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November 28, 2012

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Australian Retailer Launches Biggest Ever Costume Sale, This Christmas

2012-11-28 | Australian retailer Smiffy's AU will be launching their biggest ever online sales event this Friday with up to 50% OFF their regular retail prices on a range of costumes for Christmas.

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Costen Tax Group Leverages Changes In IRS "Fresh Start" To Help Clients With Tax Troubles

2012-11-28 | The IRS recently announced some major changes to the 2008 initiative called "Fresh Start". The new changes will permit a large number of taxpayers who are without a job for longer than 30 days the opportunity to avoid tax penalties.

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Money Dashboard Unveils the 3 Steps to Saving During Christmas

2012-11-28 | Money Dashboard highlights the best ways to save money over the festive period.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Purveyor J. Martinez & Co. Has a New Blog!

2012-11-28 | Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee purveyor J. Martinez & Company has a new blog, so you can keep up with all the latest news and information.

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Atlanta Arborists Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts Warn That Ice Poses a Threat to Trees in Georgia

2012-11-28 | Winters in Georgia means freezing temperatures and ice which can cause damage to trees. Removing damaged limbs or dead trees can help protect your yard from potential tree accidents.

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Don't Sweat The Injuries, Heat Can Be Just As Dangerous, Says OrthoAtlanta

2012-11-28 | Atlanta-based surgical group, OrthoAtlanta, encourages athletes to take proper precautions when exercising in the heat of summer.

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Attend the 2012 SEC Championship Football Game and Stay at Nearby Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport Hotel on North I-85

2012-11-28 | Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport Hotel (North, I-85) offers convenient accommodations to fans attending the 2012 Dr Pepper SEC Championship football game at Georgia Dome on Saturday, December 1.

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Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter Hotel Offers Close Lodging Guests Attending the 2012 SEC Championship Football Game

2012-11-28 | Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter Hotel North, located near Dunwoody, GA, offers convenient accommodations to fans attending the 2012 Dr Pepper SEC Championship football game at Georgia Dome.

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Breast Lift Incision Options

2012-11-28 | Aging, genetics, and pregnancy and nursing can take individual tolls, but collectively can make you look and feel much less confident in the appearance of your breasts.

Car Accidents Involving Motorcycles

2012-11-28 | When aggressive and reckless drivers cause car accidents that involve motorcycles, the motorcyclists are usually the ones who suffer the most serious personal injuries.

State Statistics for Car Accidents

2012-11-28 | According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2010 saw 32,885 fatal auto accidents in the United States. This is a 2.9 percent decline from 2009, and the lowest number of annual car accident fatalities since 1949.

Launch of Copy-and-Send Simple Cloud Service "ClipPick"

2012-11-28 | Copy on your phone - and it's pasted on your computer!

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Choosing a Corporate Event Venue in Leeds

2012-11-28 | Looking for an inspiring corporate event venue? Leeds has some of the most architecturally impressive and culturally inspiring spaces in the region. For historical buildings with fully equipped corporate meeting facilities, Leeds has it all.

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While Mirage Trailers is Already a Major Leader in Their Industrial Niche, Mirage is Once Again Diversifying Their Product Line to Include the New Side by Side Trailer Design

2012-11-28 | Authorities have suggested that the UTV market is constantly growing, and consumers are still looking to acquire quality trailers to haul utility vehicles. Mirage's new trailers are set to hit dealer showrooms shortly to keep up with demand.

Experts Warn of "Massive Blow" to Annuity Rates

2012-11-28 | Annuity rates are expected to fall even further next month as the EU non-gender discrimination ruling comes into force. But should you buy an annuity now to get the best deal? Read on for annuity rate information from The Retirement Centre.

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Over 50s Dating Tips

2012-11-28 | Stepping back into the dating game in your 50s can be a daunting prospect. But as these over 50s dating tips from The Retirement Centre show, 50s dating can be great fun and the start of a new chapter in your more enjoyable and sociable life.

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Podiatrist in Memphis Offers Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

2012-11-28 | Dr. Nathan Lucas, Memphis podiatrist, is pleased to offer his patients a new laser treatment for the successful removal of toenail fungus.

Podiatrist in Charlotte, NC Shares Before and After Surgery Photos With Patients

2012-11-28 | Dr. Scott Basinger, Charlotte, NC podiatrist, offers before and after photos of surgery performed at Ankle & Foot Center of Charlotte to showcase successful treatment options for patients.

Dentist in Jacksonville Celebrates Anniversary of Mashod Family Dentistry

2012-11-28 | Dr. Siamac Mashod, Jacksonville dentist, is honored to continue to provide exceptional dental health care for his patients.

Cosmetic Dentist in Islip Improves Patient Knowledge Through New Website Feature

2012-11-28 | Dr. Joseph Morris, Islip cosmetic dentist, offers an extensive educational library to help improve patients' dental health care knowledge.