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Automatic Configuration of LAN Devices: LANbot - Global IP Telecommunications Demonstrates New Technology that Makes the Digital Home Possible.

2006-04-13 | LANbot renders fully automatic management of all devices in a LAN possible. Internet Service Providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers will be able to deliver products that configure themselves automatically.

GSI Commerce to Provide Iomega with International E-Commerce Solution in Europe

2006-04-09 | GSI Commerce Inc. today announced it has signed a multiyear agreement to provide Iomega International S.A. with an e-commerce solution for Iomega data storage products, in more than 47 European countries.

Wiesbaden / Nagoya, 31 March 2006 Blue Membranes approaches the US and Japan markets

2006-04-01 | Blue Membranes and Goodman announce the closing of collaborative product development and a worldwide licence, manufacturing and supply agreement for BlueM's proprietary nano-composite drug-delivery coating technology.

Repairing your inflatable boat now as easy as painting - just apply revolutionary two-stage Tuff-Coat Inflatable Boat Repair Kit to any damaged Hypalon or PVC surface

2006-03-31 | Fast, easy and inexpensive solution renews, restores and protects inflatables. Instead of replacing damaged inflatable boat for thousands of dollars, Tuff-Coat's Inflatable Boat Repair Kit can fix almost any surface damage for $200 or less. If you can paint, you can repair your own inflatable boat.

Parity, top provider through S-Cat, selected as public sector provider through Catalist

2006-03-17 | Parity, the IT services specialist has been selected by Catalist, the new procurement function of

Parity wins IT consultancy contract with British American Tobacco

2006-03-17 | British American Tobacco Renews Contract with Parity worth 6 million over 3 years

Stable 405nm, 35mW blue-violet laser diode gives more control

2006-03-03 | A new, lead-free, blue-violet wavelength (405nm) laser diode from Sanyo. The Sanyo DL-5146-152 405nm, 35mW CW (50mW pulsed) laser diode incorporates an internal monitor photodiode which can be utilised to accurately stabilise and control the optical output power.

Engineering/Supportability Services Company, Datalis Solutions Corporation Selects Legere Solutions as PR Agency of Record

2006-02-17 | Datalis Solutions taps agency's PR experience in manufacturing and technology to support expansion initiatives with defense and commercial engineering business sectors

Tiny, Versatile Laser Modules with Line and Cross Generating Optics

2006-01-19 | Photonic Products, has developed a range of compact and affordable laser modules generating an accurate line or cross at 635nm or 650nm with uniform intensity distribution. The laser modules measure just 29mm in length, with a diameter of only 8mm and are extremely efficient and reliable. announces Grand Prize winner

2006-01-18 | In the Sweepstakes, Joan Snyder of Woodlyn, PA, has won the Grand Prize of a 60GB iPod and $1,000 worth of iTunes.

Lifeboat Udderly Great with TUCOWS

2005-12-26 | Lifeboat Data Rescue is recognized by TUCOWS editorial as a 'must have' software application

Automatic Configuration of LAN Devices -- Global IP Telecommunications Develops Novel Technology that Enables Users of All Levels to Maintain Local Area Networks

2005-12-17 | Global IP Telecommunications (Global IP Tel), announces the development of a software that automatically configures devices in a LAN. Existing, as well as future hardware gets automatically discovered and interdependently configured by the robot.

Mabetex Group launches Mabetex IT Company

2005-11-26 | Mabetex Group launches Mabetex IT Company

High Power, High Stability 660nm Wavelength Laser Diode Module

2005-11-06 | UK optoelectronics device manufacturer and laser diode specialist, Photonic Products, has launched a new 660nm laser diode module with a very high, very stable output power of 70mW and adjustable AR coated glass optics.

New 635nm and 650nm Compact Laser Diode Modules

2005-11-06 | Photonic Products is delighted to launch its economical new range of compact, 8mm diameter, laser diode modules for customers requiring a small laser module to be integrated into systems and handheld instrumentation where space is at a premium.

IPCO LLC filed another patent infringement lawsuit this time alleged against Cellnet Technology Inc.

2005-11-03 | In dispute over wireless Mesh Network Gateway System

X-PRO TAPI - The First Fully Compatible TAPI Softphone for VOIP with Outlook Integration and Developers Interface.

2005-09-01 | Global IP Telecommunications is proud to announce the release of X-Pro TAPI, the first fully TAPI (Telephony API) compliant VOIP software telephone on the market.

Barrington Automation's new comprehensive 2005 product catalog: The Automation Handbook.

2004-11-17 | Barrington Automation, a leading manufacturer of modular automation components announces the release of our new comprehensive 2005 product catalog: The Automation Handbook.