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Sandwich Generation and Caregiving Author Carol D. O'Dell Presents "Humor and Healing, The Lighter Side of Caregiving" for Manitoba's Parkinson's Society of Canada

2009-04-14 | Carol D. O'Dell, author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter's Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir offers insights and strategies on how survive and thrive your caregiving years with humor and grace.

6 Air Crashes, And He Walked Away! "I Never Fly Alone" New Book by Gary Jenkinson, Word Productions, May 2009

2009-04-14 | 6 Crashes: 3 plane crashes and 3 helicopter crashes... "And he walked away." What author Gary Jenkinson thought was coincidence at first, proved to be the hand of God.

Write2Market Public Relations Scores High In Client Satisfaction, Referrals

2009-04-13 | Survey results are in--Atlanta public relations and content development firm Write2Market continues its history of high client satisfaction, high affordability.

Dr. Ichak Adizes Honored Across Europe for his Contributions to the Field of Management

2009-04-11 | Having received his 10th Honorary Doctorate, two Honorary Citizenships and countless other awards, Dr. Adizes and his "Adizes Methodology" receive recognition.

Going Green Through Cleaner, Leaner Practices: GreenEfficient LEED Services Steps Up the Stakes in Texas

2009-04-08 | "LEED-based green building is an excellent step towards better indoor air quality for health benefits, as well as significantly superior energy efficiency and cost savings," says Rick Walker, a LEED-AP in Houston Texas.

Eisenberg and Scolnic Publish Jewish Dictionary and Speak on the Whole Megillah

2009-04-03 | Jewish Dictionary Authors Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic present entertaining programs about their reference.

Vellum Publishing, Inc. Guarantees Reasonable Prices For Kindle Books

2009-03-29 | Vellum Publishing, Inc., the e-book publisher for the Digital Generation, has posted a video on that discusses the cost of Kindle books.

If One Flea Bite Drives You Crazy... What Are Hundreds of Flea Bites Doing to Your Pets?

2009-03-28 | Don't let flea bites make your pets and your family's lives miserable. You can learn how to get rid of fleas from your dogs and cats and out of your home. Find out how with the e-book : "How to Protect Your Pets From Fleas," from

The Crowd Dreams of Love - and Justice; New Novel Paints "Terrifying Portrait" of Citizen Outrage over Corruption and Greed

2009-03-27 | The Crowd Dreams of Love, a new and - viewed by some in Hollywood and literary circles -prophetic novel foresees ordinary citizens pulled into an underground revolution to fight a corrupt government that curtails civil rights, manipulates the media, imprisons the innocent and rewards the greedy.

Era of the Wolf? Author Publishes First Book, Hoping To Re-ignite The Wolfen Genre

2009-03-21 | Young Guisborough-born author Miranda Stork, currently living in Gateshead, England, has written her first werewolf novel, a novel about a werewolf's struggle to prove his existence, self-publishing it on, one of the worlds most prominent self-publishing sites.

Acclaimed Christian Novel, Letters to Luke, Available on Kindle 2

2009-03-19 | Inspirational Easter reading in the latest go-anywhere electronic format

Former NFL Running Back Elgin Davis Shares His Story in Entertaining and Poignant New Memoirs: Why Did It Happen To Me

2009-03-19 | Elgin Davis' new book takes readers through early childhood adversity, glorious times with the New England Patriots and the despair of losing a best friend to a murderer's gun

New Web Site Launched For Public Relations Firm in Tampa, FL

2009-03-18 | Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc. recently launched its revamped Web site.

Snitch Tells on Nation's Troubled Urban Schools

2009-03-18 | Author of new book, Snitch, anonymously reveals latest problems plaguing urban schools. Problems are now starting at lower levels. Obama's new policies should target them to reduce high school dropout rates.

Don't Be Bitter, Get Better

2009-03-17 | Why do bad things happen to good people?

Exporting Great Sex To China

2009-03-12 | A new translation of a popular Christian book on sex is being released this month in one of the most widely-read languages on the planet - Chinese.

Write2Maket Hires Talented Atlanta Web Copywriter

2009-03-11 | Write2Market, the content development firm in Atlanta, hires Jason Crain, a talented web copywriter with experience producing content that gets results.

Catch Friday's Savvy Virtual Assistance Cuts Out Competition With Real Business References

2009-03-10 | Real Marketing sets British Firm Catch Friday miles ahead of the competition, especially when it comes down to virtual assistance. Comparing them with rival firms Get Friday and Ask Sunday, the data supplied on CatchFriday(dot)com set the difference. Real testimonials, and business references.

The Girls from 'On Tuesdays, They Played Mah Jongg' Are Back in 'Michael's Secrets' by Milton Stern

2009-03-03 | Riding on the heels of the hilarious, yet disturbing, ON TUESDAYS, THEY PLAYED MAH JONGG, STARbooks Press releases MICHAEL'S SECRETS by Milton Stern, bringing back those menopausal, Jewish women who proved popular with book clubs from New Jersey to Texas to Las Vegas.

A Trailblazing Book for Women Named Among the Best in Family-Friendly Media

2009-02-28 | Mom's Choice Awards honors The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living as a Silver Award Recipient. This makes the third national award for first time author, Corrie Woods, and reflects the big buzzing building about this little book.