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AgriBagsTM Make Crop Handling More Efficient and Economical - Maximizes Operations of Crop Processing and Reduces Waste

2009-09-02 | Specialty FIBC bags provide an efficient and economical solution to improving crop handling and reducing product waste.

Tecate Taps CCL Container to Cash in on Bottlecan Demand

2009-08-27 | Tecate, one of Mexico's most popular beers, and a leading Mexican export for more than 60 years, has enhanced its image and dramatically increased demand by offering its "cerveza" in aluminum bottles produced by CCL Conatiner.

WSO2 Webinar Teaches Developers How to Simplify Application Integration in an SOA Using the WSO2 ESB

2009-08-24 | Free webinar demonstrates how new features in WSO2 ESB 2.1 make it faster and easier to integrate enterprise applications in an SOA

ProcessGenie, Inc. Launches The First Ever Process Marketplace

2009-08-21 | ProcessGenie, Inc., announced today the launch of their patent pending ProcessGenie Process Marketplace. A forum for individuals and companies who have specific process knowledge to sell those "assets" to the worldwide BPM community.

Do you like Google/Outlook Calendar? Now Build One Using Web2Cal - A Software Package to Build Ajax Events Calendar with Drag and Drop Interface

2009-08-19 | Web2Cal is a powerful, fast and yet simple web2 style calendaring solution to integrate into your web applications with extreme ease. Save valuable development time and money by integrating instead of developing.

Sonora, Mexico to be the Site of Two October Mexico Manufacturing Events

2009-08-18 | Detailed information on establishing and maintaining production facilities in Mexico to be provided at two Offshore Group industry events.

Scio Consulting Partners with VersionOne for Agile SaaS Development

2009-08-13 | Scio Consulting and VersionOne today announced a partnership to help software companies who are focused on building SaaS applications to adopt Agile development practices across distributed teams.

A Beginner's Guide to Computer Programming for Educators

2009-08-07 | Learn to program while creating interactive stories, games, and multimedia projects using Scratch.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on Building Stronger Connections Between BPM and SOA

2009-08-03 | Class provides IT architects and developers techniques for adopting BPM more widely throughout SOA initiatives

Failure to Launch

2009-07-29 | With the failure rate of new product introductions averaging 95%, one consumer packaging expert sheds light on how to be among the triumphant 5%.

Announcing UV-ProTEK , The Regenerative UV Surface Protection System from Patco Performance Engineered Tapes

2009-07-27 | A first-to-market surface protection system, UV-ProTEK , preserves showroom finishes even when subjected to the harshest ultra violet exposure.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on Bridging the Divide Between C++ and SOA Systems

2009-07-27 | Class provides IT architects and developers techniques for integrating enterprise applications based on C++ into an SOA

Lynx Systems Inc. & Yardi Systems Inc. Form Strategic Alliance. Lynx Systems Inc. Is Pleased to Announce The Formation Of An Alliance With Yardi Systems, Inc.

2009-07-19 | Yardi Systems is a leading provider of property management software for the real estate industry. Lynx Systems is now an authorized member of Yardi's consulting partner program providing consulting assistance to Yardi users in Canada and the US.

Get Personal To Get Business In Down Economy; People Crave High Touch In Low Tolerance Business Environment

2009-07-15 | If you want to get new business and keep present customers, get personal. People are overworked and under-supported. They will appreciate a heartfelt gift personalized in some substantial and meaningful way. Launches Unprecedented Online Marketing Technology

2009-07-14 | Company's external and internal 3D simulation provides real-world interactivity

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on Mashups for Enterprise SOAs: From Fun to Functional

2009-07-13 | Class gives IT architects and developers insights and techniques for creating rich enterprise mashups

Banana Boat Line Gives New CCL Technology Its Day In The Sun

2009-07-09 | The Banana Boat line of sun protection products seems to have everything under the sun going for it when it comes to protecting us from harmful Ultra Violet rays, including the skin it's in.

WSO2 Summer School Features Free Class on Optimizing SOA Governance Around People, Policies and Processes

2009-07-06 | Class provides IT architects and developers insight into governance best practices from design time to run time

IFRS is Coming! Is Your Computer System Ready? For Intuit MRI, Yardi Systems Users ...

2009-07-02 | International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is being adopted in Canada starting in 2011. Companies will need to provide comparable financial statements for the prior year, 2010, which means we need to start planning now.

Scio Consulting Joins Microsoft BizSpark Program to Enable SaaS Startups

2009-07-01 | BizSpark Startups can now leverage Scio's experience designing and building .NET based, fully commercialized multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings.