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Marco Island Resort Raises Money for Charity

2008-05-18 | Managers Participate in American Cancer Society and Muscular Dystrophy Events

What Are the Effects of Asbestos on the Body?

2008-05-02 | Many people each year are exposed to asbestos without even knowing it. You may wonder why this can be dangerous, and most don't know the devastating effects of asbestos on the body.

Failure to Diagnose Colon Cancer

2008-04-18 | Colon cancer is like most cancers, early detection and treatment are the key to survival. Unfortunately, many doctors miss this cancer and this can be a fatal missed diagnosis for you.

Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer

2008-03-19 | Possibly facing a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and even death is devastating to any woman, but that pain is deepened by unique anger and disbelief for women who have undergone regular gynecological exams in order to prevent just such a tragedy.

Medical Knowledge Via The Web New Web site provides Wiki programming that allows anyone anywhere update or read about 6,000 medical related topics.

2008-03-05 | Healthocrates is a collaborative effort by members of the world Health community to create and update the current database of knowledge about medical related items via a online member Wiki prgramming tool. To date this community has posted 6,000 + medical articles within the last 6 months.

Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer

2008-03-02 | Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. Failure to diagnose breast cancer can result in disfigurement, more aggressive and harmful treatments, and death.

Night Sweat Pajamas from Haralee.Com Wicking pajamas and nightgowns for women experiencing night sweats due to menopause, breast cancer treatments, or high internal thermostat. Cool garments for Hot Women. Made in the USA for women by women.Our garments help you get a good night sleep.

2008-03-01 | Haralee.Com sleepwear is made from moisture wicking fabrics. These wonderful fabrics transport the moisture from your body to the fabric where it quickly evaporates. This means you stay dry and comfortable as you sleep. No longer waking up hot then cold. A good night sleep can be yours!

Kunati Publishers, provocative, bold and controversial will release Belly of the Whale by author Linda Merlino on April 1, 2008.

2008-02-17 | Belly of the Whale is "A riveting story, both powerful and poignant in its telling. Merlino's immense talent shines on every page." H.Roughan, NY Times Bestselling Author.

Cosmetic Surgery: Helping cancer survivors!

2008-02-13 | Cosmetic treatment to repair the visible damage caused by the cancer and/or its cure can be an important part of the rehabilitation process for many people.

New Hair Care Products designed specifically for men and women who have hair loss and are currently using hair replacement systems.

2007-10-13 | After three years of development and testing, Transitions International introduces innovative new line of professional hair care products for men and women with hair loss that who are using a hair replacement system.

Wellness India - The CSN People - Release Condition Specific Nutrition for 45 Health Conditions

2007-07-19 | Condition specific nutrition (CSN) is the latest and unabated trend in nutrition. A health condition often needs 40 or more nutrients in specific combinations for beneficial impact. Wellness India announces the release of CSN for 45 health conditions.

San Diego Hospital Hosts Special Sound Healing Program for Cancer Patients

2007-03-16 | On May 16th, Sharp Memorial Hospital Outpatient Pavilion, 3075 Health Center Dr, San Diego, 92123 will pioneer a special month long sound healing program for cancer patients from 1-2:20 pm on four Wednesday's.


2007-03-10 | Passion is that wonderful ingredient that propels a person to take on a "cause" and with dogged determination see it through to the finish. Passion enables normal people to accomplish great feats and achieve outstand personal and professional success.

Press Release Distribution Service Enhancing Search Engine Optimization and Visibility?

2007-02-21 | Is a Press Release An Effective Method Of Advertising?

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Court awards compensation to include chemotherapy not available on the NHS

2006-09-16 | Field Fisher Waterhouse has won a 400,000 damages payout in the High Court for a carpenter who is battling for survival against asbestos-related cancer

TalkPoint Webcasting to Power and Continue Providing Multimedia Access to FDA Advisory Committee Meetings

2006-08-28 | This will result in a new look for, which will remain a dedicated portal offering Webcasts, DVDs and Transcripts of FDA Advisory Committee Meetings.

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Government will reverse mesothelioma ruling

2006-06-29 | The Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer has announced changes to compensation laws which will mean victims of asbestos-related cancer will receive full compensation.

GiveGet Launched on March 18th

2006-03-22 | The UK's biggest charity clothing collection, GiveGet launches marking the biannual collaboration between Cancer Research UK and TK Maxx to encourage us to spring clean our wardrobes and donate clothes in an effort to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.