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MimiVax gets listed on THE OCMX™

2020-10-26 | The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of MimiVax to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

GerVetUSA Offers Winglux Luxating Winged: A Combination Dental Instrument of Winged Elevator and Luxating Instrument

2020-10-24 | GerVetUSA is delighted to announce an entire NEW range of Winglux Luxating Winged elevators for our valued veterinarians/dentists. Both cutting and elevation features, they are ideal to perform canine & feline dental extraction surgeries.

Greenville Native Lucius M. Cline, III, DMD Retires After 33 Years of Orthodontic Practice

2020-10-20 | Dr. J. Brian Hamby, DMD, and Dr. Karen Rogers, DMD, MS, will continue serving his patients and friends

Introducing The Planmeca Promax 3D at O'Neill Orthodontics

2020-10-20 | Next-gen Imaging is the Standard of Care for Patients at Dr. Nancy O'Neill's Orthodontic Practice

Celestia "Tia" Savoye Higano, MD, Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Medicine

2020-10-14 | Dr. Higano specializes in prostate cancer research and medical education with several prestigious medical centers

[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation hub in ASIA] Biocera Supplies Ceramic Ball Carrier and Alkali/Hydrogen/Mineral Making Purification Filter to 40 Countries

2020-10-13 | - The only ceramic ball carrier to pass 183 tests from the National Sanitation Association (NSF)

Dr. Robert Herzog has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2020-10-13 | Dr. Herzog celebrates 25 years as an accomplished dentist

Dr. John Larry Caldwell Celebrated for Achievements in Dentistry

2020-10-12 | Dr. Caldwell is acknowledged for his contributions to the field of pediatric dentistry

David R. Hunter, DDS, Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Dentistry

2020-10-07 | Dr. Hunter is the owner of Hunter Orthodontics, one of Arizona's best-known private practice specialty orthodontic clinics

Steven R. Isaacson, MD, Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Medicine

2020-10-07 | Dr. Isaacson is recognized for his achievements as an oncologist and educator at Columbia University

Great Hawk to Supply Hospitals & Schools with 30,000,000 NIOSH-Certified N95 Respirators for Preventing the 2nd Wave of COVID-19

2020-09-25 | It is EXCITED for American hospitals & schools to acquire ENOUGH N95 respirators, overcome its supply SHORTAGE, and prevent MILLIONS of people from COVID-19 infections.

Jayme A. Oliveira Filho Recognized for Excellence in Dentistry

2020-09-22 | Dr. Oliveira Filho celebrates 20 years of service in dentistry.

Tooth Extraction Santa Monica Dentist Dr. Ali Mogharei Announces Service

2020-09-17 | Leading Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ali Mogharei makes your tooth extraction procedure as painless as possible.

New Author Cindy Schmidler Introduces the Release of Her Upcoming Book, "Tragedy Turned Upside Down"

2020-09-16 | Come and join Cindy as she shares her story about a life where true hope rises

Hafsat U. Mashegu, MD, has been Inducted into the Marquis Who's Who Registry

2020-09-16 | Dr. Mashegu is a Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist and Hospital Physician at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

SMITH & VANDIVER Joins Forces With Nonprofit Organization Jacob's Heart to Raise Funds for Local Families of Children with Cancer

2020-09-16 | Smith & Vandiver Corporation is donating 100% of the sales of their limited edition hand cleanser to Jacob's Heart Children's

Mitchell Ford Peabody, D.O., has been recognized as one of America's Most Influential Physicians by the International Association of Who's Who

2020-09-06 | Dr. Mitchell Ford Peabody, D.O., Tallahassee, is honored by the International Association of Who's Who as one of America's Most Influential Physicians for his extensive contributions within the field of Medicine as a Hematologist and Oncologist.