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Alexander Haig's World Business Review First Port of Call for Lifeboat Software

2005-08-23 | Lifeboat Data Rescue software featured on popular high tech television program

Skeptics Fade and Sales Rise as Lifeboat Data Recovery Proves Itself

2005-08-18 | Kickstart News gives glowing review of Lifeboat's data recovery system, describes benefits of software.

Hit by the computer worm? Lifeboat to the Rescue!

2005-08-16 | Lifeboat data rescue can retrieve data from computers hit by computer worms and viruses


2005-08-15 | Coddington Joins Auto Racing Legend Mario Andretti and Offroad Truck Racing Legend Ivan "Ironman" Stewart as National Spokesperson

A technical presentation on "Linux Migrations - A Case Study of Migrating from MS SQL Server to Sybase ASE on Linux"

2005-08-14 | Amit Okhandiar, President of mLogica Inc. will present a technical paper and address the Sybase TechWave 2005 Conference on "Linux Migrations - A Case Study of Migrating from MS SQL Server to Sybase ASE on Linux" at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on August 23, 2005.

FeedForAll Mac Launches, Making it Easy for Anyone to Create Podcasts, RSS Feeds for iTunes

2005-08-04 | Now, with FeedForAll Mac, webmasters have the ability to create new RSS feeds and podcasts from scratch. Publishers can also modify and enhance existing RSS feeds and podcasts.


2005-07-14 | Conklin Systems announces CS Online 2.2.0 for PalmOS, a terminal emulator/serial data recorder popular in industrial and engineering environments.

Terrorism, Fear, Mergers, Downsizing, Layoff's, Unemployment... Should You Start Your Own Business?

2005-07-11 | Too many people don't plan ahead for the possibility of financial setbacks, problems or adversity. The consequences of this can be devestating for some. Here is a plan to consider...

New UML 2.0 Book Developed in Partnership with Zurich Airport

2005-07-08 | A unique new UML book has been announced by Packt Publishing that has been developed as a practical case study in partnership with employees at Zurich Airport.

Milestone for digital signature: Packaging manufacturer signs each e-mail to protect against phishing and spam. Virtual admin office by Zertificon Solutions protects e-mail communication at Bischof + Klein

2005-07-02 | B+K Group is safeguarding each outgoing e-mail with an electronic signature in the interest of more secure e-mail communication. In order to achieve that the European packaging manufacturer is using the Z1 SecureMail Gateway of the Berlin based IT security specialist Zertificon Solutions.


2005-06-30 | Integrating SalesLogix with Great Plains supports improved efficiency and increased revenue

Zertificon Solutions makes it possible: e-mail encryption and signature in outsourcing - Cellent AG becomes first provider of the "virtual admin room" as Managed Security Services

2005-06-24 | On the basis of the Z1 SecureMail Gateway - the "virtual admin room" developed by the Berlin-based software specialist Zertificon Solutions - Cellent AG will be offering unforgeable and confidential e-mail communication as part of its outsourcing services (Managed Security Services).

Transform Internet Explorer into a Powerful RSS News Feed Reader

2005-05-26 | Chrysanth NETime Channel 3.0 enables Microsoft Internet Explorer to display RSS, RDF or ATOM XML news feeds as nicely formatted webpage with selectable background themes.

Wealthiest 10% of Americans More Optimistic About Economy, Stocks, and Earnings Than General Public

2005-05-25 | The 7th in a series of semi-annual surveys by The American Affluence Research Center reveals continued optimism in the 12 month economic outlook of the wealthiest 10% of Americans, the 11 million households representing about half of all consumer income/ spending and a third of the total US economy.

NEW KEY POSITIONS NAMED TO DECLUDE'S MANAGEMENT TEAM Richard Billman and Kristina O'Connell join Declude, Inc.

2005-05-25 | May 24, 2005 - Newburport, MA - Declude, an industry leader in email vulnerability detection, today announces the appointment of two director level positions.

2005 Shareware Industry Awards Recognizes FeedForAll as a 2005 nominee for Best Internet Communication Software

2005-05-17 | The Shareware Industry Awards Foundation announced that FeedForAll has been nominated for Best Internet Communication Application for the year 2005. The Shareware Industry Awards are selected by a group of industry professionals that nominate and vote based on a programs merits.