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July 17, 2013

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Aesthetic VideoSource Presents "Cellulite Massage" DVD - Cellulite Massage is a Massage Treatment That Will Provide Clients with Satisfying Results

2013-07-17 | With step-by-step instruction, Cellulite Massage gives the massage therapist a lucrative way to help clients get the "bikini body" they want. This intensive work promotes dimensional inch loss, smoothes dimpled skin and flushes toxins.

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Lionhardt Technologies Releases Lionytics Anti Spam API

2013-07-17 | With the rise of social media, spam has become a more prevalent menace than ever before. It's not just limited to email anymore. We are now just as likely to get 'unwanted messages' through social media accounts as we do through email accounts.

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Death With Benefits - Medical Malpractice, a Defective Mechanism That Has Taken Our Right to Breathe

2013-07-17 | "A national organization of medical malpractice victims" whose purpose is to educate, spread the word and prevent this life-altering experience from happening to other decent Americans.

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A Lost Dog, a Phone App, a Love Story...

2013-07-17 | Seattle producing more "Sleepless in Seattle" stories, except now through phone apps.

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Remote Diagnostics: An Effective Remedy for Equipment Downtime

2013-07-17 | The newest remote diagnostics technology on some engines improves productivity, reduces operating costs, and increases efficiencies for trucking fleets.

Eyeglass World Discusses Matching Your Accessories to Your Eyeglass Frames

2013-07-17 | Eyeglass World offers tips on how to match accessories with your glasses.

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J. Martinez Discusses the Drinking Age of Coffee

2013-07-17 | Parents everywhere want to know: when can children drink coffee? J. Martinez & Company answers.

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Atlanta Air Charter Services Company, Peachtree Aviation, Shares How to Avoid Jet lag

2013-07-17 | The Atlanta air charter supply business, Peachtree Aviation, talk about ways to avoid jet lag. This is a common condition that affects many airplane passengers.

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Safeguard Tubs Offers Financing Options for Walk-in Tubs

2013-07-17 | The step-bathtub provider, Safeguard Tubs, would like to remind customers of the financing options they have available. You can make affordable monthly payments and still get a tub suitable for your needs.

Project Facilitator Specialists, Leadership Strategies, Celebrated June Theme, Managing Dysfunction

2013-07-17 | Managing dysfunction is essential to keeping business running smoothly, explains Leadership Strategies, which is why they wanted to honor it during the month of June.

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Finding the Right Project Management Tool for Your Company

2013-07-17 | The project management software firm, Steelray, would like to take a moment to discuss what tools business owners should be using. An effective project management solution is a must-have, but company needs will vary.

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Recent Trends in ADHD

2013-07-17 | Nearly across-the-board rises in ADHD diagnoses are concerning to the doctors at Southern Environmental Medicine Center.

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PrimeRevenue, Leader in Supply Chain Finance, Named Best Global Supply Chain Finance Provider

2013-07-17 | Leading supply chain finance provider, PrimeRevenue, recognized by global finance magazine for the fourth consecutive year.

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Attractivo Rebrands to Reflect the Studio Evolving Into an Agency

2013-07-17 | Attractivo has undergone a rebrand to evolve from a graphic design studio into a full-service creative communications agency, with a refreshed dynamic website and talent drive to support the agency's new direction.

Jean-Francois Herchin Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Business Development

2013-07-17 | Jean-François Herchin has spent years honing his business skills to perfection

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Nicole Zimmermann Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Financial and Money Transfer Services

2013-07-17 | Ms. Zimmermann directs marketing strategy and customer service for the renowned Western Union

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Betty Thompson Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Accounting

2013-07-17 | Betty Thompson is positioning her company to be a key player in the industry

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La Dominion Acquisitions: Human Interactions Remain Essential in Business

2013-07-17 | With customer communication being critical to any business, La Dominion Acquisitions prove why their face-to-face marketing approach is the most beneficial method.

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Red Ten NYC: Most US Jobs Created in June, So Now What?

2013-07-17 | With 195,000 new jobs created in June, the highest level in months, what happens next? Many Graduates have still not found full time work, what can they do to boost their chances of starting a career?

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Clarus Data Becomes Part of the Stor-a-File Group

2013-07-17 | The document storage company Stor-a-file, have recently purchased Clarus Data and is the latest data capture company to become part of the Stor-a-file group.