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November 20, 2006

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E-CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. presents for immediate delivery its new IntelliProbe Wireless Temperature Probe

2006-11-20 | E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of monitoring hardware and software products for the foodservice industry, presents its new IntelliProbe Wireless Temperature Probe now available for immediate delivery

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ADHD drug Strattera - new warnings, but the British MHRA didn't care to investigate 600 cases of suicidality and 12 000 "psychiatric reactions"

2006-11-20 | The British medical agency MHRA will soon issue new warnings for Strattera but didn't care to investigate the reported 12000 "psychiatric reactions" from the drug. And even if number of reports of suicidality has doubled since last year the MHRA has accepted the PR-analysis of Eli Lilly as its own.

Who Wrote "Book of Business" ?

2006-11-20 | Philadelphian Press Inc. announced the publication of Book of Business, an anonymously written novel of the high-stakes practice of civil law.

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Glow Networks wins prestigious Dallas 100 award

2006-11-20 | - Company ranks 40th in a select list of the 100 fastest growing companies in Dallas.

Gastro Pub gets Internet Video for Christmas.

2006-11-20 | The Gastro Pub/Inn, The Glan Yr Afon Inn,Holywell, is being filmed by world famous film crew, The Skibbly Boys, as a Christmas present. The film will appear as an Internet Video on it's website in December.

Pre-Publication Discount Sale Extended of I Heard it on Oprah...Wisdom & Inspiration for Living a Humanitarian Relief Product

2006-11-20 | BelleCora Press has extended its pre-publication sale of I Heard it on Oprah...Wisdom & Inspiration for Living. Scheduled for release on November 30, the cover price is discounted 20% through December 20, 2006.