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Barbara Coloroso, Internationally Recognized Author and Consultant, Speaks Out Against Bullying, Hate Speech and More

2019-02-02 | For 48 years, Barbara Coloroso has written, consulted and spoken professionally on the topics of parenting, teaching, school discipline, positive school climate, bullying, grieving, nonviolent conflict resolution, genocide, and restorative justice.

Criminal Defense Lawyers with Payment Plans at Delgado & Romanik, PLLC

2019-02-02 | Criminal defense and personal injury lawyers, Delgado & Romanik, recently released an update to their website detailing their criminal defense payment plans.

Vision Reveals That Jesus' Birthday Is September 19 Says John The Apostle

2019-02-02 | John the Apostle reports that on August 19, 2017, God revealed to him in a dream that Jesus was born on September 19 in the year 3 BC and that Christ now calls Christian Churches to celebrate Jesus' birthday on September 19.

Infant Baptism By Catholics Vs Scripture; Evangelical Outreach Ex Catholic Dan Corner Takes Issue With The Catechism Of The Catholic Church

2019-02-01 | Corner is a former pastor and Christian author who, over four decades has preached perhaps 1000 or more sermons and has written hundreds of Christian articles and a number of books of vital importance to Christians.

What Would Jesus Say About Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder And Anxiety - Terry Allan Christian Provides The Answer In 'What Did Jesus Say, The Seven Messages From The Master'

2019-01-31 | The Seven Messages from the Master contain over 500 Bible verses spoken directly by Jesus as recorded in the red-letter edition of the New King James Bible, organized by subject, without added interpretations, commentaries or opinions.

Women In Government Releases Opioid Taxation White Paper

2019-01-29 | Economic & Health Policy Implications

Dr. Barbara Taber of Suffolk, VA To Debut New Website with Exclusive Interview, Celebrates a Stellar Career and Life Well-Lived

2019-01-27 | Barbara Taber, Ed.D. has led a career of honor, ethics and excellence with an enviable track record of accomplishments. She has served as an influence to countless students and colleagues alike. Keep an eye on in 2019.

LaTrivia Grady Releases Her New Book, "Go Get Your Go"

2019-01-26 | Amazon Best Selling Author

Consider a Love Spell for Valentines Day?

2019-01-25 | Izabael DaJinn From Is Celebrating Valentines Day by Offering Her Top Love Spells

God's Favor May Come Disguised As Luck Or Chance Says Five-Time Winning Florida Christian Author Donna Louis

2019-01-24 | Christian author Donna Louis was named Top Female Author in the 2018 Top Female Author Awards. She has also announced the release of her newest book, 'Book of Proverbs, Wisdom vs Wilderness'

BAC Calculator Released by Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law Firm, Delgado & Romanik, PLLC

2019-01-23 | Criminal defense and personal injury lawyers, Delgado & Romanik, just released a BAC Calculator that can accurately estimate blood alcohol content.

Author and Financial Expert Nicole Michelle Combines Faith, Family and Finance to Help Women Live Abundantly

2019-01-23 | Common Wealth: Looks Just Like You" available now for Pre-orders

Sister Joan Chatfield Celebrates Her Work With the Maryknoll Sisters and the Interfaith Alliance Hawaii

2019-01-22 | Spirituality of all kinds and working with children are two things that can truly change lives. Sister Joan Chatfield has been blessed enough to have lived a life highly engaged in both working with a number of remarkable organizations and people.

The King's College to Host Western Civilization Challenge Bowl with the James Madison Program at Princeton, the Abigail Adams Institute at Harvard and Grove City College

2019-01-19 | On January 25 and 26, 2019, The King's College will host the 2nd Annual American History and Western Civilization Challenge Bowl™, sponsored by the American Heritage Education Foundation.

Atlanta Millionaire Mastermind Group Features Catherine Horgan, Advocate for Women, Leadership and Diversity, on January 21st

2019-01-15 | Millionaire Mastermind Gathering educates and supports the growth of women-owned businesses.

Biofield Researcher Releases New Online Press Kit

2019-01-15 | Dr. Shamini Jain's new press kit propels research, awareness of biofield science further into the mainstream

Stephanie McGuffie Launches Her New Book – "No Longer Second"

2019-01-12 | Book becomes International Best Seller

Star Magic Healing Takes Alternative Medicine to a New Level; Trainings Offered in Upstate New York this April

2019-01-10 | International and highly sought-after author and healer, Jerry Sargeant is coming to New York this April to teach Star Magic Healing. This modality is rooted in unconditional love and draws on extra terrestrial frequencies, light and sound codes.

Pope Francis, In Article On Vatican News, Suggests Christian Martyr Saint Stephen Teaches Us To Forgive - Evangelical Outreach Ex-Catholic Dan Corner Comments Further

2019-01-10 | Corner is a former pastor and Christian author who, over four decades has preached 1000 or more sermons and has written hundreds of Christian articles and a number of books of vital importance to Christians.