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Patients are Encouraged to Contact Dentist in Virginia Beach with Questions and Concerns

2011-12-15 | Dr. Chris Hooper, Virginia Beach dentist, invites patients to leave questions and concerns via website.

2011 Annual Best in KLAS Awards Released

2011-12-15 | Epic and maxIT Healthcare top software and service ratings from 18,000 interviews compiled for the 2011 Best in KLAS report.

Surgeons Warn Against Premature Breast Augmentation

2011-12-15 | In response to Denise Richards saying she wishes she hadn't had breast enhancement at 19, the surgeons at Plastic Surgery Associates, who perform breast augmentation in Marin County, talk about the appropriate age for such a procedure.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal Isn't Hurting Day Spa Business

2011-12-15 | Physicians at Allegro MedSpa, a day spa in Sonoma County, say new at-home laser hair removal systems haven't caused a drop in the number of patients coming to them for professional hair removal treatments.

Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts Lead The Way in a Search for "a Better Way to Fill Emerging Scoliosis Treatment Gap"

2011-12-15 | Social networking sites have played a significant role in the revolutions springing up around the Middle East this past year and now they are leading the charge to help find a better way to treat scoliosis in the future.

Centreville Dentist Creates Healthy, Confident Smiles With Practice Special

2011-12-14 | Dr. Moeiz Koshki, dentist in Centreville, VA, offers whitening special for patients searching for a brighter smile.

Podiatrist in Scottsdale Offers Foot Facials to Maintain Healthy, Happy Feet

2011-12-14 | Dr. Mark Forman introduces medical pedicures in Scottsdale to help refresh patients' feet.

KLAS Report Examines Radiation Dose

2011-12-14 | Providers share dose reduction best practices and reveal the perceived low-dose industry leader

Plastic Surgeon in Staten Island Introduces New Website

2011-12-14 | Seeking to provide men and women in the Staten Island area with the latest information on a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Louis Cutolo, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has launched a new website for his practice.

Dallas Surgeon Explains Importance of Board Certification

2011-12-14 | Dr. Steve Byrd, renowned among board-certified plastic surgeons in Dallas, comments on recent reports that reveal the consequences of having plastic surgery from a non-certified physician.

FSA Changes May Spike Popularity of LASIK in 2012

2011-12-14 | A lower cap on flexible spending accounts (FSAs) in 2013 could prompt more people to seek LASIK vision-correction surgery in 2012. Dr. Wayne Grabowski, weighs in on the effect health care reform may have on requests for LASIK.

Surgeon Explains Popularity of Breast Augmentation on West Coast

2011-12-14 | Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman, who specializes in breast augmentation near San Jose, comments on American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics showing that 38 percent of breast augmentations are performed on the West Coast.

Alameda Services Launches Healthcare Information Technology Professional (HITP) Certification Online Learning Course

2011-12-13 | Brand New Online Training and Certification Opens the Door for Information Technology Professionals to Obtain a Career in the Healthcare Industry Nationwide Healing Arts Expo-Conference Comes "Home" to Fort Lauderdale, FL Saturday Dec 17th, 2011!

2011-12-13 | Healing Arts Conference & Exhibits , a nationwide movement to bring education to the masses for a healthier and balanced life supports and showcases South Florida's local practitioners, finest experts and healers.

Torrance CA Dentists, Total Family Dental Group, Welcomes Experienced Pediatric Dentist To Its Team

2011-12-12 | The Total Family Dental Group is delighted to welcome board certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Sanah Sohrab, to its team of dental specialists.

Is There A Winning Lotto Ticket In Your Child's Mouth?

2011-12-12 | Early prophylactic removal of third molars (wisdom teeth) can avoid a host of problems and be a source of multi or pluripotent stem cells that may be priceless in the future.

Nation's First LEED-Certified Orthodontist In San Antonio TX Achieves Green Interior Rating

2011-12-11 | Stone Oak Orthodontist Dr. Robert 'Tito' Norris Aligns World Class Orthodontic Treatment With ECO friendly Environment

HCG Diet Experts and Supporters Speak Out with HCG Diet Petition

2011-12-10 | The HCG Diet community is up in arms this week as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a stand on the HCG Diet, officially voicing that HCG is not approved for weight loss.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Indiana Joins Environmental Alliance

2011-12-10 | Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Indiana has made a commitment to clean up its community by reducing the practice's environmental impact.

Advanced Skin Lightening Now Available in Chicago Area

2011-12-10 | In addition to their extensive menu of cosmetic services including laser hair removal in Chicago, Dundee Dermatology now offers skin lightening by elure, an advanced system that breaks down melanin in the skin.