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Carlsbad Cosmetic Dentist Reassures Patient Confidence Through Online Gallery

2011-10-06 | Dr. Gregory Staffon, dentist in Oceanside, invites patients to visit the practice's website for easy access to an online smile gallery.

Prior Lake Children's Dentist Offers New Patient Special for Dazzling Smiles

2011-10-06 | Babcock and Morgan Family Dentistry, children's dentist in Prior Lake, create practice whitening special for new patients to enjoy.

Peoria Dentist Creates Special Offers for Affordable Dental Care

2011-10-06 | Dr. Yati Yadav, dentist in Peoria, generates practice specials for increased treatment availability.

Fort Worth Dentist Offers New Technology for Better Visualization of Problem Areas

2011-10-06 | Dr. Chris Padilla, dentist in Fort Worth, TX, provides patients with increased accuracy through intraoral cameras.

Amarillo, TX Dentist Supplies Patients with Educational Resources for Enhanced Knowledge

2011-10-06 | Dr. Ken Comer, Amarillo cosmetic dentist, increases patient confidence and knowledge through online education.

Grandville Dentist Introduces New Educational Resources Via Website

2011-10-06 | Dr. Lawrence Rieck, dentist in Grandville, MI, offers patients educational resources for increased dental awareness.

Edison Top Pediatrician Keeps Children as Top Priority this Flu Season

2011-10-06 | Dr. Nimisha Shukla, Edison best pediatrician, maintains same day appointments for sick children.

Cosmetic Dentist in Pompano Beach Restores the Smiles of Victims of Domestic Abuse

2011-10-06 | All Smiles Dental, family dentist in Pompano Beach, keeps patients smiling no matter their background with cosmetic restorations performed by Dr. Natalia Stadler.

London Dentists Announce Easy Online Appointment Requesting for Patients On the Go

2011-10-06 | Dentist in London, Dr. Adam Burton, is pleased to offer patients quick and efficient online appointment requesting via practice website.

Pro Athletes Use Shocking New Muscle Building Formula

2011-10-06 | Scientist recently created a healthy new supplement that is being used by many pro athletes. This amazing new formula gives men a safe and affordable way to to build muscle fast.

Miami Labiaplasty Expert Gives Speech in Warsaw, Poland

2011-10-06 | Deerfield Beach and Miami labiaplasty expert Dr. Mark Scheinberg was recently invited to speak at the inauguration of the Polish Society for Plastic Gynecology in Warsaw, Poland on September 6.

New diMENsions XL The All-Natural Alternative for Erectile Dysfunction is Welcomed by the Adult Industry

2011-10-06 | Innovavue Technologies announced today the availability of the powerful new male enhancement product known as New diMENsions XL at well respected establishments within the adult industry.

New Running Website,, Focuses on Self-Improvement and Offers Unique Set of Tools to Help Runners Maximize their Potential

2011-10-05 | Ric Rojas has teamed with local Boulder entrepreneurs to launch a new running website called The site features an impressive array of tools aimed at helping runners of all ages and abilities improve their running performance.

Bowie Dentist Makes Interaction Easier With New Online Contact Forms

2011-10-05 | Dr. Siamak Aalemansour, Bowie, MD dentist, is pleased to offer patients new online contact forms for improved convenience and communication.

Buffalo Cosmetic Dentist Offers Patients Affordable Dental Health Care

2011-10-05 | Dr. Robert LaCarrubba, Buffalo dentist, enhances patient care through new dental care plan.

Bradenton Dentist Expedites First Visits for New Patients

2011-10-05 | Dr. Rajiv Motwani, dentist in Bradenton, FL, minimizes time spent on paperwork for new patients.

Dentist in Warrenton Encourages Patients to Take Charge of Their Oral Health this Fall Season

2011-10-05 | Drs. Yung and Jelinek inform patients of the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene this season.

Detroit, MI Dentist Caters to Patients' Needs Through Exceptional Services

2011-10-05 | Dr. Abraham Azzouz, dentist in Detroit, MI, offers patients services to meet their individual dental needs.

Kristen Renee Foundation's Founder Randy A. White Releases "Piece of my Heart", a Song Written by Randy in Memory of His Daughter Kristen Renee and for the Awareness of Cancer

2011-10-04 | Through this song, it shares his personal feelings, he also expresses the feelings of many fathers who share a special bond with their daughters. No matter whether separated by miles or, by life, they'll always remain "Daddy's little girl".

Premier Spartanburg Hotel Provides Lodging to Hangar B Ball 2011 Guests

2011-10-04 | Hampton Inn Spartanburg Hotel in South Carolina offers convenient lodging to guests attending the Hangar B Ball 2011, presented by Spartanburg Regional Foundation Heart Division.