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Dentist in Orlando Improves Patient Knowledge of Dental Health Care

2013-01-10 | Dr. Jorge Reyes-Vicente, Orlando dentist, offers patients a new and improved blog for Eastwood Dental to further expand patient knowledge.

Dentist in Parsippany Provides Patients With Variety of Online Educational Resources

2013-01-10 | Dr. Rami Rizk, Parsippany dentist, offers patients extensive educational resources for increased dental health care knowledge around the clock.

Bloomington Dentist Launches Interactive Website For Improved Patient Knowledge

2013-01-10 | Dr. Larry Schroeder, dentist in Bloomington, MN, invites patients to visit Normandale Village Dentistry's advanced website for up-to-date dental health care information.

Indiana Eye Doctor on Glaucoma Risk, Exams, Prevention & Treatment

2013-01-10 | Indiana eye doctor Scott Buck, M.D. of Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center commented about glaucoma risks, prevention and advances in glaucoma treatment as January marks Prevent Blindness America National Glaucoma Awareness Month.

Baltimore Washington Eye Center on Glaucoma Risks & Need for Eye Exams

2013-01-10 | "While we know that everyone is at risk for developing glaucoma, we also know that there are a number of factors that can impact that risk," stated Ophthalmologist Brad Spagnolo, M.D.

Avoid Risk of Glaucoma Vision Loss with Early Diagnosis and Treatment at D'Ambrosio Eye Care

2013-01-10 | "The risk of vision loss from glaucoma can be managed with early detection, diagnosis and access to the many advances in treatment options," commented Massachusetts Ophthalmologist Francis A. D'Ambrosio, Jr., M.D.

Houston Eye Doctors on Glaucoma Risk, Awareness & Treatment Advances

2013-01-10 | As January marks Prevent Blindness America National Glaucoma Awareness Month, the Houston and Galveston eye doctors at The Eye Clinic of Texas commented on the need for patients to understand their risk of glaucoma.

Maine Eye Doctors on Glaucoma Risk, Diagnosis and Treatment

2013-01-10 | Eyecare Medical Group in Portland, Maine recommends learning the signs of glaucoma.

Van's Natural Foods Moves into Grocery Aisles with Certified Gluten-Free Cereals, Crackers and Snack Bars

2013-01-09 | New products hit store shelves in 2013; new gluten free waffles also added to Van's frozen offerings.

What Is The Key To Successful Leadership In 2013?

2013-01-09 | The importance of emotionally healthy leaders. In his new book, "Emotional Intelligence and the Church," Rupert Hayles guides leaders along a pathway to improve their emotional well-being and enhance their overall success.

Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc. Names Brian Hofland as President

2013-01-09 | Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) has named Brian F. Hofland, Ph.D. as the sixth president in its 52-year history.

Atlanta Orthopedic Practice OrthoAtlanta Encourages Safety When Hanging Holiday Decorations

2013-01-09 | Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports indicate that holiday injuries have been on the rise in recent years. OrthoAtlanta offers some helpful tips to prevent common injuries sustained while decorating outdoors.

Smile Makeovers and Porcelain Veneers in Philadelphia

2013-01-09 | If you are considering a smile makeover, you may be wondering whether porcelain veneers should be part of that makeover.

Types of Personal Injury

2013-01-09 | Any harm to your body or mind may be considered a personal injury.

Eyelid Lift

2013-01-09 | An eyelid lift, also known as "blepharoplasty", is a surgical procedure which removes excess fat and skin from the area around your eyes to provide you with a refreshed, renewed, and more alert appearance.

Camarillo Dentist Receives Additional Training For Dental Implants

2013-01-09 | Dr. Charles Scholler recently completed a three-day course to refine his skills in implant placement surgery.

Lincoln Park Dentist Offers Extended Warranty On Extended Care

2013-01-09 | Dr. Eliot Tokowitz is happy to be offering a 5-year warranty on all restorative dental care at his practice.

ExtraCare Charitable Trust Promotes Vibrant Communities and Healthy Living

2013-01-09 | ExtraCare Charitable Trust has a simple vision and that is to create better lives for the over 55s.

New Research Confirms Safety of Combo Breast Surgeries, Surgeon Says

2013-01-09 | Dr. Andrew Smith, an Orange County plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgery specialist, remarks on a recent study that shows combining breast augmentation and breast lift surgery does not increase the likelihood of complications.

Soberlink's Wireless Mobile Technology is Being Used by Airlines and Other Industries to Monitor Pilots, Physicians and Other Professionals Struggling with Alcohol Abuse

2013-01-08 | Ten to fifteen percent of airline pilots and physicians will have a problem with addiction during their lifetime. Soberlink's 2nd generation product, SL2, has made monitoring these professionals easier than ever.