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KLAS Examines the Recent Growth and Future Obstacles Facing Toshiba

2009-10-12 | New report addresses radiologists' rising interest in Toshiba, which is challenging the dominance of GE, Philips and Siemens in some medical imaging markets

Dr. Stephen Greenberg Implements Axis Three Portrait 3D Imaging

2009-10-10 | Long Island's "Best Cosmetic Surgeon 2009" to offer 3D imaging for patients considering breast augmentation

Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, Emergency Department fully integrates SonixTOUCH and SonixHUB.

2009-10-08 | Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte - North Carolina's one of the busiest trauma centers in the US have announced the installation of several SonixTOUCH with integrated SonixHUB system for their Emergency Medicine Department.

Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor Launches Online Sexual Partners Calculator

2009-10-02 | Lloydspharmacy launches new online sexual partners calculator, which shows that the typical adult has had 2.8 million indirect sexual partners

Mushatts No.9 range of Psoriasis Skin Care products on show at the National Psoriasis Foundation Volunteer Leadership Conference

2009-10-02 | Mushatts No.9 introduced its range of famous Psoriasis Skin Care products to the US at the National Psoriasis Foundation annual convention in San Antonio, TX last month.

Award winning actor Jean Smart to join Chris Elliott Fund's board of directors

2009-09-30 | Jean Smart, Emmy Award winning Actress accepts board member position with the Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Research. Her sister is a glioblastoma brain cancer survivor. This is the first time she will speak publicly about how glioblastoma has impacted her family.

Purchase PHYTO-C Skincare Product Will Not Implicate In The Lawsuit

2009-09-30 | PhytoCeuticals, Inc., clearly state that any purchase of PHYTO-C SKINCARE products will not implicate the purchaser in any lawsuit or cause such purchasers to be a party in the above referenced legal action.

SinoFresh Healthcare Inc. Releases Current Management and Financial Information

2009-09-25 | SinoFresh Healthcare, Inc. (SFSH.PK), Venice, FL., announced today that they have posted a current Management Discussion report and Summary Unaudited Financial reports for year ending 2008, Q1 2009 and Q2 2009 at their corporate website.

Those Without Health Insurance Vulnerable to Swine Flu

2009-09-24 | People who are uninsured are more susceptible to the swine flu, and other illnesses, says the article, 'Swine Flu More Likely To Affect People Without Health Insurance.'

Considering Liposuction? Test your Lipo IQ for the Best Results - By Columbus, Ohio Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Houser

2009-09-22 | With the rising popularity of liposuction, patients should carefully educate themselves on the details of the procedure. Take this True/False test to see if you are ready to move forward with liposuction.

Satisfaction with Staff Scheduling Software Varies Widely Among Hospital Departments

2009-09-22 | New KLAS report looks at the differing needs of nursing, finance and IT when choosing a solution

Healthcare IT Leaders Join KLAS Advisory Board

2009-09-21 | Healthcare research firm KLAS today announced the addition of four new members to the company's Advisory Board, which provides ongoing governance and strategic guidance to KLAS.

Sport Spectator Injuries

2009-09-14 | An accident at a sports event can cause painful and severe injuries. Contacting an Arizona personal injury attorney can help you sort out the details and complexities of your case and successfully convict the parties responsible.

Head Lice Removal Service Now Available in Charlotte NC

2009-09-14 | Well established in large metro areas, a service providing head lice removal and relief to frustrated parents is now available in the Central Piedmont. Nit Nabbers, LLC is the first company to provide professional head lice help in this region.

Newtechbio Offers Bed Bug Mace(TM) Control Treatment for Residential, Hospitality and Commercial Application

2009-09-12 | Newtechbio, Inc. announced today that it has expanded its product offering line with the addition of Bed Bug Mace to control and get rid of bed bug infestations in residential, hospitality, commercial and industrial buildings.

Imaging Equipment Purchases Examined in New KLAS Report

2009-09-09 | The 'Big 3' - GE, Philips and Siemens - continue to enjoy provider loyalty but other vendors and new innovations are shaking up the imaging market

IMDB Aids Release of the Harvest Project Movie to Stop Homelessness and Illegal Organ Transplants

2009-09-08 | Harvest Project Films Inc. and agree to release a free preview of The Harvest Project movie in aid of homelessness and organ awareness.

Rational National Health Plan Will Focus On Health And Welfare Of Our Children! The Innovative Plan Is Presented In Sleep And Health Journal

2009-09-04 | The current fiscal crisis and expansion of the health care system are compatible if phased in starting with coverage of pregnant women and all children thereby reducing current and future expenses while creating a healthier nation.

PruHealth Reports Health Initiatives Gaining Momentum With UK Firms

2009-08-27 | PruHealth examines the impact of health and wellbeing measures and culture in the workplace in new Workplace Health Report

Miles For Hope To Hold 2nd Annual Moving Toward A Cure Event To Raise Funds For Experimental Brain Cancer Vaccine

2009-08-27 | Miles for Hope, a non-profit organization, dedicated to raising funds to find a cure for brain cancer, has partnered with AirTran Airways, and Northwest Biothereputics to raise funds and expand existing brain cancer vaccine trials.