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Trent Consultants News - Infants Start Visualising Descriptions Before Age 2

2009-11-24 | Slightly before infants reach the age two, their mental faculties become capable of visualising out-of-sight objects just on the basis of the descriptions given by other people, according to a study.

Dr. Rick Nappi, N.D., DIHom, FBIH, and CEO of Healthy Ride Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Launches His Latest All Natural Nutraceutical Formulation, Viscerax Gastrointestinal (GI) Support Complex

2009-11-24 | Dr. Nappi is formulator of over 700 health care products that have been developed primarily for the most demanding hospitals, doctors, professional athletes, and clinics worldwide. Visit the website for more detailed information

The Harley Medical Group Spills the Beans on Secret Surgery

2009-11-22 | The Harley Medical Group, the UK's largest cosmetic surgery provider, reveals that the majority of cosmetic surgery patients hide their treatment from colleagues.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

2009-11-22 | Laser skin rejuvenation is a popular procedure that can reduce the effects of the sun, aging and some facial disorders. Treatments are safe, effective and convenient, while diminishing the appearance of imperfections on the surface of the skin.

Dental Veneers

2009-11-22 | Many people have minor issues about their teeth that reduce their self-confidence. Discoloration, chips, cracks, gaps between the teeth, or slight misalignment can make you uncomfortable enough to keep you from smiling.

Choosing an Ophthalmologist: A Sharp-Eyed Approach

2009-11-22 | Ophthalmologists provide total eye care, including surgeries. By making a measured, educated choice, you will know you are getting the best care, and this knowledge will help you feel more relaxed and confident about any treatments you undergo.

Empire Medical Training Watch New Video Testimonials with Real Interviews from Attendees at Live Training Seminars

2009-11-22 | New to Empire Medical Training and would like to see what other Physicians are saying about Empire's training programs, please watch some of the video testimonials from the latest workshops. These are unscripted personal responses from attendees. Publishes Tips to Avoid Swine Flu (H1N1) and Find Affordable Health Insurance Quotes

2009-11-22 | A recent article gives a handful of tips on how to avoid contracting the virus, stay healthy, and keep health insurance rates low.

The Opening of A Quinta da Auga Spa

2009-11-22 | A luxurious retirement where you can come back to nature

Breast Enhancement Surgeon on Long Island Nominated a "Best Of"

2009-11-22 | Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli has been nominated for the 2010 "Best of Long Island" awards based on patient feedback attesting to the quality of his results and the caliber of service his practice provides.

Patients with Kidney Transplants and Sleep Apnea Face Increased Risks According to New Study in the January 2010 Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

2009-11-22 | Kidney transplant recipients are already at increased risks for a variety of problems. According to a new Hungarian study patients with sleep apnea face an increased of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Laser Bra Breast Reduction Gives Los Angeles Women Pre-Holiday Boost

2009-11-22 | The Stevens Laser Bra, performed at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Los Angeles, helps breast lift and reduction patients achieve a lifted look in time for the holidays and winter getaways.

Google Search Results Reflect the Change in Sleep Apnea Treatment. Dental Sleep Medicine is Front and Center on Google Searches Giving Patients an Alternative to Masks, Hoses and CPAP Machines.

2009-11-22 | A few years ago patients had little choice when diagnosed with sleep apnea, painful surgery that was usually ineffective or CPAP machines, masks and hoses. Google's search engine now has the I HATE CPAP website as the second listing on a CPAP search.

Men Undergo Some Cosmetic Procedures More Than Women

2009-11-21 | The Hospital Group reports on why some cosmetic surgery procedures are more popular with men than with women.

Supplemental Pregnant Health Insurance Covers Maternity Costs

2009-11-21 | publishes a guide to help women learn how to attain quality coverage and care for pregnant health needs.

Back End of the Future: the Brazilian Butt Lift

2009-11-20 | Since 2003, buttock augmentation has been one of the fastest growing plastic surgical procedures in the country. It was one of the few procedures to see its numbers go up rather than down with the economic troubles the country has seen.

Is Dysport the New BOTOX Cosmetic?

2009-11-20 | Dysport has been called a virtual twin of BOTOX. It is made from the same type of botulinum toxin as BOTOX and it works the same way BOTOX does by paralyzing the muscles.

Facelift Questions

2009-11-20 | Is sagging facial skin weighing down your self-confidence? Each year, many middle-aged men and women decide to seek the help of a cosmetic surgeon to rejuvenate their facial aesthetics and retain a youthful appearance through a facelift.

Los Angeles Body Contouring with ZERONA Now Available

2009-11-20 | Marina Plastic Surgery Associates has added ZERONA noninvasive body contouring to its list of treatments and procedures to create a more attractive body shape. Patients are seeing inches dissolve from their hips and thighs, all without surgery.

Seattle Face Lift and Rhinoplasty Specialist Cautions on "Injectable" Treatments

2009-11-20 | While injectable fillers can be an appropriate enhancement option for the right candidate, Dr. Braden Stridde explains why a Seattle face lift or rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedure is often a better choice for attractive, lasting results.