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The Landmark Achievements of the Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA

2022-01-10 | Dignitaries from twenty-nine countries attend the grand finale of the 45th Nithyanandotsavam (birthday) celebrations of the SPH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

Making Space For Nature - 741,000 Acres To Be Turned Into Nature Reserves

2022-01-10 | "Governments spend $700bn per year subsidizing destructive land use. Shifting that towards renewal would turn things around for nature." - Lord Goldsmith, Minister of State for Pacific and the Environment.

Political Campaign Might be First in US History to Issue Cryptocurrency

2022-01-08 | Kevin Goodman Seeks to Make History and Gather Support

Ford Pledges Election Integrity

2022-01-07 | Only Candidate Promising to Serve on Election Integrity Caucus

Peters Campaign Breaks $500,000 for 2021

2022-01-05 | More than any NV-4 Challenger Ever at This Point

Alexandra Lozano's Success Stories That Keep the Fire Going

2021-12-29 | Success is one of the many things that keep Alexandra Lozano motivated as one of the top names in immigration law.

VideoMost Germination in Local Governments in Japan

2021-12-24 | Hatsukaichi city of Hiroshima Prefecture uses VideoMost-based videoconferencing product FreshVoice delivered by Tokyo-based Advanced Network Systems Co

Warden at FCI Petersburg Low Deprives Inmate of Water

2021-12-23 | Inmate Brandon Lewis was deprived of drinking water for over 10 days.

INFINITUM CORPORATION: The Secret Weapon in Modern Warfare

2021-12-23 | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence

Lombardi: Biden Wages War Against Unvaccinated

2021-12-22 | First Step to Ending Pandemic Is to Fire Dr. Fauci

Peters: Biden Is Making War on Unvaccinated Americans

2021-12-22 | First Step in Defeating COVID is to Fire Fauci

Van Dam: Biden Divides America with Attack on Unvaccinated

2021-12-22 | First Step to Combatting COVID Is Firing Fauci

Lombardi Calls for Investigation into Soros Funding of District Attorneys

2021-12-17 | Attempt To Subvert Criminal Justice System

New Book 'Our Second Amendment Then and Now' Encourages Discourse and Makes for the Perfect Gag Gift

2021-12-16 | 'Our Second Amendment Then and Now: Arguments for the Constitutionality of Americas Evolving Gun Control Laws' was recently Amazon's #1 new release in political humor. Predominantly blank, it is an easy read and a great Holiday gift.

Ford Swears Off Lobbyist Money

2021-12-16 | Houston Should Pick Representative – Not Washington Challenges Opponents to do the Same

Golden Continues to Champion Term Limits by Signing Pledge

2021-12-16 | Shows Strong Support For Term limits

New Poll: Cisneros Surges Against Cuellar After Signing Term Limit Pledge

2021-12-16 | Demonstrates Popularity of Term Limits