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Right Choice Dental Care in Naperville, IL Announces Affordable Dental Implants

2021-02-17 | Dr. Pinal Patel and Dr. Konstantin Gromov utilize their combined expertise to offer patients high-quality and personalized Cosmetic & Implant dental care.

She Said Yes To The Dress, Now The Dress and The Day Must Be Everything She Has Dreamt About

2021-02-16 | FUSELIVE BY FUSE 45 launches FUES Bride the way to make your workout wedding ready

Fort Worth Massage Therapist Nina Roloff Opens NiNart Health & Beauty at Salon & Spa Galleria

2021-02-16 | Veteran Owned Massage Studio in North Richland Hills Offers Cupping Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Clinical Massage

STD Registry Progressive Web App. Just in Time for Valentine's Day

2021-02-12 | A new Progressive Web Application allows users to install the internet's only online sexually transmitted disease (STD) carrier registry on their desktops and mobile devices.

Abortion in Portland Maine Now Facing New Restrictions and Big Changes

2021-02-12 | Portland, Maine has the largest number of abortion providers and these abortion providers will now have to keep up with many big changes in abortion laws and regulations under the new president.

Cancer Healed: New Memoir Offers Women's Guide To Lasting Contentment And Freedom By Aligning With Love

2021-02-11 | The new book, Aligned, is set for special promotion on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2021

Bravenly Global Opens Its Doors!

2021-02-09 | Bravenly Global opens doors for pre-launch as a social marketing company to offer a trio of original wellness products plus an income-building opportunity.

February is National Self-check Month

2021-02-09 | During these unprecedented times, an invaluable reminder that touching your 
private parts and seeing your doctor for a yearly check-up could help save your life.

Following Significant Gene Discovery, Dr. Buhm Han, Ph.D., and Team Published in The American Journal of Human Genetics for Disease Detecting Algorithm

2021-02-09 | The American Journal of Human Genetics (via has published the details of the team's "PLEIO" algorithm, which identifies core genes responsible for several chronic diseases.

IGNTD Announces The Launch of SPARx, A Smart Personalized Adaptive Recovery System That Finally Fixes The Failing One-Size-Fits-All System That is Killing More People Every Year

2021-02-08 | IGNTD is excited to announce the launch of SPARx, a Smart and Adaptive Recovery System, that uses Machine Learning (MI) to forever change the way people overcome addiction. The official launch date for SPARx is February 7, 2021.

Former NFL Player and BCS College Football National Championship Winner Freddie Stevenson is Inspiring Countless People Through His Story Featured in His Book Trials to Triumph

2021-02-08 | An unbelievable story of perseverance through some of the most difficult times imaginable is helping thousands of readers overcome their own struggles. A truly must-read inspirational story.

NutriSprout Launches Powerful Elderberry Supplement To Boost The Immune System

2021-02-05 | Carefully formulated to support immune function, NutriSprout's Sambucus Black Elderberry Gummy is among the best on the market.

Atlanta Specialized Care Hosts Virtual Event on Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Speeding and More

2021-02-04 | The event is free via Zoom and recommended for parents, teens, and young adults.

Introducing's New Opticians- Gold-Class Service & Professional Optometric Expertise Now Online

2021-02-04 | All VisionDirect prescription eyewear shoppers will enjoy a safe, easy, and highly personalized shopping journey online thanks to the expertise of 2 professional opticians.

MediKeeper Appoints International Workplace Health Expert Dr. Tyler Amell to Leadership Team

2021-02-03 | As Chief Health and Strategy Officer, Dr. Amell Will Drive the Wellness Company's Strategic Direction to Define and Meet Growing Market Opportunities

International Corporate & Personal Mastery Expert and Author Joey Klein Launches New Website

2021-02-03 | features resources to help leaders transform limiting patterns and maximize hidden potentials

Nuvothera's Prosoria Launches Improved Psoriasis Treatment System

2021-02-02 | Nuvothera, a Fort Worth, Texas-based biotech company, has launched an improved version of its revolutionary Prosoria psoriasis treatment system for this tough-to-treat skin condition.

Floating in Quiet Darkness

2021-01-28 | In their new book, floatation tank pioneers Glenn and Lee Perry reveal how this space for deep meditation rejuvenates our awareness and creativity