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redBit KIDZ Launches "Spotty & Friends - Playground", an Intuitive App for Children

2015-09-03 | Created with an intuitive and child-friendly interface "Spotty & Friends - Playground" is full of hilarious interactions that stimulate creativity and make the educational experience unique.

Chad Ian Lieberman New York Game Designer Talks about "5 Exciting Emerging Trending in Gaming"

2015-09-02 | Mr. Chad Lieberman explains why gamers are looking at a more fulfilling gaming experience in the next few years

Smart Voca, a Vocabulary Study Management Service for Institutes Set to Be Released!

2015-08-19 | 'Forgetting Curve' Theory Has Been Applied! Personalized Study According to Students' Level is Possible!

Creative Golf Game Full of Puzzle Elements Challenges Global Market!

2015-08-14 | LuDus501 Releases Innovative and Fun Golf Game

Invasion: Online War Game Announces App Update Featuring New Ways To Lead Your Army To Victory

2015-08-11 | Form alliances and train your army with the highly popular massive multiplayer online strategy game Invasion, giving you real-time battle fun

Word Branch Publishing Announces the Release of Sons of Amethyst

2015-08-09 | Stacy Bender's fourth book in the popular Sav'ine Guard series is now available.

Game-inglove featured on the "Swing Clinic with Jimmy Hanlin" on Fox Sports Network through April 2016

2015-08-07 | Game-inglove, the revolutionary golf training solution that literally puts the entire golf swing in the palm of your hand featured on the "Swing Clinic with Jimmy Hanlin" on Fox Sports Network through April 2016.

Andy OS Taps Old School Gamer Nostalgia with Updates Including Keyboard Mapping and Joystick Integration

2015-07-31 | The leading desktop mobile operating system enhances user experience for optimum desktop integration.

KAT WALK, a New Virtual Reality Treadmill Made by KATVR Is Launched on Kickstarter

2015-07-27 | KAT WALK is a new omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality .Now the Kickstarter campaign is live. - press release by KATVR

Mega Win Slots Now Available on

2015-07-16 | AristoGames launched their free Mega Win Slots for the Amazon store on July 11th.

Heidi: Alpine Adventure Now Available in 4 New Languages

2015-07-06 | Heidi: Alpine Adventure, the popular, educational app for kids from Studio 100 Media, is now available in the UK, Spain, France and the Netherlands

Pre-Registration for Enchanting Quiz RPG "Trivia Saga" Begins in 126 Countries!

2015-07-03 | Japan-based Ateam Inc. has today opened pre-registration for its upcoming smartphone RPG "Trivia Saga"

BlueFinger Soon to Release New Game "After School Harem Activity"

2015-06-13 | The beautiful characters show their tempting charms as they are strengthened. Thus, the company expects male teens and those in their 30s to enjoy the game.

Publ Studio Introduces Bud-e, Fun and Creative English Language Education Program for Children

2015-06-13 | Bud-e's program provides various digital-based contents, including prose and poetry, pronunciation study and practice, word flashcards, and interactive fairy tales.

Crucial App Concepts and Channel Infusion Launch an Exciting New Game of Crime and Pursuit -"Grand Theft Pursuit"

2015-06-13 | This action-packed game is offered free for iOS and Android users. Crucial App Concepts, together with Channel Infusion, plan to develop it even further.

Raleigh Opening of the School for Vegas Moves Odds Toward Favor of Players

2015-06-12 | "Pay to play" takes on new meaning at the Raleigh, NC School For Vegas where players can hone their gambling skills. The school's philosophy: if you're going to gamble, being educated gives you the best chances of winning and can minimize your losses

Budge Studios Enlists Kids From Across The Globe To Help Create "Miss Hollywood Showtime"

2015-06-07 | Creative Pet App for Girls Expands the Storyline of Miss Hollywood Original IP

Breeze&Bridge Prevents Smartphone Addiction with Its Plant Growing Kit

2015-05-22 | With the shocking happening of children being addicted to smartphones, the plant-growing kit and Breeze&Bridge's app can be a pleasing alternative to tackle this scary epidemic.