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May 05, 2009

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IDV Solutions Releases Visual Fusion 4.0: Software for Enterprise Mashup Creation in SharePoint

2009-05-05 | IDV today released Visual Fusion 4, the most comprehensive visual mashup platform in the market. With VF4, everyone in an organization is empowered to build interactive, business-focused applications leveraging the location and time aspects of data.

Dieters Dealt A Body Blow From Recent Labeling Of Hydroxycut As Unsafe For Human Consumption

2009-05-05 | Food Intolerance Testing: Natural Alternative to Hydroxycut?

'Norma Jean's Sun', Memoir by Kris Courtney

2009-05-05 | Available on Now! Back in 1928 when a small town of Indiana collected its folks every year for a celebration at the local Fair, a gathering of strangers would join together to shape a new parallel of lives.

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For Clothing Retailers, Peer Benchmarking Key to Ringing Cash Register in a Second-Hand Economy

2009-05-05 | Metrics and Marketing Expert Ron Sturgeon Facilitates Peer Group for Clothing Retailers in Fort Worth, TX on June 4, 2009

STATSERVE Helps Arizona Businesses Respond to Important Legal Notices

2009-05-05 | STATSERVE provides a knowledgeable and competent statutory agent for Arizona companies, helping protect them from default judgments and revoked corporate status.

US Swine Outbreak is an "Influenza"? Not so fast, says Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

2009-05-05 | Medical researcher/physician Lawrence Broxmeyer MD, lead investigator in a Journal of Infectious Diseases study, has a message for the officials and scientists of WHO and the CDC: There is more to flu-like illness than either "Influenza" or "H1N1".

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Sun Protection Zone Supports Efforts Of American Academy Of Dermatology At AAD Camp Discovery

2009-05-05 | Sun Protection Zone will be providing its SunSkinzTM apparel to more than 250 AAD Camp Discovery campers this summer.

COREPRIME Enters Strategic Partnership with SAMOO in MENA Region

2009-05-05 | COREPRIME FZ-LLC, a strategic management consulting firm based in Dubai, UAE, has announced a Strategic Alliance with SAMOO Dubai Architects and Designers, South Korea's top architectural firm and one of the leading firms in East Asia.

The Best Home Based Business Opportunity

2009-05-05 | Blaze Enterprises, LLC launches new web site that can help anybody become a successful Home Based Business Owner and Online Entrepreneur.