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Portland Doctors Say Maine Summer Activities Increase Need to Prevent Eye Sun Damage

2013-05-02 | The eye doctors at Eyecare Medical Group in Portland, Maine suggest protecting against UV eye damage as well as UV skin damage on the face and around your eyes this summer.

Bob Carter Presents Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Awards at AFP's 50th International Conference

2013-05-01 | Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy awards sponsored by Bob Carter Companies and presented at the AFP conference honored young philanthropists responsible for implementing and expanding projects benefitting children, animals and the environment.

Stages of Dental Implant Surgery

2013-05-01 | The process for completing the placement of dental implants takes three visits to your implant dentist.

Gummy Smile Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Offers Gumlift to Correct Gummy Smiles

2013-05-01 | Gummy Smile Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Zadeh, offers the patent pending Gumlift Surgery for patients who suffer from gummy smiles.

Dentist in 30096 Shares Practice Specials For Improved Care

2013-05-01 | Dr. Tatiana Shifrin, dentist in Duluth, offers practice specials online for more affordable dental health care for her patients at Shifrin Dental.

Elmhurst Plastic Surgeon Provides Patient Testimonials Online

2013-05-01 | Dr. Alexandrina Saulis, plastic surgeon in Elmhurst, shares patient testimonials online to instill confidence in patients-new and current.

Rondeau Seminars To Hold The First Ever Annual Sleep Symposium

2013-05-01 | Dr. Brock Rondeau of Rondeau Seminars invites dentists to the first ever Advanced Sleep Symposium.

Dentist in Jacksonville Appreciates Patients' Feedback

2013-05-01 | Dr. Andrew Maples and Dr. Brian Maples, Jacksonville dentists, encourage patients to leave reviews online.

Beaverton Dentist Informs Patients on When to Visit Middleton Family Dentistry

2013-05-01 | Dr. Paul Noland, dentist in Beaverton, offers helpful dental health care tips for optimal oral health.

Eden Prairie Dentist Educates Patients on Proper Dental Health Care

2013-05-01 | Dr. Sachin Mehta and his associates inform patients of important dental health care measures.

Dentist in Rochester Hills Share Valuable Educational Resources Online

2013-05-01 | Dr. Joseph Matievich, Rochester Hills dentist, offers educational resources for improved dental health care.

Dentist in Monroe, WA is Now Helping Patients Achieve a Good Night's Sleep

2013-05-01 | Dr. Glen Monson, Monroe, WA dentist, is now offering patients advanced treatment for sleep apnea and snoring relief.

Dentist in Verona Encourages Patients to Join Social Networking Sites for Improved Interaction

2013-05-01 | Dr. Daniel Wadzinski, dentist in Verona, WI, increases communication through social media sites-Facebook and Twitter.

Owings Mills Dentist Offers Zoom! Whitening For Fast In-Office Whitening

2013-05-01 | Dr. Herbert Mendelson, dentist in Owings Mills, MD, is happy to offer a fast way for patients to whiten their teeth

Ventura Dentist Offers Various Specials to His Patients

2013-05-01 | Dr. Greg Meier is excited to offer specials on his website that provide tremendous value to his patients.

Lorna Balfour Moves to the Vault Gym

2013-05-01 | Lorna Balfour of Passionate about Fitness is a London personal trainer and lifestyle coach. Lorna has recently moved to train her clients at The Vault Gym in Shoreditch.

In West Des Moines, Iowa; Quality Orthodontic Treatment Means the Needs of the Patient ALWAYS Come First!

2013-05-01 | "Everything we do is based on core values," says Dr James Stork of Stork Orthodontics. "Honesty, integrity and respect are the foundation of how we treat our patients!"

Summer Activities Increase Need for UV Eye Protection in Massachusetts

2013-05-01 | "As the sun gets stronger during the summer months wearing proper UV eye protection with sunglasses is more critical than one might realize," said Massachusetts Ophthalmologist Dr. Francis A. D'Ambrosio, Jr.

Continuing Education Provider Professional Development Resources Publishes New Home Study Course on Treating Explosive Kids

2013-05-01 | Professional Development Resources, a national provider of accredited continuing education units for psychologists, social workers, counselors, and marriage and family therapists, has published a new home study course on treating explosive kids.

Father, Daughter, and God: A Great Team

2013-05-01 | "A New View of an Old Horizon" by Dena Bedsole.