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Fremont Micro Devices Announces the FT8260 LED Driver Family

2014-07-10 | The FT8260 is a primary side single stage AC/DC LED driver for isolated LED lighting applications. The integrated 650V power MOSFET eliminates the need for a secondary sense and feedback circuit.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Advanced Creative China-Weimu Electronic as Distributor in China

2014-07-09 | Advanced Creative China Ltd. Hong Kong is a broad line distributor previously known as William Technology Co Ltd. They have four sales offices in China.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces UTech Electronics as Distributor

2014-06-11 | UTech Electronics is Canada's first dedicated distributor of Surface Mount Technology

Ceramic and Ceramic Hybrid Bearings For The Semiconductor Industry

2014-04-24 | Ceramic bearings are non-magnetic, non-conductive, non-corrosive, operate without lubrication, ideally suited for extreme temperatures.

Solid State Optronics USA (SSO) Introduces New Generation of High Output Current Miniature Solid State Relays

2014-04-23 | Smaller, faster, more powerful semiconductor relays, ideal for robotics applications.

CMicrotek Announces Line of Ultra-Low Current Probes Optimized for Battery-Powered Product Development

2014-03-26 | CMicrotek delivers accurate low current measurements, producing better product performance data and enabling predictable product development cycles.

Vick Aggarwala is Recognized for Invaluable Contributions to the Electronics Industry

2014-03-11 | Vick Aggarwala helms Supreme Components International Pte Ltd: "Strives to provide exemplary quality products, world-class service and competitive pricing to all our customers globally"

New Evidence Links Motion Marketplace in Distribution of Advanced Precision Ball Screws

2014-02-01 | Precision Balls Screws distributed with cost savings up to 50% off.

PacketMicro Announces Rugged Gigahertz Probe for RF and Power Integrity Testing

2014-01-28 | Strong RF probe for direct probing on circuit components or uneven surfaces.

HSProbe PCB Holder for Bench-Top, Double-Sided PCB Testing

2014-01-21 | Highly configurable PCB holder for vertical, double-sided PCB testing.

Solicore Announces Key Patent Awards

2013-11-18 | Solicore expands IP leadership position with over 75+ patents issued and/or pending.

Ceramic Bearings For The Food Processing Industry

2013-11-05 | Some of the most pressing issues facing the food manufacturing industry today are controlling costs and food safety. Full ceramic bearings and ceramic hybrid bearings are capable of alleviating some of these concerns.

RF FPGA Design Engineer Vacancy Position at Ensil Canada for Design and Development of an RF based FPGA Integrated Chip (IC) to be used in Ensil's Rapid Field Deployable ICU Unit

2013-10-30 | RF FPGA Design Engineer Vacancy Position at Ensil Canada with solid RF and Bluetooth FPGA based digital board or semiconductor design experience, strong VHDL programming, VHDL & Verilog knowledge and scripting languages.

New and Expanded Line of Full Ceramic Bearings

2013-10-23 | Ceramic is the perfect material for any application seeking to achieve higher RPMs, reduce overall weight or for extremely harsh environments where high temperatures and corrosive substances are present.

New and Expanded One Way Bearing Series

2013-09-25 | One Way Bearings are compact, lightweight, operate directly on a shaft and are also suitable for transmitting high torque.

Bearings for Photonics Applications

2013-09-21 | Advances in photonics technology means that today's industrial laser systems offer unparalleled capabilities in precision manufacturing and advanced materials processing.

Watts Specialties Manufacturer of Computer Operated and Manual Thermal Cutting Equipment to Exhibit with Mathey Dearman at the Essen Trade Fair in Germany

2013-09-07 | International fabrication manufacturer to exhibit at Essen Trade Fair for joining, cutting and surfacing tradeshow

RevuAhnTech Launches Warp USB, the Fastest USB External Storage to Date

2013-08-01 | RevuAhnTech, a Korean SSD manufacturer has released a USB 3.0 based external Solid State Drive. The Warp USB performs at maximum transfer speed of 450MB/s, and unlike other USB Flash Drives, is a full-featured SSD with self maintenance functions.

Free SEO Training for Small Business Kicks off June Classes, Announces JM Internet Group

2013-05-30 | Top online training class begins June session on June 6th with free training. First class identifies the top ten free tools for Google / SEO.

Blue Tax Prep Causes Clients to Cry with Tears of Joy After Savings Found On Tax Returns!

2013-05-29 | Clients are kicking themselves that they ever used anyone else to file their returns.