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Michelle Jacobs Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who

2009-05-19 | Michelle Jacobs is Lifecycle Program Engine Manager at General Motors

John Schindler Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-05-19 | John Schindler specializes in structuring mortgage investments, bonds, tax credits, commercial real estate, and structures dealing with special use properties like medical buildings, senior housing, mixed-use and film studios.

CCL Container Helps 808 Beverages Establish New Spirits Category

2009-05-19 | The category is "luxury fused spirits," according to Jason Kane, president and CEO of 808 Beverages, and his 808 fusion creation is the one-of-a-kind blend of vodka, Cognac, fruit juice, caffeine and Guarana that is adding a new dimension to the alcoholic beverage industry.

Craftsman Direct Handyman Home Improvement Announces Two Year Warranty on all Services

2009-05-16 | Chapel Hill/Durham Handyman Company offers Two Year Warranty on all projects - Lifetime Warranty on Wood Decks

SISM To Publish Equity Research On Carbon Friendly Solutions

2009-05-15 | Zurich-based SISM Research today announced the enrollment of environmental-industrial company, Carbon Friendly Solutions, into the SISM equity analytics program.

Chiropractor Writes Timely Book About Economic Crisis

2009-05-15 | Chiropractor and best selling chiropractic author, Dr. John Reizer, has written and published his 6th book on the subject of chiropractic and his 9th book overall.

Congress Set To Create Loophole That Allows Wide Public Access To Acquire Clunker Vehicle

2009-05-14 | Open Public Bidding on Clunker Vehicles Unlocks Flood Gates to Potential Vehicle Fraud

Metal Works and Improvements Technicians are Factory Trained for Installation of DECRA Stone-coated Steel Roofing

2009-05-14 | Metal Works and Improvements of North Carolina expands their roofing options to include DECRA stone-coated roofing - energy efficient roofing systems to reduce your ecological footprint

Florida Tarps Importer Goes Eco-Friendly

2009-05-14 | Tarpaflex, a leader in the distribution of tarps, offers customers the benefit of lowered costs through its environmentally sound business practices

Displaysense Come Up With A Rubbish Idea

2009-05-13 | Displaysense is revising their green credentials in an effort to not only to cut down unnecessary rubbish but also save and make money from their waste

Baydelta Maritime's "Delta Billie" Rated Safest Oil Tanker Escort Tug on the Bay

2009-05-13 | The "Delta Billie" has received the highest "Glosten" Kips rating for tanker escort work in the San Francisco Bay; it can stop a disabled oil tanker in a shorter distance than was previously possible with lower rated tug escorts.

The Trauma of Bus Accidents in Arizona

2009-05-13 | During this rough economic time, more and more individuals are relying on public transportation to get to and from work or school. Sometimes accidents are inevitable. Causes of bus accidents and types of injuries that can occur.

Environment Harmed By Careless Disposal Of Recycled Car Parts

2009-05-12 | Congress Set to Needlessly Destroy Millions of Potential Replacement Car Parts

International Chem-Dry Award Is The Crowning Glory For Finesse Chem-Dry

2009-05-10 | Finesse Chem-Dry have just won the 'Chem-Dry International Sub Franchise of the Year 2009' award.

Npower Reports CO2 Reduction Not A Business Priority In Current Economic Climate

2009-05-09 | Npower has revealed that more than eight out of ten businesses say Government targets to reduce CO2 emissions are unrealistic

Texas Businesses Combating Outbreak of H1N1 (Swine Influenza)

2009-05-08 | Due to a high number of correspondences over these health issues, [Green Efficient], the only US LEED-based building maintenance company, widened their services to help the CDC and health official combat the problem.

Chicago Lands Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning is Encouraging Consumers to Act on the Government's New Economic Stimulus Plan That Includes Tax Credits Worth As Much As $1,500

2009-05-08 | Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning serving all of the Chicago land area is encouraging consumers to act on the government's new economic stimulus plan that includes tax credits worth as much as $1,500 for consumers who upgrade their heating and air conditioning system.

Steel Buildings Leader Celebrates RigidRock 1-Yr Anniversary - the Synthetic Building Material That's Stronger, Better, 'Greener' Than the Real Thing

2009-05-07 | Steel buildings manufacturer, Rigid Buildings Systems, Inc., is celebrating the one-year anniversary of RigidRock, a synthetic decorative construction material with impressive structural qualities.

International Attendance At UTZ Award Event At IKEA

2009-05-07 | The awards event boasted international attendance from more than 12 countries including Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Kenya, Colombia, and Brazil.

Marketing in Difficult Times: A Golden Opportunity with a Press Release Service

2009-05-07 | When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Marketing!