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Cancer Patients Use New Guided Imagery CD to Help Boost Healthy Immune Functioning

2009-06-22 | A self-help technique called guided imagery has been steadily gaining in popularity and mainstream distribution by hospitals, pharmas and insurance companies, as new research demonstrates its efficacy for producing heightened immune cell activity.

Field Fisher Waterhouse Wins Compensation For Lung Cancer Sufferer Exposed To Asbestos

2009-06-21 | Field Fisher Waterhouse has announced a significant compensation win for a client suffering from lung cancer who was exposed to asbestos

VELscope System Named One of Top 100 Dental Products for Third Consecutive Year

2009-06-06 | Oral cancer screening system using fluorescence visualization-based technology Is a hit with both practices and patients.

Cancer Sucks, I Hate CPAP!, Don't Mess With Texas And Litterer's Make Lousy Lovers Are Examples Of Phrases That Connect Or Could Connect With The Public In A Very Special Way

2009-06-06 | Certain messages resonate with the public in amazing ways. While the message may seem crude it connects with the target audience on a gut level that defies definition. Dr Ira L Shapira created I HATE in response to patient's complaints.

Everyday Guide Aims To Be Mainstream DIY and How To Site

2009-06-04 | Being almost one year old, Everyday Guide is ready to make the step up and project itself as a mainstream DIY guide blog. Webmaster Althaf Ahmed discusses about the main aim of the blog and challenges involved in running it.

Gurnee Dentists Offer Velscope Advanced Oral Cancer Screening To Lake County, Illinois Patients. Oral Cancer Has Not Seen A Significant Reduction In Incidence Over The Last 30 Years.

2009-06-01 | Dr Ira L Shapira And Dr Mark J Amidei Have Recently Incorporated Velscope Oral Diagnosis Screening System Into Their Dental Practice. They Have Always Made Early Cancer Detection A Significant Part Of Their Practice For The Last 25 Years.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

2009-05-31 | There are fewer diagnoses more difficult than those who have been told they have cancer. Many times cancer can be treated through different drugs, therapies, or even sometimes diet.

Scottish Widows Releases Critical Illness Cover Claims Figures

2009-05-29 | Scottish Widows paid over GBP28m in critical illness cover claims between November 2007 and October 2008. Only 2% of critical illness claims were declined due to non-disclosure. The three main reasons for claims - cancer, heart related and stroke.

Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir by Artist Kris Allen Courtney - Cincinnati, OH, June 2009: Bethesda Medical Facility in West Chester, Ohio Awards Artist Kris Allen Courtney Two Selections

2009-05-28 | "Road King" and "Passing" represent two of my more emotional and colorful works to date. With Passing becoming the Image used as the Cover to my Novel, Norma Jean's Sun, I could not be more excited about the extended view this award will offer.

Mesothelioma and Disability Benefits

2009-05-22 | Workers who have contracted mesothelioma frequently are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Being eligible for disability benefits means a person has a condition that prevents them from doing the work they once were able to do.

Experts Reveal Keeping Slim Can Help Avoid Cancer

2009-05-15 | Losing weight and staying slim could help reduce the risk of contracting cancer, medical experts have revealed.

Adult Lead Poisoning Dangers in Arizona

2009-05-12 | The dangerous effects of exposure to lead poisoning for adults can lead to lifelong health defects. This article covers symptoms and sources of lead poisoning.

Arizona Cancer Center Launches Site to Highlight Alternative Treatments

2009-05-07 | People seeking a cancer treatment alternative have an expanded Web resource to help them make wise choices. The EuroMed Foundation has updated their Web site to help patients understand cutting-edge alternative treatment options.

'Norma Jean's Sun', Memoir by Kris Courtney

2009-05-05 | Available on Now! Back in 1928 when a small town of Indiana collected its folks every year for a celebration at the local Fair, a gathering of strangers would join together to shape a new parallel of lives.

Best Healthcare Provider Web site of 2009 to be Named by Web Marketing Association in Annual WebAward Competition

2009-05-01 | The Web Marketing Association announces the call for entries for its 13th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at The Web Marketing Association again name the Best healthcare provider Web site of 2009.

Two UCLA Neurosurgeons To Be Showcased In Documentary For The First Official National Brain Tumor Awareness Month

2009-04-30 | Two UCLA neurosurgeons will be featured in a documentary for the Nation's first Brain Tumor Awareness Month. These two neurosurgeons will put their skills to the test as they perform surgery to save a father and his thirteen year old stepson.

Best Medical Web site of 2009 to be Named by Web Marketing Association in Annual WebAward Competition

2009-04-28 | The Web Marketing Association announces the call for entries for its 13th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at The Web Marketing Association will once again name the Best Medical Web site of 2009

Robert F. Campbell Jr. Memorial Hockey Tournament to Raise Funds for Leukemia Research and Patient Care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

2009-04-24 | Annual event reaches 10 year milestone; returns to Quincy Youth Arena May 1 & 2, 2009. This event is the only officially approved hockey tournament to support the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure

2009-04-09 | Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that occurs in the mesothelium, a thin layer of tissue that covers almost all of the internal organs. Two to three thousand people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year.

Aim at Melanoma Secures $4 million in Federal Funding to Study the Effects of UV Radiation on our Service Men and Women Overseas

2009-04-03 | This came as a result of collaboration between Aim at Melanoma and the U.S. Military, and was key to getting melanoma included for the first time ever in the Department of Defense's peer-reviewed cancer research program.