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Height Safety Centre Opens With Fanfare

2010-06-06 | Capital Safety Fete Features Mr. Wong Weng Sun and 150 Guests and Dignitaries

Turkington USA's Aftermarket Group Announces the Customer-N-Control Series for Ovens

2010-06-06 | Turkington USA will be rolling out new product offerings offering customers significant cost savings.

Advantage Rigging has Received Approval for Its Slip Resistant Nylon Lifting Sling by a Power Company

2010-06-03 | Slip and wear resistant nylon lifting sling and strap has been approved for material handling by a power company and is currently being tested by other major power companies.

Updated Streamline Automation Website Features 3D Foam Carving Blog and CNC Foam Carving Application Photo Galleries

2010-06-03 | Streamline Automation's new website highlights the stunning foam carving work their clients have produced using the FROG3D foam carving system, while a new blog provides an information resource for those interested in automated 3D foam carving.

Filter-Dehydration Technology Decreases Water Concentration and Improves Particulate Filtration to Reduce Oil Contamination and Maximize Equipment Life

2010-05-25 | The Driflex Oil Conditioning System from Pentair Industrial keeps oil clean and extends equipment life with filter-hydrator technology, which increases particle filtration and removes emulsified and dissolved water, particulates and gases.

New Quartz Fabrication Technology from Crystal Research Corporation

2010-05-22 | Semiconductor Products and Services (SPS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRC Crystal Research Corporation (CYSA), a hi-tech technology crystal and semiconductor products manufacturing company, added another technology to its portfolio.

Balli Steel Reports BRIC Countries Driving Global Steel Market

2010-05-21 | Balli Steel reports that the BRIC countries are the driving force in the global steel market, thriving whilst more established markets and newer emerging economies struggle

Tool Hire Company HSS Hire Supports New Ladder Safety Campaign

2010-05-20 | Tool hire and equipment rental company HSS Hire has announced it will be supporting the Ladder Association's latest safety campaign.

Ishida Co., Ltd. Announced Appointment of New President

2010-05-19 | Ishida Co., Ltd., appointed Takahide Ishida as a new president on May 19, 2010.

Sales Rep? Unpaid Commissions in Illinois? Philip J. Berenz, CPA, JD May Be Able To Help You Recover-and Potentially Up To 3 Times The Unpaid Amounts And Attorneys' Fees

2010-05-18 | In Illinois, a law known as the Illinois Sales Representative Act may force a "principal" (as defined in the Act) to pay unpaid commissions due plus punitive damages and attorneys' fees and costs. A very strong law to help unpaid sales reps.

PPT VISION Inspection System Confirm Part Orientation in Printing Industry

2010-05-04 | A PPT VISION inspection system utilizing two smart cameras determine the orientation of fiber marker tips before they are inserted into markers. The vision software features an enhanced recipe management design to accommodate multiple tip shapes.

Built in the USA AutoCrib signs with The Wittern Group for Helix Chassis

2010-05-03 | AutoCrib is pleased to announce that their Remote Dispensing Station (Helix RDS) will be shipped on a new platform with the chassis being exclusively produced by The Wittern Group, based out of Des Moines, Iowa.

Nexen Adds New High-Precision, High-Speed Machine, Further Enhancing Manufacturing Capabilities

2010-05-02 | Nexen Group's new integrated mill turn center enhances manufacturing capabilities for their full line of pneumatic clutches and brakes. Multi-access turning center exceeds quality requirements and ensures superior performance.

PPT VISION Inspection System Provides Packaging Inspection for Caulk Container

2010-04-27 | Four PPT VISION IMPACT T20 cameras inspect an empty caulk container for four major traits before product is loaded into the tubes. Each inspection is critical to prevent leaks and premature caulk hardening, as well as ensure proper bead application.

Radiall Licenses Molex as Second Source for SMP-MAX Board-to-Board Connectors

2010-04-22 | Radiall and Molex Incorporated have announced that Molex is now a licensed second source for Radiall SMP-MAX board-to-board coaxial connectors. As a second source, Molex will manufacture and market the connectors.

PPT VISION Inspection System Verifies Stamped Connector Assembly

2010-04-20 | PPT VISION's inspection system is used to measure the distances between connector pin tips, as well as the solder tail lengths and pitches, using only one smart camera. The machine vision system attains two images of parts placed on different planes.

Sentry Air Systems, Inc. Discusses OSHA's May 31st Regulation on Hexavalent Chromium: Are you in Compliance?

2010-04-19 | OSHA's Hexavalent Chromium Standard and the solutions you need to meet the deadline for the regulation.

Totally Enclosed, Air-engaged Clutch Brakes Provide Maximum Protection in Food and Bakery Applications

2010-04-19 | Nexen's Flange Mounted Clutch Brakes Enclosed (FMCBE), available in a NEMA standard version and a BISSC-certified version, feature nickel-plated housing to resist corrosion and bacteria build-up common to washdown food processing and bakery applications.

Premier Atlanta Locksmith Selected by East Atlanta Builders for Residential Development Project

2010-04-14 | Reliable Locksmith, Inc., a premier Atlanta Locksmith, was selected by East Atlanta Builders to install builder grade deadbolts and knob locks for 54 new homes in the Parc at Creekstone development in Cumming, GA.

Advantage Rigging Develops Slip Resistant Nylon Lifting Sling

2010-04-09 | Advantage Rigging responds to customer requests and has developed their Slip Resistant Nylon Lifting Sling, thereby increasing the safety in lifting smooth surface items.