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Ross-Simons Rounds Up the Hottest Summer Jewelry of 2010

2010-06-21 | Ross-Simons Jewelers has assembled the best picks for summertime jewels in its new Summer Jewelry Catalog.

Sacramento Cosmetic Surgery Practice Comments on New Breast Augmentation Techniques

2010-06-20 | The board-certified plastic surgeons at Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in breast surgery. They share valuable insights about trends like 3D imaging, "awake" breast augmentation, and stem cell augmentation.

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks Offer Alcohol-Free Alternative to Kombucha Drinks

2010-06-19 | "Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks are the healthful, alcohol-free alternative to the kombucha beverages," stated Dr. Patricia Bragg, CEO and President of Bragg Live Food Products.

Inflatable Everything Receives Top Marks by WebUser Magazine

2010-06-19 | Inflatable Everything gets the thumbs up from the latest edition of the leading Internet magazine WebUser.

The Harley Medical Group Reports World Cup Widows Plump for Jabs

2010-06-19 | The Harley Medical Group reports a rise in non-surgical treatments as men urge women to stay out of the house this summer.

The Children's Mutual Reveals Cost of Top Career Aspirations Set to Soar

2010-06-19 | The Children's Mutual has revealed research that shows the cost of UK children's top career ambitions are set to soar in 18 years time.

Bankruptcy Lawyer is the Newest Tool for Consumers in the Fight Against Overwhelming Debt

2010-06-19 | The new website is a one-stop shop for consumers seeking information on bankruptcy. It contains vast information about bankruptcy law, exemptions, different types of bankruptcy and much more.

American Vacation Homes Saves Money for Families Traveling to Orlando During June, Starting at $89 Per Night

2010-06-18 | For as little as $89 per night the whole family can stay together in the comfort of their own Orlando vacation rental. Begins Publishing Chelsea Pensioners' Service Records

2010-06-18 | makes 500,000 Chelsea Pensioners' service records available online for the first time

William D. Umansky, Orlando-Based Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyer Known As "The Lawman", Featured in USA Today as One of America's PremierExperts in Motivational Speaking

2010-06-18 | Florida Personal Injury Lawyer, William D. Umansky, featured in USA Today as one of America's PremierExperts, in recognition of being a leading motivational speaker and author, and for his work in providing second chances to people all over the U.S.

New Social Network Hopes to Avoid the Pitfalls of Facebook

2010-06-17 | Will the moral disposition of its members keep from suffering the woes of other social websites? Founder Chris Burkhart is keeping the faith.

Acas Advises Businesses on How to Maintain Productivity During the World Cup

2010-06-16 | Acas has suggested a number of key points for businesses to bear in mind in order maintain a productive workplace during the World Cup.

Debenhams Reveals Increased Demand for Traditional Styles of Lingerie

2010-06-16 | Debenhams has revealed a huge increase in demand for traditional styles of lingerie, with sales of black suspender belts soaring by 238 per cent in the last month alone.

Philips AED Trainer and Distributor GA CPR Joins Omicron Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi for CPR and Basic First Aid Training Classes at The University of Georgia

2010-06-16 | GA CPR, a full service safety company, makes plans with AEPi - UGA for instructing their members in CPR, first aid training, and Atlanta CPR classes.

Giddy Up Reimagines Website for Children's Toys to Encourage Creative Play and Development

2010-06-16 | The creative toy company launches new site for children's toys.

George Herriman's Krazy Kat in Full-Size Centennial Edition from Sunday Press

2010-06-16 | 100 years ago, on July 26, 1910, Ignatz Mouse first tossed a brick at Krazy Kat. To commemorate this centennial, Sunday Press presents the genius of George Herriman's Sunday comic strip, reprinted for the first time in the original size and colors.

Sweet Pea Baby Planners Brings Signature Baby Dream Gear Class Series to New York

2010-06-16 | Sweet Pea Baby Planners, New York City's premier baby consulting firm and the only comprehensive baby planning service in the US, launches its original Baby Dream Gear Class Series for New York Families.

Blue Tax Continues to Lead the Tax Relief Industry with Fast Removal of IRS Wage Garnishments

2010-06-14 | Tax Attorneys at Blue Tax Help Three More Taxpayers Remove or Reduce IRS Wage Garnishments

Why More Women are Choosing OptiLipo over Liposuction

2010-06-14 | Revolutionary OptiLipo treatment flushes fat, fights cellulite and post-treatment weight gain and achieves a smoother, firmer skin surface.

Realityworks, Inc. Products to Be Featured on VH1's Dad Camp on Monday, June 14, 2010

2010-06-14 | Firm's RealCare Baby will appear on episode 103 of Dad Camp, a new VH1 Series helping six unprepared fathers-to-be understand the responsibilities of parenthood.