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Intelligent Visibility Releases the Arista Navigator

2015-05-23 | Intelligent Visibility, Inc. releases the Arista Navigator software toolset for OS X

Freelance Electronics Announced as Fremont Micro Devices Distributor

2015-05-21 | Freelance Electronics Offers Customers Same Day Shipment of Over 200M Components in Stock

Urbanization of Chicago's Old Town Neighborhood Calls for Faster Internet Speeds, Everywhere Wireless Delivers

2015-05-19 | Everywhere Wireless connects its Gigabit+ Network to residential properties along Division Street

US Weak on Production Process Sophistication Compared to Competitors Say Manufacturing Consultants TRU

2015-05-18 | Focus on technology intensive manufacturing is good but more implementation (and less talk) would contribute greatly to a stronger domestic production capability overall

Global Industrial Robotics Market Estimated to be Worth Over $15 billion by 2024

2015-05-14 | 19Columns announces the availability of its latest market analysis on - "The Global Industrial Robotics Market 2015-2024 - Complete Market Research Study", containing over 150 market data figures and info graphics.

Is your AFM Tip Tall Enough? - CDI Introduces New AFM Probes

2015-03-31 | Carbon Design Innovations, Inc. introduces new probe technology for high aspect ratio imaging with their new TN-HAR series.

DornerWorks Offers Xen Hypervisor Solutions and Design Services for the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC

2015-03-05 | DornerWorks has been selected as the Xilinx partner to provide the open source Xen hypervisor solution along with strong customer support and engineering services to make Xen an obvious choice for MPSoC-based products.

A-Crystal Electronic Technology Announces Paradox Israel as Distributor

2015-03-02 | Paradox offers OEM and contract manufacturing customers a complete package of solutions focused on system cost reduction

Process and Water Company Selected to Supply Water Purification and Environmental Systems For New Expansion for Massachusetts Biotechnology Company

2015-02-27 | Process and Water Helps PremaTech Take its Ultra-Hard Materials Machining and Finishing to New Levels with Electronics-Grade High Purity Water and PH Neutralization systems.

A-Crystal Electronic Technology Announces Dytec-NCI as Sales Representative Company

2015-02-24 | Dytec-NCI, a technical sales representative firm, will sell and support A-Crystal Frequency Control Solutions in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin and Western Pennsylvania.

A-Crystal Electronic Technology Announces Atronix France as Distributor

2015-02-20 | Atronix is a Value Added Distributor Whose Management Team has over Fifty years of Cumulative experience serving the Electronic Component Distribution Market.

STI Certified Electronics- Green City Combine Sales Teams

2015-02-18 | The STI Certified Electronics Sales Force has been expanded to improve service to all customers in the North America Geography. This will Improve Customer Support.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Atronix as Distributor in France

2015-02-18 | Atronix is a Value Added Distributor Whose Management Team has over Fifty years of Cumulative experience serving the Electronic Component Distribution Market.

Flex Probe Station and Rugged Gigahertz Probes for PCB Testing

2015-01-24 | Vertical and Horizontal Probing in Minutes

Gate Driver Board and SPICE Models for Silicon Carbide Junction Transistors (SJT) Released

2014-11-21 | Gate Driver Board optimized for high switching speeds and behavior-based models enable power electronic design engineers to verify and quantify benefits of SJTs in board-level evaluation and circuit simulation.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Zeta Design-India as Registered Design Consultant

2014-10-16 | Zeta Design has delivered lighting system design for three years. They have a strong product development background and capability to provide a wide range of solutions for LED lighting applications

Solid State Optronics USA (SSO) Introduces 800V 1.2A Miniature Solid State Relay

2014-09-30 | STR8083 pushes the voltage limit of SSRs and can replace electromechanical relays.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Four FT8870 LED Driver Design Kits

2014-09-22 | The Reference Design Kits Speed Time to Market for FT8870 High Performance Non-Isolated Buck LED Drivers for DC/DC or AC/DC LED Lighting Applications.

The FT8870 LED Driver Family is Announced by Fremont Micro Devices

2014-09-15 | The FT8870 is a High Performance Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver for DC/DC or AC/DC LED Lighting Applications. The Integrated 500V Power MOSFET Enables Constant Current Control Designs without a Secondary Sense and Feedback Circuit.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces New EEPROM Programming Capability from Xeltek

2014-09-05 | The Latest Xeltek SuperPro Series Support Programming Applications for Fremont Micro Devices I2C, SPI and 3-Wire Interface Serial EEPROM Families