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A Five Star Tale Is Reborn

2009-07-22 | Much like a Broadway play, TV co-producer and writer Mario Bernheim took his novel, "Michael's Reward" out of town and came back with five star reviews by some very discerning and enthusiastic readers from coast to coast. This is Bernheim's first novel.

Emy Moon Appeals To Readers Across The U.S.

2009-07-21 | Sawmill Publishing Company's Ad Campaign is Off To A Great Start

Author Eileen Schuh Explores Canadian Biker Gangs and Drug Smuggling to Korea in her Novel Noraebang, Available for Publication and Representation

2009-07-17 | Canadian writer Eileen Schuh had no idea that a vacation to Korea would lead to the creation of Noraebang, a novel that explores Canadian biker gangs, Stockholm Syndrome and illicit drug smuggling to Korea. Now she's looking for an agent/publisher.

Susan Del Gatto Releases Her Second Captivating Book On The Reality Of Stress

2009-07-17 | This book titled Creating Balance in a World of STRESS, is the first book to distinguish six key habits to avoid in order to reduce stress. The habits that we so readily engage in to reduce stress can have contradictory affects on your body.

Action This Day: - An Instruction From Winston Churchill, Not Only A Great Leader But A World Class Delegator

2009-07-15 | Action this day was one of Winston's most demanding delegation techniques and one that he used frequently amid the unending strain of WW2. Whilst the free world was straining every sinew to defeat the Nazi's, Churchill always delegated effectively. Helps Students Affected by the Credit Crunch

2009-07-13 | Five bright and talented college students were recently awarded scholarships by, a website dedicated to educating students and consumers about the importance of healthy credit.

Invite to Metro New York Press and Public: Lecture and Reception at Midtown's Roosevelt Hotel; Controversial British Author and Theorist Anthony Peake Makes His First U.S. Appearance

2009-07-13 | British author and transpersonal psychology/quantum philosophy theorist Anthony Peake will be hosted by Gnosis Arts Multimedia in a free public lecture and reception at the landmark Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue this August 3.

It Is the Best Book You Are Not Reading This Summer - 'Michael's Secrets' by Milton Stern

2009-07-13 | Although the reviews are excellent, sales are tanking for Milton Stern's latest book, 'Michael's Secrets.' Blame it on the economy? Blame it on homophobia? Blame it on timing? Blame it on people not wanting to look in the mirror?

We're Not in Kansas Anymore! "Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz" Comics by L. Frank Baum and Walt McDougall, with W.W. Denslow

2009-07-10 | Sunday Press Books, publisher of the full-size "Little Nemo in Slumberland" collections, presents a new volume of comics pages: "Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz. "

Cheryl Kaye Tardif's debut romance Lancelot's Lady is #1 Most Popular (so far) in the Dorchester/Textnovel "Next Best Celler" Contest

2009-07-08 | Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif's entry Lancelot's Lady has remained a frontrunner as the #1 Most Popular entry in the Dorchester/Textnovel "Next Best Celler" contest on, a site for writers and readers.

Author Chris DeBrie's Third Novel Touches America's Sore Spots

2009-07-03 | A humorous novel swings away at some of our nation's most fundamental assumptions and stereotypes.

Costs Involved In Ghostwriting

2009-07-01 | Ghostwriters are employed in nearly every industry but are best known as the writers behind business books, memoirs and many novels by celebrities and politicians.

Ventana Research Unveils The 2009 Value Index for Sales Performance Management

2009-06-26 | New research-based index provides authoritative metrics to guide technology buyers on value of vendors support sales performance management

"All Quiet on the Western Front" Scribes Sign With Lynn Pleshette Agency

2009-06-25 | Ian Stokell & Lesley Paterson Join Prestigious Agency

Gnosis Arts Multimedia Presents British Human Consciousness Theorist and Author Anthony Peake at the Roosevelt Hotel

2009-06-22 | British author and theorist Anthony Peake will be introduced to the New York City area press and public with a lecture and reception at the Roosevelt Hotel on Mon. Aug 3, 2009.

Write2Market's Casey Fiesler Wins National Burton Writing Award

2009-06-19 | Atlanta writer recognized alongside screen writer David E. Kelly, Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonin Scalia and author Bryan Garner.

Arbor Books Memoir Writers Help Tell Your Story

2009-06-15 | Memoirs are still the hottest genre in the publishing industry, according to experts, so if you're asking, "How do I tell my story?" then you're in luck.

Thomas W. Ogletree, Ph.D. Honored for Excellence in Theological Education

2009-06-03 | Yale Professor Emeritus is a Widely Published Author

Zeno's Paradoxes Undeniably Solved For The First Time Ever

2009-06-03 | For more than two millennia, the paradoxes conceived by the Sophist Zeno (Zenon) of Elea were considered unsolvable: Impeccably logical arguments that lead to false conclusions.

Joyce Groves Holland Inducted into the Cambridge Who's Who Registry

2009-05-30 | Joyce Groves Holland is a successful author of "Fifty First," a semi-autobiographical account about her experiences working for the parks department in the heart of South Central Los Angeles.