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Christian Hip Hop Artist Nominated for IH Momentum Award!

2008-01-07 | Creative artist yshwa4life has been nominated for prestigious Award.


2007-12-03 | The votes have been cast and the results are in for MyFoxLa's Hot List and The Hidden Garden has been recognized as the BEST WEDDING FLORIST in Los Angeles. Amy Child Marella's beautiful wedding designs and unique style is tops with Angelinos.

Eileen Carey a Proven Winner for Tennessee T-Cakes

2007-11-30 | Tennessee T-Cake Addition Wins Vocalist of the Year from South Bay Music Awards

Oddpodz, a social networking site powers creative professionals with new content shift.

2007-11-26 | Oddpodz, a social networking site for creatives is focusing on a narrower niche market that includes entrepreneurs who are in a business building mode.

Introducing the First Automotive Social Network - One Stop Site For "Everything You Need to Buy a Car"

2007-11-08 | announces the development and testing of the consumer driven automotive referral service to be based on consumer ratings of dealerships level of customer service.

Friendswin|Al Leverick|Myspace|Facebook|Social Networking|Utube

2007-10-19 | Social Networking - Growing 89%/yr, expected to double in the next 2 years! (Imagine being the first person in MySpace and then getting paid on marketing and sponsoring the huge numbers of new members that followed!) Viral Marketing Machine

2007-09-24 | Friendswin the Hottest new Social Network is going Viral and achieving massive growth during it's Pre-Launch Phase!

Social Networking Thought-Leaders Converge to Form "Link to Your World"

2007-09-04 | The emerging space of social media is provoking growing interest and investments from brands, institutions, gov'ts, organizations, corporations, and individuals. The convergence of social media technologies has much of the end user market confused and frustrated by the proliferation of offerings...