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US Swine Outbreak is an "Influenza"? Not so fast, says Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

2009-05-05 | Medical researcher/physician Lawrence Broxmeyer MD, lead investigator in a Journal of Infectious Diseases study, has a message for the officials and scientists of WHO and the CDC: There is more to flu-like illness than either "Influenza" or "H1N1".

New Technology Responds in Fight Against Swine Flu

2009-05-04 | Electrostatic spraying technology provides a superior tool in the fight against Swine Flu. "It's not just what you spray, but how you spray a disinfectant that matters most," says Bruce Whiting of Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. (ESS).

Fitness Centre Owner Releases Closely Guarded Fat Loss Secrets

2009-05-02 | Carolyn Hansen, a fitness centre owner and a national bodybuilding champion, has recently released a brand new fat loss program that will help those who wish to lose weight achieve their desired results.

National Body Building Champ Announces Professional Fitness Coaching

2009-05-02 | Carolyn Hansen, an active fitness practitioner in the health industry is announcing the launch of her Internet fitness coaching program.

Best Healthcare Provider Web site of 2009 to be Named by Web Marketing Association in Annual WebAward Competition

2009-05-01 | The Web Marketing Association announces the call for entries for its 13th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at The Web Marketing Association again name the Best healthcare provider Web site of 2009.

Adoption Network Law Center Providing Adoption Assistance to Birthmothers Facing Unplanned Pregnancies

2009-05-01 | Adoption Network Law Center gives Birthmothers who are facing unplanned pregnancies with a safe alternative to abortion - adoption.

Adoption Network Law Center Helping Clients Fulfill their Dream of Parenting

2009-05-01 | Adoption Network Law Center helps clients fulfill their dreams of parenting. Adoption Network Law Center is a professional law corporation providing quality adoption services to prospective Adoptive Parents nationwide.

Ex Body Building Champ Reveals Secrets to Developing the Hottest Legs

2009-05-01 | An ex body building champion recently released a complete program to help ladies develop hot looking legs.

Two UCLA Neurosurgeons To Be Showcased In Documentary For The First Official National Brain Tumor Awareness Month

2009-04-30 | Two UCLA neurosurgeons will be featured in a documentary for the Nation's first Brain Tumor Awareness Month. These two neurosurgeons will put their skills to the test as they perform surgery to save a father and his thirteen year old stepson.

Rate Rise Encourages Aussies to Re-evaluate Health Insurance Policies

2009-04-30 | Aussies consider tailor-made health insurance options as price rise kicks in

Locum Leaders Links Physicians to New Jobs and Clinical Education through Social Media

2009-04-28 | National healthcare recruiting firm reports survey showing increased use of Facebook and social networks by doctors and nurses.

Best Medical Web site of 2009 to be Named by Web Marketing Association in Annual WebAward Competition

2009-04-28 | The Web Marketing Association announces the call for entries for its 13th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at The Web Marketing Association will once again name the Best Medical Web site of 2009

Preferred Care at Home Proposes an Affordable Alternative for Seniors to Remain at Home

2009-04-22 | Senior Home Care Company Provides Cost-Effective Services to Help Those in Need

Spinal Cord Injuries

2009-04-17 | When the spinal cord is injured, the flow of information to the brain can become distorted or even stopped. The actual location of the injury site on the spine is very important in determining how severe the spinal cord injury will be to the victim.

An Unprecedented Global Health & Healing Event Expands Across the Planet on Saturday, April 25th, 10 am Local Time, Worldwide - All Are Invited To Participate In These Free Events

2009-04-16 | At 10 am in hundreds of cities in over 65 nations, spanning 6 continents, mass teach-ins and exhibitions of the mind-body techniques of Tai Chi & Qigong will be held globally. A global wave of these healing events will be held in most major cities.

Nearly 1.3 Million People With Medical Conditions Put Their Travel Insurance In Jeopardy

2009-04-16 | Sainsbury's Travel Insurance offers comprehensive cover at competitive premiums. Sainsbury's robust Travel Insurance online and telephone based medical screening process ensures travellers are charged competitive premiums

Accident Advice Helpline To Focus Advertising On Accidents At Work

2009-04-11 | Accident Advice Helpline announces new focus for advertising campaign

Silkin Management Group Provides Veterinarians New Help For The Recession

2009-04-11 | Many veterinarians throughout the United States and Canada are struggling to keep afloat in this unstable economy.

All Adults In The UK Required To Take NHS 'Fat Tests'

2009-04-09 | The UK government is aiming to tackle obesity by introducing a 'fat test' for all adults between 40 and 74.

Studies Link Crib Death To Toxic Mold In Mattresses And Bedding

2009-04-08 | Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is something all new parents worry about and while numerous risk factors have been cited by the medical community, there may be one not making headlines in the United States.