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2007-01-28 | Learn about how traumatic brain injury in our troops can be prevented. Find out how to get compensated for your losses.

3% of Gays and Lesbians Intend Child Adoptions in Next 5 Years

2007-01-22 | New research shows that more than one in five UK lesbians and one in ten gay men are already parents, and that 3 percent would like to adopt children during the next five years.


2007-01-19 | MERGER OF ELDER LAW FIRMS ANNOUNCED Readies Birth Injury Information Portal

2007-01-18 |, your resource for everything legal, is developing a comprehensive new information portal on birth injuries. Slated for launch in early 2007, will be a one-stop site for all of your questions about the risks of traumatic pregnancy and birth injuries.

Small Disasters Can Devastate Small Business!

2007-01-12 | Great disasters, such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, capture the collective memory of societies. Yet localized, little disasters happen every day; power outages, snowstorms, floods, somewhere, each day, five times a day, a backhoe digs up a phone cable by accident. Every day!

Can 'Dr. Death', a.k.a. Jack Kevorkian, Keep His Resolution Not to Assist in Deaths?

2007-01-02 | In five months, the infamous 'Dr. Death' will be released from prison and will be on probation for two years, where Jack Kevorkian will be closely monitored and expected to fulfill his promise to the court to not participate in any way in any assisted suicide. Launches Traumatic Brain Injury Glossary

2007-01-01 |, your resource for everything legal, has launched a glossary on terminology related to traumatic brain injury at

FFW wins substantial damages for child born with severe disabilities

2006-12-29 | Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP has won substantial damages for a boy left with severe disabilities after errors were made by medical staff during his birth in April 1999

LegalView.Com Readies New Car/Truck Crash Information Portal

2006-12-14 |, your resource for everything legal, is readying an information portal on car and truck crashes for launch. The site will be a comprehensive resource for those looking for information on car and truck crashes, insurance litigation, and attorney referrals.

Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP helps rape victim to get justice against millionaire's estate

2006-11-17 | Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP wins case for rape victim. High Court awards one of the highest ever damages in a rape case. Launches Traumatic Brain Injury Jury Verdict Service

2006-10-18 | has launched a jury verdict service related to its traumatic brain injury practice area, bringing the latest news on brain damage-related lawsuits to the other news and information on brain injury available at

Monaco Financial Fights "Theft" Seizure of S.S. Central America Ingots

2006-09-19 | Six California Gold Rush Ingots & Gold Coin forcibly seized by U.S. Marshall. "Absolutely Outrageous", says Adam Crum, V.P. of Monaco. "Robbed" of S.S. Central America famous treasures on display at Monaco's $10 million Gold Rush Exhibit, Officials say "We Will Vigorously Fight!"

Court awards compensation to include chemotherapy not available on the NHS

2006-09-16 | Field Fisher Waterhouse has won a 400,000 damages payout in the High Court for a carpenter who is battling for survival against asbestos-related cancer Unveils Redesigned Legal Website

2006-08-11 | LegalView is an easy to use, free legal-information resource, for ordinary people seeking information on legal issues and controversies. LegalView's new site design is cleaner, sharper, and provides important new functionality.

Are You Including A Press Release In Your Marketing Campaign Arsenal? Perhaps You Should Be…

2006-08-09 | Selected as Top Source For Press Release Distribution

Global Transfer Pricing Solutions New Report Announced

2006-07-19 | WorldTrade Executive, Inc. announces the publication of the Third Edition of its authoritative corporate report: Global Transfer Pricing Solutions.

Writers Union Leaders Blame 'Agents of Terror' for Upsurge in Mideast Violence, Calls on Writers to Speak Out for Peace

2006-07-18 | Leaders of a national union of freelance writers are lining up behind U.S. calls for an end to Arab-Israeli violence, putting the blame on "agents of terror who stockpile deadly missiles instead of libraries, classrooms and a future for their children." Announces its New, Free Legal Encyclopedia

2006-07-12 | LegalView is a new, easy to use, free legal-information resource, for ordinary people seeking information on legal issues and controversies.

FFW advises on landmark motor insurance case

2006-07-07 | Field Fisher Waterhouse take on a major landmark motor insurance case involving the MIB

Leadership Lessons From Lay - Using Ken Lay's Example to Make Us Better Leaders

2006-07-06 | We can learn a lot about leadership in business from the misfortunes of Ken Lay. Chicago motivational speaker, author and life change expert Cheryl Perlitz, sees the death of Ken Lay as an opportunity to evaluate what it means to be an effective leader in business, and in our communities.