first commercially available and backward-compatible High Dynamic Range Video compression technology


2008-07-18 | PARKING AND TRAFFIC TECHNOLOGIES, international supplier of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems, today announced the official release of SMARTREG GUARDIAN, the world's most advanced standalone mobile vehicle plate recognition system for police enforcement.

6 dead in Kentucky plastics factory shooting rampage. As this troubling trend continues to grow, Retired FBI Agent Michael Tabman comments on recent workplace shooting tragedy.

2008-06-27 | Retired FBI Agent and current risk management consultant Michael Tabman states that more training is needed for employers to understand the growing threat of workplace violence.

Protect Yourself with a Personal Alarm

2008-06-23 | For the personal safety concious amongst us protecting yourself and your loved ones in today's society is a necessary requirement.

A Panic Button for the Information Age Can Save Lives With a Click of the Mouse

2008-04-06 | An electronic panic button is now available to summon support, send notification of emergencies and track incidents through emails, text messages and instant message alerts.

National Services Associates named one of Business Tennessee Magazine's Hot 100

2008-02-11 | National Services Associatesnamed one of Business Tennessee Magazine's Hot 100 Tennessee companies based on growth, performance