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2023-06-01 | Teddy Roosevelt Has 250,000 Men and Congressional approval to take Rough Riders to France to charge the Germans...Only President Woodrow Wilson Stands in the Way to keep him from fulfilling his destiny and returning to take 1920 Election

Why Should Sacramento RT and BART enter Solano County, CA an Editorial on Medium

2023-05-28 | Solano County, CA needs to respond to the transportation needs of its residents in the next 30 years as it responds to urban sprawl from both Sacramento and Bay Area merging together.

Seeking to Boost Small Business Startups, Burlington, Vermont Removes Costly Parking Requirements

2023-05-23 | Haltom United Business Alliance believes Haltom City could reap similar rewards by reforming rules regarding parking minimums

Isabelle Balot has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-05-12 | Isabelle Balot is recognized for her expertise in international relations, conflict resolution, and global development. She is acclaimed as an Ethics expert and as a Research Expert of A.I. with the Z-Inspection Initiative. She is a published poet.

Haltom City Should Reduce Parking Minimums to Help Spur Business Growth in Older Corridors

2023-05-09 | Excessive parking requirements are an impediment to small business formation in South and Central Haltom City

Elizabeth Mercedes Krause Tapped As Nevada State Co-Chair For U.S. Term Limits

2023-05-09 | Voters Overwhelmingly Support Congressional Term Limits

Lombardi Endorses Donald J. Trump For President

2023-05-04 | Trump Will Make America Greater Than Ever Before

Ronda Kennedy Calls For Passage of Assembly Bill 400 To Expand School Choice

2023-05-02 | Pledges To Support Passage of School Choice Nationally When In The Senate

Haltom United Business Alliance Attends Forum for Mayoral Candidates at Haltom High School

2023-05-01 | Interested parties can view videos of the forum posted by HUBA

Haltom United Business Alliance Completes Exhaustive Business Census, Visiting Every Business

2023-04-21 | Report finds almost 29% vacancy rate in main corridor of Denton Highway

How Was Afghanistan's Past Better Than Today? Ahmadzai Explains

2023-04-21 | Afghanistan's past was better compared to the present states Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, Taleam's CEO. He offers fresh updates on the situation, a voice for peace, and potential benefits for Afghan people.

Haltom United Business Alliance Quizzes Candidates on Issues Concerning Declining Areas of South & Central Haltom City

2023-04-18 | Only three candidates responded to the survey, Cindy Sturgeon and Jeff Barlett, candidates for Mayor, and Charlie Roberts, candidate for City Council, Place 1 Investigative Journalism: Who is the Investigator?

2023-04-16 | The advent of the Internet began the age of electronic media and information platforms, giving out a huge amount of contradictory information. Center for Geostrategic Studies presents the investigation on one of them - online media Bellingcat

Ronda Kennedy Calls For National Boycott On Companies That Are Waging War On Women

2023-04-15 | National Brands Are Attacking The Concept Of Womanhood

Book Signing Event a Huge Success with 100+ Attendees

2023-04-14 | Mostly Haltom City residents, expressing concern about the declining inner city and potential growth in crime, showed up at Tarrant Events Center

Democrat Melissa May Launches Campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in California's 35th Congressional District

2023-04-13 | "I'm done with accepting that the working class and small businesses are neglected and left behind. Career politicians have left the American Dream unattainable for our children. We are on our own, and I'm over it."

Neglect of Older Parts of City Affects Residents of South & Central Haltom City

2023-04-11 | No plan & no action for years have produced vacant buildings and crime

Marketing Power Attorneys Declare Victory as CMS Final 2024 Rules Omit Key TPMO Restrictions

2023-04-06 | Heavyweight law firm Troutman Amin, LLP spearheaded industry group's effort to oppose critical provision that would have shut down thousands of small businesses.

Community Speaks Out About Scandalous Research Used Against Them and Urges Speaker Laurie Jinkins to Not Kill Americans of Chinese Descent History Month Again

2023-04-05 | Community speaks out about scandalous research used as an excuse to amend a bill against their wishes and urges Speaker Laurie Jinkins to NOT kill Americans of Chinese Descent History Month again.

Five Stars for Second Edition of Keeping the Lights on Downtown in America's Small Cities

2023-04-04 | "Great book for anybody looking to improve inner cities" - one of many 5-star reviews