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Liongold: A Stunning New Memoir Deals with Issues of Race Relations, Human Rights and African History

2009-08-29 | Liongold is Bea Alden's personal account of daily life in South Africa in the era of apartheid. Readers will be riveted by Alden's faithful descriptions of what it was really like to live under this coldly deliberate experiment in total segregation.

Peace Without Domination: Life, Not Death

2009-08-26 | Finimex Publishing, Inc. announces the e-book release of Peace Without Domination: Life, Not Death, a historical and biblical analysis of Europe and the Middle East regions by Patrick J Muntazir.

The SpendOnLife Bad Poetry Contest Offers Relief to Those in Financial Distress

2009-08-21 | The Bad Poetry Contest from SpendOnLife gives one winner the opportunity to reduce their credit card debt by up to $1,000.

New Novel Addresses Domestic Violence and Religious Oppression While Healing Its Readers

2009-08-18 | Heaven's Hell, The Beginning; a powerful, thought-provoking novel dramatizes the effects of domestic violence, abuse, and religious oppression while delivering spiritual truth and weaving words of healing between its chapters.

StarSociety Launches in the UK and Offers Free Membership

2009-08-16 | StarSociety ( will be launching worldwide over the next few months in order to provide a truly global opportunity for all of our users and 'Seekers'. Today it launches in the UK with a free subscription code for 6 months.

Romance Fiction Books is the premier website for Romance Novels and Romance Authors

2009-08-16 | Spotlighting Sky Alexander author of I'll Never Be Free:The Fires of Love and Hate

Penguin Announces The Publication Of Nick Hornby's Latest Novel

2009-08-14 | Penguin has announced it is to publish the latest release from Nick Hornby - Juliet, Naked - the man behind such books as High Fidelity and About a Boy

Anthony Peake : A Debut and a Victory on Madison Avenue

2009-08-10 | On Monday evening, August 3, British author and binary mind theorist Anthony Peake delivered a public address to some 300 members of the New York metro press and public.

Penguin Announce Publication Of Vladimir Nabokov's Final Novel

2009-08-07 | Penguin has announced it is to publish the final novel written by Vladimir Nabokov, the man behind such books as The Real Life of Sebastian Knight and Lolita

Ventana Research Delivers Agent Performance Management Benchmark Research

2009-08-07 | Research finds companies pursue customer satisfaction but lag in support of agents

The Science of Full Moon Invocations From Humanity's Heart to Hierarchy's Will - by Dadi Darshan Dharma

2009-08-04 | An opportunity to help a humanity in need, by invoking universal spiritual energies such as Light, Love, Liberty, Beauty and Goodwill. "A new approach to full moon group meditations that will certainly peak worldwide interest."

Local Writers Make Room to Run Wild

2009-08-04 | Running Wild Writers, LLC debuts as Philadelphia's newest writers' community with its first Fiction Workshop beginning September 2009.

24-7 Press Release Offers Tips for Effective Press Release Distribution

2009-08-03 | A well-written and crafted press release may substantially increase your corporate image, sales, and expose your company product or service to the new markets.

Kindle Possession Novel Released!

2009-08-01 | Vellum Publishing, Inc. announces the digital release of AmI A Novel of Kindle Possession.

BookBuzzr Offers a Free Marketing Tool for Publishers and Authors to Promote Books Online

2009-07-31 | BookBuzzr is an innovative, FREE marketing tool for publishers and authors. This widget allows readers to share books via their website, blog or social networks and to read excerpts or entire books online with a more realistic reading experience.

Not Your Grandma's Grandma - Baby Boomer Women Shun Old-fashioned Norms of Grandmotherhood and Take On Their New Roles as Wise Family Matriarchs with Sexy Bravado, Sharp Humor, and Wicked Insight

2009-07-29 | While Bowes gradually and lovingly came around as she describes in her hilarious and heartfelt memoir, "Who Are You Calling Grandma?" True Confessions of a Baby Boomer's Passage.

Women-Owned Publishing Company Targets Women's Readership for Success in Tough Market

2009-07-29 | Two smart marketers and PR experts successfully launch an innovative publishing company designed to leverage female demographic

Brain Injury Survivor Recovers, Releases Novel on Atlantis, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

2009-07-24 | A disabled English Major turns tragedy to blessing: first, by helping others heal themselves and now, through fiction.

Punch Out Publishing Announces Release of The Eighth Round by Zeke Wilson

2009-07-24 | Punch Out Publishing announces the release of an inspirational true story about a boxer whose biggest fight happened outside of the ring! Now, his inspirational true-life story will be available to help encourage citizens everywhere to do the same.

Textnovel Announces Semi-Finalists In Online Fiction Contest

2009-07-23 | announces the Semi-Finalists for the current Textnovel Writing Contest, which combines a live, serial publication model with a unique voting and ranking system to help identify top new novelists and fiction writers.