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Lifeboat Udderly Great with TUCOWS

2005-12-26 | Lifeboat Data Rescue is recognized by TUCOWS editorial as a 'must have' software application

Automatic Configuration of LAN Devices -- Global IP Telecommunications Develops Novel Technology that Enables Users of All Levels to Maintain Local Area Networks

2005-12-17 | Global IP Telecommunications (Global IP Tel), announces the development of a software that automatically configures devices in a LAN. Existing, as well as future hardware gets automatically discovered and interdependently configured by the robot.

Mabetex Group launches Mabetex IT Company

2005-11-26 | Mabetex Group launches Mabetex IT Company

High Power, High Stability 660nm Wavelength Laser Diode Module

2005-11-06 | UK optoelectronics device manufacturer and laser diode specialist, Photonic Products, has launched a new 660nm laser diode module with a very high, very stable output power of 70mW and adjustable AR coated glass optics.

New 635nm and 650nm Compact Laser Diode Modules

2005-11-06 | Photonic Products is delighted to launch its economical new range of compact, 8mm diameter, laser diode modules for customers requiring a small laser module to be integrated into systems and handheld instrumentation where space is at a premium.

IPCO LLC filed another patent infringement lawsuit this time alleged against Cellnet Technology Inc.

2005-11-03 | In dispute over wireless Mesh Network Gateway System

X-PRO TAPI - The First Fully Compatible TAPI Softphone for VOIP with Outlook Integration and Developers Interface.

2005-09-01 | Global IP Telecommunications is proud to announce the release of X-Pro TAPI, the first fully TAPI (Telephony API) compliant VOIP software telephone on the market.

Barrington Automation's new comprehensive 2005 product catalog: The Automation Handbook.

2004-11-17 | Barrington Automation, a leading manufacturer of modular automation components announces the release of our new comprehensive 2005 product catalog: The Automation Handbook.