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Summer Is The Perfect Time To Save On Digital Cameras and Camcorders At Buyelect

2008-05-29 | Buyelect, a new website dedicated to offering the latest gadgets is having special summer savings.

New Product Concept/ Invention Name: EmPowered Lighter Sleeve

2008-04-28 | Available for Sale or Licensing:

Retired European Models Spend Their Days Teaching at DFW Elite Toy

2008-04-21 | Rare Collection of Driving School Model Cars Offers a Unique Glimpse into Automotive History

Flooding Increases Need For Safety Tools in Autos

2008-04-13 | With the increased news of Spring flooding, more people are stocking up on safety tools that could save their lives when in their cars.

SELF SERVE TOYS PUTS SEXY SAFETY FIRST New Mexico's Favorite Sexuality Resource Center Designates April Phthalate Awareness Month

2008-03-27 | Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center ( is putting safety first with bodysafe sex toys and outreach. The shop is setting out to raise public awareness about phthalates -- toxins used to manufacture adult toys -- by introducing Phthalate Awareness Month this Earth Day.

Hoover Cleans it Up: Visit the Newly Redesigned Site and Shop for the Holidays

2007-12-13 | Hoover has revamped its Web site, The user-friendly site now employs several features and functionalities that make buying a vacuum cleaner a quick and easy process.

Google eLert Gadget, A Revolution in SPAM FREE, INFORMATION RICH Communication

2007-09-19 | Developed in conjunction with Google Desktop, eLert Gadget aims to deliver the 'Best of Both Worlds'; to allow web users the freedom to explore the Internet in a Spam free environment, whilst allowing publishers to get their essential information across and remain highly profitable.

"Email is Dead!" - Google elert gadget is Launched

2007-07-26 | Google eLerts Are a NEW And Unique Line of Communication Enabling YOU to Receive FREE Information on a Myriad of Subjects, From Fishing to Car Racing, and From Hot Stocks to... Google eLert Gadget is Rapidly, Efficiently Changing the Way We Send And Receive Essential Information... Receives a Well-Deserved Upgrade and Facelift

2007-06-21 | After nearly three years, the "Geeks" have decided to give the site a new streamlined look and feel along with a decision to move to a new user friendly platform.

Welcome To Middle Age - And Presbyopia

2007-03-02 | You're holding menus at arm's length and squinting. You've had difficulty reading items on your computer. Numbers on your cellphone's tiny screen are indistinguishable. The buttons on your iPod, DVD player and remote seem frustratingly small. Sound familiar? Welcome to middle age.

Software Tools Can Now Convert Movies to Cell Phone, Palm or iPod Format; 300% Faster than Older Versions with Improved Video Quality

2006-12-06 | New video converter software products can now convert PC based Video for play on your mobile player or cellular in the time it takes to enjoy the tea or coffee time. Based on user's feedback, programmers made some corrections for more powerful and efficient work with Video/ DVD movies.

Internet Gadget Website, Gizmos for Geeks, Marks 1st Anniversary with Contests

2005-07-30 | On August 1, 2005, Gizmos For Geeks, a fast growing gadget website, is celebrating its one year anniversary. To mark the occassion, a giveaway will be held every day from August 1st through August 5th inclusive.

Now You Never Have to Find Your Favorite Sports Score!

2004-09-19 | Launch of new web site e-mails your favorite sports scores to you directly!