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Expensive Health Care: Undetected Unmet Mobility Needs Creating Boomer & Senior Health Care Costs

2009-08-12 | Undetected unmet mobility needs can create expensive home health care costs.

KLAS Report: EMR Sales Hit Seven-Year Low in 2008, Prospects Brighter in 2009

2009-08-12 | Despite a tough economy, Epic continues to roll capturing nearly 40 percent of new large hospital EMR sales in 2008, while McKesson and Siemens also earn unusual wins

ENT and Allergy Opens New Office in Hoboken, New Jersey...Practice Achieves Milestone by Bringing on its 100th Physician

2009-08-07 | ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP (ENTA) is proud to announce the September 1 opening of its newest office in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Celiac Disease Provides Clues To Solving Autoimmunity

2009-08-06 | Researcher Alessio Fasano reports new findings in the battle against chronic illnesses, Celiac disease

Insights with host Hugh Downs Produces Program on Heart Surgery

2009-08-05 | Stories on Heart Surgery to Educate Consumers and Experts

Insights with host Hugh Downs Launches new series on Environmental Health

2009-08-05 | Environmental Health as part of the Insights series

Insights with host Hugh Downs Produces Program on Heart Health

2009-08-05 | Stories on Heart Health for Consumer and Expert Learning

Underserved Critical Access Hospitals Hungry for More IT Capability

2009-08-03 | New KLAS report profiles the EMR vendor solutions tailored to hospitals with 50 or fewer beds

Ohio Hospital Network Named Winner of McKesson's Outstanding Achievements Award in Healthcare Information Technology

2009-07-31 | OhioHealth's IT initiative has reduced medication errors by 92 percent, nearly eliminated mislabeled blood specimens and cut patient identification errors by 20 percent, while saving more than $400,000.

Super Bowl Star Larry Fitzgerald Stops to Give Parents Advice on Vision Therapy

2009-07-30 | Arizona Cardinals 2008 NFC West Champions' wide-receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, is helping eye doctors spread the word to parents that vision problems can interfere with a child's ability to pay attention, read and learn.

SportsPlay Equipment Inc. Playground Equipment Recalled for Dangerous Lead Levels

2009-07-29 | Although no incidents of injury or death have been reported, the potential for ingestion exists should the paint on the handrails begin cracking or flaking.

Ex-Bodybuilding Champ Reveals Metabolism Secrets

2009-07-28 | ( - Carolyn Hansen, an ex-national bodybuilding champion based in New Zealand has just released a new product, showing others how to improve their metabolism.

Hospitals Want to Avoid Getting 'Locked In' as They Consider Enterprise Imaging Solutions

2009-07-27 | New KLAS report explores which vendors providers are considering most for enterprise imaging

Coggno's Learning Management System Offers Medical E-Learning Software

2009-07-25 | Coggno's learning management system offers a unique tool for medical e-learning course developers through MedMovie, one of Coggno's Application Exchange Partners.

Weight Loss Secret From A 16 Year Old Can Change Your Life! Patients With Sleep Apnea, Snoring And Other Medical Disorders Related To Weight Can Follow This Incredibly Easy Solution

2009-07-25 | Colin Kovarik a 16 year old energetic high school student may have answered the question of the easiest way to lose weight. This simple solution (Colin's Law) is a dieting alternative helpful to millions of dieters who simply apply one simple rule.

New Website Offers Free Information on How to Treat Celiac Disease

2009-07-23 | ( - Celiac disease is a condition that affects the small intestine in the body and impairs its ability to digest food. When that happens, the affect individual finds it almost impossible to sustain good health.

Cardax Pharmaceuticals Nominates Clinical Candidate Heptax for Liver Disease; Heptax Ameliorates Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Related to Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome

2009-07-20 | Heptax, the Company's lead compound, reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, liver enzymes, and fasting blood glucose levels in animal models of metabolic syndrome and liver disease. It also raised levels of HDL, the "good cholesterol."

Waiting Room Promotions Now Available to Major Advertising Agencies through rVue, Addressable Advertising Exchange for Digital Out-of-Home

2009-07-17 | Waiting Room Promotions, which equips medical offices with electronic digital signage (EDS) and programming, has enrolled its digital signage network into rVue, Argo Digital Solutions' addressable advertising exchange for digital out-of-home (DOOH).

Zimmer Hip Lawsuit--Zimmer Durom Cup Implant Patients Can Join Zimmer Hip Lawsuit and Seek Legal Settlements

2009-07-16 | Patients may contact the Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant Patient Information Web site and call 1-866-374-0338 to see if they qualify to file a claim for Zimmer settlement compensation and medical monitoring.

Milk: Does It Do A Body Good?

2009-07-14 | New study suggests milk good for weight loss. Others disagree.