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Sleep Dentist Roger Roubal Featured in Commander in Sleep Newsletter

2018-10-20 | Omaha Dentist Given the Spotlight for Sleep Apnea Insights

Not Drug Testing 35,000 Fatal Crash Drivers in 2017 an Alarming Traffic Safety Problem

2018-10-20 | No valid drug test for 35,000, 67% of the 52,274 fatal crash drivers, and no valid alcohol test for 31,000, 60%. 8 states had NO valid drug test result for more than 1,000 drivers.

Esteemed Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Hedley, Launches New Website & Practice, Following Times Square Ad Campaign

2018-10-18 | Anthony K. Hedley, M.D., FRCS is not an easy man to pin down for thirty minutes, yet we managed exactly that. Between medical duties and a major relocation/rebranding involving a massive billboard ad campaign in Times Square, NY, Dr. Hedley still found time for us.

CBD Comparison and Review Across Major Brands Aims for Clarity

2018-10-18 | With the number of people using CBD to get relief expected to jump 700% in 2 years, we should probably be able to understand the differences.

Chomchark Chuntrasakul Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2018-10-18 | Dr. Chuntrasakul has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in the medical industry

Joseph Klimek, MD, Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2018-10-18 | Dr. Klimek has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in the medical and education industries

New Version 1.1 of Universe mHealth App Platform Released with Family/Proxy Accounts

2018-10-17 | Universe mHealth App Platform, the most feature-rich vendor-agnostic mobile app solution for healthcare, releases version 1.1 with family/proxy accounts for management of dependants or care receivers by a parent or caregiver.

Andarix Pharmaceuticals to Present at the CBI Basket and Umbrella Trials for Oncology Conference

2018-10-17 | Targeted therapy for lung cancer is based on personalized medicine approach

Crossroads on the Way to the Moon and Mars

2018-10-12 | NASA Research Creates Framework for Integrated Studies

Colonoscopy Doctor Los Angeles Cares For His Patients Health

2018-10-11 | Colonoscopy doctor Los Angeles, Dr. Berookim, cares about his patients' health. This colonoscopy doctor Los Angeles is able to give his patients peace of mind when it comes to their colon health.

Dentist Los Angeles, Personal Dental Office, Exceed Dental Standards

2018-10-11 | Dentist Los Angeles, Personal Dental Office, exceeds dental standards when it comes to care and service for their patients. Dentist Los Angeles, Personal Dental Office, is able to give patients the best dental care and professional service.

Urgent Care Without Insurance. Vermont Urgent Care, Takes Care of Its Patients

2018-10-11 | Vermont Urgent Care is an urgent care without insurance, who provide the best possible service. This urgent care without insurance provider gives their patients effective and speedy service.

Executive Publishing Honors Dr. Sadamu Ishikawa

2018-10-11 | Executive Publishing Honors Dr. Sadamu Ishikawa for over 61 years of expertise in the field of medicine. Announces the Launch of its Broad Spectrum ZERO THC Hemp CBD Oil Distillate and Full Spectrum "Crystal Resistant" CBD Oil for Vape Cartridges

2018-10-10 | Global Cannabinoids is pleased to announce the large scale production and launch of its brand new Broad Spectrum ZERO THC Hemp CBD Oil and "crystal resistant" CBD distillate oil for vape cartridges.

American Health Council Elects Amy Lane, BSN, MSN, APRN, RN, to Board of Nurses

2018-10-10 | The American Health Council is proud to welcome Amy Lane, current Owner and Provider at her self-practice in Bozrah, Connecticut, to their Nursing Board.

Studio City Compounding Pharmacy ABC Compounding Pharmacy Rated As Top In Their Field

2018-10-03 | Studio City compounding pharmacy ABC Compounding Pharmacy has recently been rated as top in their field by patrons of their business.

Gastroenterologist Beverly Hills Peyton P. Berookim Delivers Exceptional Service

2018-10-03 | Gastroenterologist Beverly Hills, Peyton P. Berookim, serves the greater Los Angeles area. He is highly trained and experienced in the medical field.

Palmdale Surgeon, Dr. Lemus-Rangel, Leads Innovative Practice

2018-10-03 | Palmdale surgeon and southern California native, Dr. Lemus-Rangel, is a professional surgeon that utilizes contemporary techniques to run his practice.

Organiser of Arab Health Announces Launch of North Africa Health

2018-10-02 | Cairo-based Mediconex Exhibition & Congress has been rebranded as North Africa Health as Informa completes full acquisition of the event

Trulife Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Diamond Necklace Giveaways

2018-10-02 | During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month