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September 13, 2011

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The 4th R Foundation Would Like the Attention of Our Leaders on the Creation of a New Subject That Teaches Emotional Intelligence/Wisdom: The 4th R: Reality/Truth, Which Will Give Us a Prosperous Life

2011-09-13 | We Americans need to go back to the good old American way of indulging in a frenzy of emotionally super healthy behavior which will gradually remove the fundamental causes of our current economic mess. It will bring back our good old prosperous life.

Illicit Flirtations: Acclaimed Author Rhacel Parrenas Explores Sex Trafficking and the Mafia in Tokyo

2011-09-13 | Parrenas offers a sociological portrait of Filipina hostesses and waitresses in Tokyo's red-light districts that is clear and compelling enough for the lay reader... Publishers Weekly Review - 8/29/2011

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Manufacturing in Mexico Event to Feature Production Plant Tours

2011-09-13 | Executives to explore opportunities to manufacture in Mexico during October gathering.

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Medicare Fraud Scheme Unfolded by Pulse Oximeter Industry

2011-09-13 | Medicare Fraud equated to $295 million of loses to the American taxpayer.

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DFW Elite Toy Museum Hosts King Charles Cavalier Rescue Group

2011-09-13 | Haltom City rare toy museum is dog friendly and seeks groups looking for canine-friendly venue for events.

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Bands and Musicians Make An Impression and Save Money With High Quality Band and Musician Press Kits From Print It Fast Online

2011-09-13 | Print It Fast Online has recently expanded their line of printed products to include Band and Musician Press Kits. Musicians can quickly and easily purchase all their printed press kit materials at discount prices at one online printing store.

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Amapola Supermarkets Celebrates 50 Years of Serving the Latino Community

2011-09-13 | Amapola Supermarkets, the leading Latino grocery stores in the greater Los Angeles area, invites the community to help commemorate 50 years of business.

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PCOSA and Insulite Labs: Awareness and Support for the Seven Million Mothers, Sisters and Daughters Living with PCOS in the USA

2011-09-13 | During the month of September, the PCOSA and Insulite Labs are working together in raising awareness about PCOS; a physically and emotionally devastating hormonal condition suffered by girls as young as eight years old.

As New Research Cites Family Travel, Grandparent Trips & "Life Events" as Key Travel Motives, Travel Insured Urges Multi-Generation Coverage

2011-09-13 | A 2011Ypartnership / Harrison survey of 2,539 U.S. travelers finds family gatherings and "life events" are leading reasons for leisure travel. Travel Insured International has coverage geared to family travel and multi-generational trips.

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The Limousines Headline Left Coast Live 2011

2011-09-13 | With support acts The Postelles, Orgone, Chico Mann and Mara Hruby.

Reach Out and Read Hands Out 1.5 Million Books in 80 Days

2011-09-13 | Pediatricians nationwide put 1.5 million free books in the hands of children.

Reliant Technology Announces NetApp Storage Continuity Program

2011-09-13 | Reliant Technology offers NetApp storage customers an alternative to expensive and inconsistent manufacturer support through its NetApp Storage Continuity Program.

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Skin Solutions Medical Spa in Arvada Announces Their New Express Rejuvenation Day, Express Facials For Busy Professionals

2011-09-13 | Skin Solutions Medical Spa in Arvada, CO announces their new Express Rejuvenation Day, a day set aside for busy professionals that want to look great but don't have the time to sit in a spa for hours. First day is September 23, 2011.

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Torrance Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Mondavi, Offers Cutting Edge Techniques for Teeth Whitening to Patients

2011-09-13 | Torrance cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mondavi, is now utilizing cutting edge techniques to offer patients the brightest, straightest, and healthiest smiles of their lives. Visit for more information.

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OAI: Mo. Auto Insurance Cos. Will See Less Red Tape for Mobile Claims Centers

2011-09-13 | A new state law will stop local governments from requiring insurers to file for business licenses in order to set up mobile claims centers.

DERMagic Expands Global Reach with All-Natural and Organic Skin Care Products for Pets

2011-09-13 | New sales to Australia, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, and the United Kingdom bring products to international marketplace; contribute to doubling of revenue.

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New Scoliosis Exercise Equipment May Eliminate Bracing or Surgery

2011-09-13 | Dr. Brian Dovorany is challenging the current status quo of prescribing scoliosis brace treatment and standard physical therapy based exercises to patients with idiopathic scoliosis and replacing these with a new scoliosis exercise program.

RealCare Program from Realityworks, Inc. to Appear at Museum of Motherhood in New York City

2011-09-13 | RealCare Baby infant simulators and RealCare Pregnancy Profile to be featured in New York city exhibit.

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Near Loss Of Irreplaceable Photos Inspires Launch Of Data Backup Company

2011-09-13 | Mickey Pazienza Creates Treasure Backup After Recovering Photos Of A Friend's Recently Deceased Daughter

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Christopher Flach's Film Olek "Bad Artists Imitate, Great Artists Steal"

2011-09-13 | Christopher Flach releases his new film Olek "Bad Artists Imitate, Great Artists Steal" -- a short film that explores Olek's work.

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