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John Foy & Associates Awards Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship to Claire Broadhead, Stevenson University Nursing Student

2020-10-30 | John Foy & Associates is proud to announce the winner of the Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship

Donna Gloe is honored with the Florence Nightingale Award of Nursing by the International Association of Who's Who

2020-10-29 | Donna Gloe of Springfield, Missouri is recognized by the International Association of Who's Who with the Florence Nightingale Award of Nursing for her exemplary achievements within the field of Medical Education.

Health Freedom Nashville 2020

2020-10-28 | Brought to you by the United Medical Freedom Super PAC ("UMFSP")

Mid Cities Psychiatry Expands in Hillsboro

2020-10-26 | New location to provide TeleMedicine and TelePsychiatry

Nested Knowledge Teams Up With Hiteks Solutions

2020-10-24 | Nested Knowledge Inc. (NESTED) has teamed up with Hiteks Solutions Inc. (HITEKS) to modernize the way Life Sciences Market Access groups communicate with clinicians.

Marc Kantor, Founder of South Florida Intervention, Releases Book 'How to Do an Intervention: A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents'

2020-10-21 | As COVID-19 lockdowns continue, and schools and businesses reopen, addiction rates have already risen in isolation. Marc is dedicated to sharing his book with those in need, so communities have a chance to intervene before it is too late.

LEEF launches its CBN Sleep Well Collection

2020-10-21 | LEEF, a leader in the emerging CBD industry, brings to market a collection of CBN products focused on sleep. The global sleeping aids market was valued at over $69 billion*.

Pain from Dreams Becomes Real in Wakefulness, New Study Shows

2020-10-14 | Scientists publish results from first ever experiment, in which 151 volunteers tried to transfer pain from lucid dreams into wakefulness. The research findings will go toward developing new form of pill-free pain management.

[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation hub in ASIA] Biocera Supplies Ceramic Ball Carrier and Alkali/Hydrogen/Mineral Making Purification Filter to 40 Countries

2020-10-13 | - The only ceramic ball carrier to pass 183 tests from the National Sanitation Association (NSF)

[Pangyo Technovalley Innovation hub in ASIA] Lemonetworks, a Company Leading the Korean Wave with K-beauty

2020-10-13 | - Provides O2O service that makes 1:1 consultation with foreign patients with domestic medical institutions - Raised interest in local users of the overseas plastic surgery brokerage service platform BBCHAT APP

[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation hub in ASIA] Genome & Company Develops New Drug Development Pipeline and Platform

2020-10-09 | - Applied domestic patent for oral microbiome treatment candidate GEN-001 - Succeeded in attracting new investment in pre-IPO worth KRW 20 billion from KDB

New Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) Clinic Opens in Baytown

2020-10-09 | One of Houston's Best Urgent Care Centers Now Serving Families in the Texas Independence Trail Region

Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group President and CEO Sheila Thorne Set to Moderate Amgen's Seventh Annual Health Equity Summit

2020-10-09 | Thorne will facilitate discussions on Clinical Trial Diversity, Addressing Health Equity in Times of Crisis, Medical Apartheid - Then and Now, and more.

What is a Sleep Study… and Should You Get One? Esteemed New York Physician Dr. Carl Nicoleau Wants You to Know the Facts

2020-10-09 | Carl Nicoleau, M.D., Ph.D. is a leading New York physician who specializes in sleep medicine and general practice. His Jackson Heights office wasted no time offering COVID-19 testing this past March. Today, he's talking about the importance of sleep.

Laser Spine Surgery and How It Works to Relieve Backpain & Neckpain

2020-10-09 | Laser Spine Center of Atlanta offers Outpatient Procedures with Minimally Invasive Surgeries & Pain Management Treatments

How To Overcome Substance Abuse - New Book From Bestselling Author Linville Meadows MD Reveals How Physicians Overcome Addiction To Alcohol And Drugs

2020-10-08 | While sobriety and the sober life are the goals of many 12 step programs, key differences in the manner in which physicians personally treat substance abuse and achieve long term sobriety can produce far better results.

Union Bank, the Michael Welch Family and Los Angeles City Councilmember Herb Wesson Renew Their Annual Support for the Alcott Center for Mental Health

2020-10-08 | "With their consistent donations and support, the Center has grown leaps and bounds, expanding its facilities and its programs. Alcott is fortunate to have them as allies," says Nick Maiorino, Chief Executive Officer for Alcott.

Longview Texas ISD and US Med Test Deploy a National Back-to-School Rollout

2020-10-08 | Comprehensive plan provides for protecting children and safe reopening of U.S. schools

New Netflix series Biohackers features LabImage 1D software

2020-10-08 | New Netflix series Biohackers features LabImage 1D software. The series includes scenes set in medical laboratories and in one of them Netflix uses the LabImage 1D software for data analysis. LabImage 1D can be seen in the background.